Posted by: Debra Kolkka | August 30, 2015

Narrow solutions

Many Italian towns and cities have narrow streets, built long before there were cars. Italians are ingenious at finding solutions for providing services to town centres.

I spotted this fabulous orange delivery truck, with matching driver, in lovely Lucca.

Delivery van

delivery van Lucca

I also love the post vehicle.

post vehicle Lucca

Post vehicle Lucca

…and the amazing Ape can’t be left out. These little vehicles go everywhere and perform all kinds of useful tasks.

Ape in Forte dei Marmi



  1. The ape never cease to tickle my fancy.

    • Me too. I love seeing them driving around.

  2. What cute vehicles and so is the driver of the Orange delivery truck.

    • I have only seen this one, but there must be more.

  3. We have the ape in India too!

    • They are great for getting into small spaces.

  4. Only the Italians and Piaggio…. Look at the MP3

  5. Ape=bee. Vespa=wasp..I wonder what insect a Ferrari imitates. Un Leone??

  6. I must say that this post made me laugh … of course, in a good way!

    • They are very cute little vehicles.

  7. I LOVE this post. I’ve wanted to make it so many times myself and never have. Tiny cars, delivery trucks, bulldozers…you name it… everywhere! I love them.

    • They look like overgrown Tonka toys.

  8. Hehe the streets are so narrow! No wonder the little cars are so popular. I don’t know how bigger cars negotiate the streets!

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