Posted by: Debra Kolkka | March 9, 2016


We have had mixed weather recently, rain, sun and now snow. I woke up yesterday to lightly falling snow. I could see it from my balcony.

Ponte a Serraglio

I bought a gorgeous table in Arezzo on the weekend and it needed to be delivered to Casa Debbio, so we loaded up the truck and headed off, despite the inclement weather. The higher we went into the mountains, the more snow there was.







Vergemoli looks gorgeous with its covering of snow.


The road to Casa Debbio was covered with about 20cm of snow. The truck was never going to get all the way to the house, so we unloaded the table top and left it beside the fence and carried the rest to the house. The garden Casa Debbio is snow covered.

Casa Debbio

Casa Debbio


Casa Debbio

Casa Debbio

Casa Debbio

Casa Debbio

Casa Debbio

My poor flowers are covered with snow. I hope they will be OK.

The snowy view is lovely.

Casa Debbio

Casa Debbio

Casa Debbio


The weeping cherry is wearing a little hat.

Casa Debbio

Mist started to roll in as we left.


Casa Debbio

Casa Debbio

Casa Debbio

Primulas along the road seem to be surviving.

Casa Debbio

The tracks in the road behind us won’t be there for long.

Casa Debbio

The snow will soon be gone…I’m hoping the garden will bounce back quickly.


  1. Those plants are winter hard….they will bounce back…..but where is the table

    • We carried the legs and the bench up to the house, but the top was too heavy. We will go back when the snow melts.

  2. There you were posting Spring photos and now this – it looks lovely but I hope all your new planting swill be ok

    • I only planted a few pansies, they will live. I have not see that much snow at Casa Debbio before.

  3. Beautiful photos Debra

    • Thank you. Casa Debbio is in a beautiful position.

  4. Magic Debra enjoy every moment of this beautiful Hamlet xx

    • It doesn’t snow often at Casa Debbio, but it is very beautiful when it does.

  5. We have been getting some cold weather and snow at this late stage almost throughout Europe. Crazy weather! But the photos look very nice. And they say that some snow is beneficial for the garden.
    How is the table?

    • The table is still in its wrapping. It will be fine.

  6. Winter wonderland – how beautiful.

    • I love the snow even if it has halted my gardening plans.

  7. On my, I’m going to Germany in two weeks, I have to rethink my wardrobe .

    • I’m sure this weather system will pass soon.

  8. What about a pic of the bloody table !

    • It is still in its wrapping, be patient.

  9. Casa Debbio looks so lovely with it’s white covering. Glad you were able to drive in and deliver the table. Looking forward to seeing it all set up.

    • I need Ricardo and Filippo to build the pergola so it has a place to live.

  10. gorgeous photos as always, can’t wait to see the table!

  11. And here I was thinking it’s almost time to swap out my winter tyres… just never know what March can bring. Lovely photos.

    • I think winter tyres legally have to on until sometime in April. March snow is not all that unusual.

  12. Yes Casa Debbio and Vergemoli look gorgeous

    • I love the snow, but it is disruptive.

  13. Even the snow looks good in Italy!

  14. Debra, it is so beautiful in the snow! I love the picture with the heavy clouds. Here on Minnesota it has been 70 degrees F which is unheard of in March as it is generally our snowiest month.

    I feel like I know your little town after all the years following your blog. Thank you for that gift! 😊

    • The weather is crazy!

  15. Stunning photos of Casa Debbio! Looks so different to our summer memories! Amazing those flowers survive!

    • It is incredible that the plants survive. There are pansies under the snow lid on that pot.

  16. How perfect! To me it would seem like heaven to be snowed in and mist shrouded.

    • I love the snow, but it is disrupting my gardening plans.

  17. It all looks so beautiful, Debra. I never imagine Italy covered in snow, as I’ve only seen it in summer and autumn. 🙂

    • Casa Debbio is 630 metres above sea level in the Apuan Alps, so it gets snow occasionally.

  18. Awesome photos. Very scenic!

    • Vergemoli is a gorgeous village.

  19. Quite the journey … Great opening pic with the low cloud rolling down the mountainside.

    • Casa Debbio looks amazing under snow, but enough now. I want to get into the garden.

  20. The snow is so beautiful! I have to admit that I really love snow when I have to stay indoors 😛

    • Snow makes everything look magical.

  21. I thought you don’t like snow, and you had chosen Italy to escape it.

    • I am Australian, from Brisbane where it never snows. I dislike hot weather and travel to avoid it.

      • In any case, Italia is a good choice.

      • You are absolutely correct. I love it here.

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