Posted by: Debra Kolkka | September 10, 2015

September at Casa Debbio

Here is the late afternoon view from Casa Debbio. I arrived in time for sunset and a few hours of watering the garden.

Casa Debbio

Filippo has done a great job keeping the garden alive through one of the hottest summers in many years in Italy. He was here every second day keeping water up to my new plants. Those planted last year did well and the newly planted ones have survived.

The tomato plants are still covered in little red, shiny globes.

Casa Debbio

Some of the hydrangeas are still flowering.

Casa Debbio

Casa Debbio

The new pomegranate tree has ripening fruit, not much, but it is a start.

Casa Debbio

Casa Debbio

The geraniums planted around the barbecue are putting on a great show.

Casa Debbio


Casa Debbio


The lavender is past its prime, but you can see that it has grown very well.

Casa Debbio


Some plants have thrived in the heat.

Chestnuts are ripening.

Casa Debbio

A lizard with a new tail enjoys some sun on our frog.

Casa Debbio

In the morning light autumn colours are showing on the hill opposite.

Casa Debbio

As the house has been empty for over a week, the mufloni, deer and porcupines have visited and chewed up some things. The raspberry plants have been stripped of their leaves, along with the roses and azaleas.

The porcupines actually push pots over to get at the contents. I would like to catch one in the act.

I don’t mind too much that the animals come in at the end of the season, the leaves will fall off soon anyway. There isn’t much I can do about it, short of standing guard all day and night.

Standing looking at this view is no hardship.

Casa Debbio

Casa Debbio

Casa Debbio

It is great to be back. I have some serious pruning to do, some planting of bulbs for next spring and working to get the garden ready for winter…all good.


  1. Beautiful!

    • It is glorious up here.

  2. So beautiful place and pictures… it must be a pleasure to be back.

    • It is great to be back. I have some work to do, but it is a pleasure.

  3. Congratulations Debbie. The garden is beautiful. Alison

    • The garden is still a work in progress, but we can see a big difference this year. When you consider that the entire property was covered in brambles a few years ago it is doing very well.

  4. The garden is looking great… And it has not been a particularly kind summer for the plants…

    • It has been a horrible summer for my new plants. The new hydrangeas were burnt to a crisp soon after they were planted, but most have come back and are growing.

  5. Good God, Deb, that is one beautiful spot on this green earth. It really takes my breath away, and I always look forward to pictures of it.

    • Vergemoli is gorgeous. I can’t get enough of the view. When Sisto’s music starts in the afternoon the scene is complete.

  6. so beautiful dear Debra, the view and the garden fascinating. Thank you, love, nia

    • It is a beautiful place to be.

  7. Welcome back to Europe, Debra. The pictures are out of this world. I love your garden. Hans and I will be in Orvieto from Sept 25 to 28th and then we’ll spend the afternoon and evening of the 28th in Florence before we go back home on the 29th. What do you think? Can we see each other in Florence……. It would be grand. Keep the flowers blooming! Love, Sondra

    • I can come to Florence on 28th…sounds like a plan.

  8. Still looks like the animals didn’t disturb too much

    • They have done quite a bit of damage, but the plants should recover.

  9. Fantastic garden and wonderful views. You do have snow don’t you so I do wonder how do you grow pomegranates?

    • We don’t get snow very often. By the time the snow comes the trees are bare. They seem to grow around here.

  10. Oh my, it looks so lush and beautiful! Enjoy!!

    • Things look a little parched. The terraces are very dry and things need watering often, but it looks good.

  11. Your gardens look fabulous even with all the heat and lack of rain……Fillipo did an incredible job of keeping it all alive. So looking forward to the ne xt months of pictures during your time in Bagni di Lucca and Casa Debbio. Next year we are skipping Lucca……bring my grands and daughter to Rome in February for a week and then Paul and I will spend April and May on Ischia… about visiting there then?

    • That sounds like a great idea.

      • We are there from April 2 to May 26th….May is ideal…..

  12. How very beautiful Deb. You must be so happy to be back in your gorgeous Casa Debbio

    • It is excellent to be back. I have been picking lavender and it smells divine sitting in front of me right now.

  13. God love Fillippo. Your casa is magnificent.

    • Filippo is a treasure. We have been talking about our next projects…tiling the area around the house and building another pergola. Not only is he a gardener, but he is handy as well, and a good organiser.

  14. Dear Debra, I left Camden in London, 27th June this year and moved to the huge house I had just bought, seen on Rightmove and agreed to buy before I had seen it. It is in the village of Ponti di Pornassio, near Pieve di Teco, liguria. Is it possible to chat to you? Exciting but a trifle lonely. I too have been in the fashion industry, in London. I put on the first ever punk fashion show, in Chelsea. Love to share stories and hope this is a private post. Im not good on the internet!! Date: Thu, 10 Sep 2015 12:38:05 +0000 To:

    • It sounds like fun! I have sent an email to you.

  15. Must have felt great to return to such beauty.

    • Waking up here is the best.

  16. Breath-taking view! 🙂

    • It is always spectaculars.

  17. Gorgeous views! And what cheeky porcupines. I’d love to see that in action!

    • We have found their quils. They can be quite big, about 8 kilos. People eat them around here…revenge possibly.

  18. What gorgeous scenery – the flowers are lovely!

    • I am already planning what I will plant next year. A friend suggested dahlias…I can already see them growing.

  19. That is the most stunning view across your garden to the mountains. It must be great to be back home in Italy.

    • It is wonderful to be back. I love my garden.

  20. I remember christening that BBQ — in the rain!

    • I remember it well. We could do with some rain now. Everything is dry and crisp.

  21. Hello Debra
    My husband John and I have been following your writings ever since Noela S introduced us to it at the start of the year. We are spending three months – December to February at Ponte a Serraglio this year. Your photography is amazing and the information you provide really gives great insight into a beautiful part of the world.
    Hope we can meet up if you are still there in early December. Caroline McCormack

    • I won’t be here in December, but I will be around in February. We can have an aperitivo at Bar Italia.

  22. So glad everything is OK at Casa Debbio…..the geraniums are looking lovely.

    • The geraniums are amazing. They are growing in a little pot.

  23. Welcome home. I know how beautiful the autumn can be so it must be wonderful to be back.

    • The trees beside the road on the way to Vergemoli are already changing colour…beautiful.

  24. Amazing photos as always! And those tomatoes on the vine are something else! Wow!

    • I like to stand at the vines and pick the tomatoes off and eat them immediately…delicious.

      • Now *that* is simply amazing! I would love to eat tomatoes like that someday!

  25. Lovely to see evidence of Filippino’s and your hard work around the idyllic Casa Debbio property. The geraniums look gorgeous trailing over the pizza oven area, and love the look of the ripening pomegranates. I sense your delight in returning to your lovely mountain home.

    • It is great to be back and to see that the garden has survived the hot summer.

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