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A Bavarian interlude

I have been in Germany staying with lovely friends.  As well as a gorgeous house in Erlangen they have an apartment close to the Alps in Bavaria. We spent a couple of days exploring an area new to me.

We came upon a beautiful town beside the Isar River, nestled in a valley surrounded by glorious mountains. There has been heavy rain so a lot of the snow was washed away, but Bad Tolz still looked stunning.

Bad Tolz

The town has flourished since the 1300s and now stands out as a baroque and colourful jewel close to the mountains. The pedestrian centre has beautiful houses decorated with paintings and scenes from the bible.

Bad Tolz

“Luftlmalerei” is a typical Bavarian way of painting the facades of houses. The technique resembles painting frescoes and it goes back to the baroque and rococo period.

Bad Tolz

Bad Tolz

Bad Tolz

Look up towards the interesting roof line.

Bad Tolz

Shops advertise their wares in old fashioned ways.

We walked up the hill beside the town to see the church, which, as usual, is perched on the best spot in town.

Bad Tolz

Bad Tolz

Bad Tolz

Bad Tolz

The interior is quite unusual. One of the altars is set at the top of a set of stairs decorated with sculptures.

Bad Tolz

The sun came out as we left the church.

Bad Tolz

I don’t know what this building below the church is…any suggestions?

Bad Tolz

Bad Tolz

Late afternoon sunshine lit up the town and the lovely buildings.

Bad Tolz

Bad Tolz

As we were leaving the sky turned pink and the almost full moon appeared.

Bad Tolz

Bad Tolz

I can’t leave Bavaria without talking about the food. We went to a famous bakery for afternoon tea. Cafe Winklstuberl makes 800 cakes a day and we happily devoured a couple of them.



We met two lovely ladies in traditional dress.


We walked out of Cafe Winklstuberl to this  pretty scene.


We went for dinner at Klosterstueberl in their lovely white room with arched ceilings.


I chose schnitzel with mushrooms and my friend had spinach dumplings. We shared a delicious dessert.

I look forward to a longer stay in the area. My friends occasionally rent their apartment, so if you are thinking of going to the area, let me know.

I flew from Munich over the very neat villages in Germany, over the Alps into Florence to begin my 4 months in Italy…a new adventure.


The Alps

The Alps

Above Florence

We are planning a trip to Sicily in spring as well as lots of day trips around our gorgeous area. I hope you will join me.



  1. I have always dreamed of having a White Christmas and have thought Bavaria would be just beautiful…
    Look forward to your travels in Sicily. Actually took the family in September to connect with their heritage and it was lots of fun. My family are from Lipari.
    My favourite spot on the Eolian Islands was Salina just magic.
    Look forward to your travels Debra xx

    • Bavaria would be gorgeous for Christmas. There wasn’t much snow about, which was a bit unusual for this time of year. There are dozens of beautiful towns in the area to be explored.
      I am really keen to see Sicily. We are driving down with some stops in Calabria on the way.

  2. Great post Debba,it looks lovely.It is a small world, Andrew is working in Bavaria at the moment and in March will go to Brisbane! Catherine

    • Andrew gets about! I hope Brisbane has cooled down a bit by the time he gets there.

  3. Enjoyed your post Debra – a beautiful part of the world! We enjoyed some time in Munich two years ago. Enjoy your time in gorgeous Bagni Di Lucca.

    • We liked Munich as well. I am already enjoying being back in Italy.

  4. How absolutely divine. Thank you for sharing.

    • It is a gorgeous area. I would like to explore more.

  5. What a wonderful way to re-enter Italy, via this beautiful town! That Europe, it’s so full of beautiful, interesting places.

    • One lifetime is not enough to see everything.

  6. That is a very nice area of Germany. I would be interested in maybe renting the apartment in the future.

    • I can put you in touch with my friends if you wish.

  7. I hope to join you in person in the village – I loved Sicily and I’m sure you will too

    • I’m sure Sicily is going to be great.

  8. I just love German food, it’s perfect for me, birchers and mueslis, desserts and cakes, yum! And the flight from Germany to Italy must be one of the most picturesque flights in the world. Loved the post, so inspiring and exciting, have a wonderful 4 months. Most envious!

    • I like German food too. I love being back in Italy.

  9. Gorgeous pics, as usual. I’m not a big dessert person usually, but those desserts are to die for!

    • The cakes were excellent.

  10. Absolutely stunning. I love Germany…and Italy (but you already knew that.) Happy 4 months in Italia Debra.

    • Thank you. 4 months will go by in a flash.

  11. Dear Debra, strolling carefully through your post I got really homesick. Back when I lived in Germany/ Munich I used to go so often to Bad Toelz. It’s a very lovely town and has kept it’s spirit very well. I used to go there and get my hair cut. And Café Winkelstueberl, such a delight to dive into all their wonderful fresh baked cakes and Torten. I am glad to hear that it still exists. Thank you for sharing and taking me on this little trip of wonderful memories back than.

    • Bad Tolz is a beautiful town, I am so pleased I had a chance to visit.

  12. Lovely. Reminds me of Slovenia!

    • I haven’t been there yet.

  13. Enjoy Italy again Deb. I am in Ancona for two months getting to know my granddaughter Silvia. Happy times x

    • How lovely for you. You will enjoy your time I’m sure.

  14. Your great post brought back fond memories of Bavaria… And it’s cakes! Beautiful photos!

    • Bavaria is lovely. I will return, perhaps in autumn.

  15. What a gorgeous town. Very theatrical. Makes Melbourne look a bit bland.

    • I like the painted buildings, there should be more of them.

  16. Germany has so many quaint towns! Four months in Italy Debra? Fabulous! I will join you for sure.

    • I have been busy already, buying flowers for our balcony and the bridge below.

  17. I really enjoyed the three-+ years Warren and I lived in Germany. Thanks for the photos and bringing back some wonderful memories.

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