Posted by: Debra Kolkka | June 11, 2015

A silly goat

I’m sure you have all seen those people dressed up as statues in front of tourist sites. They stand still on a box pretending to be a gladiator or Dante or another figure from history.

They stand there and you put money in a box. Some are better than others. I came across one in Barcelona on the way to Park Guell that made me giggle. He/she was covered in a bed sheet and had a goat’s head sticking out in front.

Silly goat

Silly goat

When you put money in the box, the goat reached forward and gave a little bleat.

Silly goat


Silly goat

…maybe you needed to be there, but I was highly amused.


  1. Oh yes I think you needed to be there. Hehe !

    • I thought this was hilarious. Just look at the expression on the goat’s face.

  2. Cute!

  3. It’s a wonder the goat wasn’t guffawing instead of bleating – I love it!

    • I don’t know how the goat kept a straight face.

  4. It’s one of the least well done, but the most funny

    • Exactly, it was the scunginess that made it so funny.

  5. I get it Deb!!! Love the bed sheet. Brilliant!

    • Some people are very clever.

      • And quirky along with it. My favourite combination!

  6. A little sad that someone resorts to this for a living

    • I think it is quite inventive. Given that Spain has huge youth unemployment, this is better than sitting at home doing nothing.

  7. New one for me. šŸ™‚

    • I have never seen a bedsheet goat before.

  8. Hilarious Debra!

  9. Made me giggle!

  10. Give them points for ingenuity!

    • I agree,I thought it was great.

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