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Monte San Savino, city of art and wine

The guide book informed us that Monte san Savino was a city of art and wine. It is also one of the first urban settlements in Tuscany. The town originated in 1100.

Monte San Savino

We entered the town through one of the arched portals to explore.

Monte san Savino

Monte san Savino was not very busy on the day we were there, and we didn’t see much evidence of art and wine, but there are some impressive buildings.

The Loggia dei Mercanti is attributed to Nanni di Baccio Bigio (great name). The interior rooms served as a granary at one stage and the loggia provided shelter for markets.

Monte san Savino

The Palazzo Pretorio dates from the first half of the 14th century and boasts a decorated tower.

Monte san Savino

The main piazza is a great meeting place for the locals.

Monte san Savino

Monte san Savino poet Giulio Salvadori has been immortalised.

Monte san Savino

The highlight for us was the beautiful Palazzo di Monte. It was built by the noble family Del Monte between 1515 and 1517. Its beautiful garden looks over the surrounding countryside.

Monte San Savino

Monte san Savino

Monte San Savino

On the way out of Monte san Savino we spotted this pretty garden. The owner clearly puts in lots of work here.

Monte san Savino

Monte san Savino is not the most spectacular Tuscan town we have visited, but it has its charms.


  1. You sure know how to find the gems!

    • We go looking for them.

      • Cheers for your nature of adventure!

  2. Well captured pictures

    • Thank you, it is easy to take good photos when you have a great subject.

      • Indeed but with passion u get a better product 😊

  3. The tower of the Palazzo Pretorio, decorated with all the coats of arms of the different “pretori” is wonderful. It was customary and thre is another beautiful example of that custom at the main courtyard in the Bargello in Florence.
    Great photos, Debra.

    • I love the Bargello…I must resist when I go back to Italy next week.

  4. Art, wine and beautiful roses. What more could one ask for? 🙂 Great photo gallery, Debra.

    • The roses were beautiful and the smell divine.

  5. The palazzo is beautiful

    • The garden was lovely and the view from the edge was magnificent.

  6. So many places to choose from. Anyone reading this from Australia and moved to Italy?

    • It would be nice to think I have encouraged people to visit Italy.

  7. All very lovely, makes me homesick to Italy

    • I will be back there soon…can’t wait.

  8. Thank you for the tour of Monte San Savino. The tower is so interesting — I like the insets in the stonework. Are those different family crests?

    • I think that is exactly what they are. It is an impressive tower.

  9. It certainly looks charming to me Deb. Complete with some rather lovely locals too!

    • I love to see the local gentlemen gathered to solve the problems of the world.

      • I miss them too! Always so dapper. Well, sometimes!

  10. Thank you for this lovely tour of my town. I wish I had known you were here, we could have met for lunch. I agree the town looks a little deserted but it is a lively place on market day, Wednesdays, and during passagiata (probably spelled wrong) each afternoon. What I like about the town is the wide age range of folks who love there. It is a great place to live.

    • I am sure it is a great place to live. I definitely would have let you know we were coming if I had thought of it. It was a spur of the moment visit on our way back to Bagni di Lucca from Lucignano. I love the evening stroll in the villages and market day is always fun.

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