Posted by: Debra Kolkka | August 24, 2015

Lucignano…Tuscan gem

The fortified Tuscan village of Lucignano with its elliptical shape and concentric roads is a charming place to visit. You can’t really see the shape when you are on the ground, so here is a map we found in the information centre.


We found a park just outside the walls an entered the town through one of the arched portals.


Like most Tuscan towns the streets are lined with interesting stone buildings, churches and piazzas.

There are pretty gardens and sleepy cats.

We were there just a day before their annual Maggiolata ( May festival) was to take place and the town was decorated and buzzing, waiting for the action to happen. The population of around 3,500 people swells enormously to see the flower filled floats. They take months and thousands of geraniums to create.

We clearly need to return next year to see the fun. Here a a couple of photos from the town’s website…it really is a lovely little town, and quite close to Siena, Cortona and other great place to visit.




  1. Such a wonderful town! A real medieval gem. And it is a miracle that the walls and buildings managed to survive through more than 200 years of fight between Florence and Perugia for the control of the town….

    • I think it is amazing that so many if these towns have survived. They were clearly built to last.

  2. Visited this town – known for a particular cheese also.Love the shot of the ‘broom’ at the door.

    • It is a lovely little town. We didn’t find the cheese…must go back. The yellow flowers were gathered all over town as part of the decoration for the Maggiolata.

  3. Another lovely find Debra…there are so many.

    • You would need more than one lifetime to see them all.

  4. Yet another lovely town in BdL.

    • It is a gorgeous little place…about 2 hours from Bagni di Lucca.

  5. I like the look of that town- walls in tact and a good size too.

    • Yes, big enough to be interesting, but small and easy to navigate.

  6. I think you’ve sealed my fate. Another trip to Florence and Tuscany seems to be needed. I’ll bet some of those gorgeous towns have wonderful Presepe at Christmas …

    • I love the festivals in these little towns.

  7. Beautiful, thanks so much for sharing.

    • It is a lovely little town.

  8. What a lovely little town, seems like not being crashed by tourists.

    • The next day would have been frantic, but the day we were there it was great.

  9. Beautiful!

  10. Thanks for letting us know. we will visit!

  11. Seeing some interesting fortifications and walled cities on this cruise but do know Italy does walled cities the best.

  12. I love the aerial view! It looks very charming indeed. You really do find the most interesting little towns! 😀

  13. You find the best places! Thanks for another must-visit gem.

  14. What a delightful place!

  15. What a beautiful town Debra! I especially like the last shot taken at night.

  16. I just love these Tuscan towns, Debra. Great photo gallery. 🙂

  17. A charming village, a small, but real fortress. It is similar to San Gimignano a little.

  18. Love the night photo. The lights in the town are so charming and romantic.

  19. what a gorgeous photo essay

  20. There’s something so atmospheric about walled towns like this one. You feel the history even more, like crossing a threshold into another time…. Beautifully captured as always deb!

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