Posted by: Debra Kolkka | June 8, 2015

The view from a sidecar

I have something different for you in this post. Our good friend Paul has a collection of vintage motorbikes, one of which has a sidecar. He drove his motorbike with his friend Kevin in the sidecar to Casa Debbio for lunch.

The table awaits.

Casa Debbio

Kevin filmed the drive on his Gopro. Follow the ride up the mountain to Casa Debbio.

I know this road very well, but it looks quite different from that angle. I would like to try it one day.



  1. Yikes, what a beautiful ride.

    • You should see the bike, it is gorgeous. I will try to get a photo of it.

  2. What a ride and what a great spot to have lunch.

    • The ride looked amazing…lunch was good too.

  3. It looks great fun!

    • Doesn’t it look wonderful?

  4. Great film of what is clearly a great fun ride. Camera work – very Tim Burton!

    • I will pass your comments on to Kevin, I’m sure he will be pleased.

  5. I recognize parts of this drive. Did he stop at the church where Jim met Cherry and I. I would also like to try that one day. Fabulous post.

    • Yes, the bike stopped at the church at the end of the village. Our road is really not suitable for a bike with sidecar.

  6. Wow, it looks pretty hairy to me!! Bravo Kevin!! Bravo Paul!!

    • It does look a bit scary in spots…and I know the road.

      • Yikes! I think I’ll stick to the slow lanes! Great video though!!

  7. Nice music!! A lovely ride to get to a very lovely lunch 🙂

    • I hope Paul will let me in the sidecar one day…if I will fit.

  8. Famous music for motoring. Could feel the wind in my hair as I rode along with Paul. Fabulous scenery -so very green on the way to Casa Debbio.

    • The road to Vergemoli is beautiful, and this is a fun way to do it.

  9. Fantastic video. It brought back a few memories of our drive in the Fiat, the lunch was certainly worth the drive 🙂

    • The garden has come a long way since you were here…time for another visit.

  10. How absolutely wonderful and the music was in sync! My Dad had a motorbike and sidecar. The sidecar accommodated my Mum and me and my brother rode pillion. We rode in regal style all the way from London to Devon for our holidays – in pouring rain. There are some very funny memories attached to that journey which I must tell you about one day. I’m off to Marchetti today for sfollio (spelling?) – I mean to have me one of those for today is my birthday.

    • My grandfather had a motorbike with sidecar, which must have been useful with 8 children. My mother remembers it well. I hope you enjoyed your birthday sfoglia. We will have one together soon.

  11. Wonderful. Road gets a bit narrow as you go up.

    • The road is quite narrow in parts, you learn to be very observant.

  12. Fantastic!!!!!!!!

    • It must have been a fun ride.

  13. OMG…how much fun would that be. Is the sidecar seat padded? Jim is looking forward to seeing Pauls collection one day.

    • The seat is padded. I will try to get a photo of the bike. I’m sure Oaul would love to show you his collection.

  14. Interesting to see the changes in the road. Enjoy your ride when you get it.

    • The road is narrow and winding, but the scenery along the way is breathtaking.

  15. Having done the drive up to Casa Debbio many times in all sorts of modes of transport, this is fabulous – what a great post

    • Thus would have to be the best way to do it.

  16. Beautiful scenery and fun music. You should definitely try that ride!

    • The road to Casa Debbio is gorgeous, especially in spring. Everything is green and lush right now.

  17. Wonderful ride 🙂 !! Should explain why I have just watched ‘Giro d’Italia’ for 3 weeks and am getting ready for ‘Tour de France for another 21 days beginning of July!!! One does feel one is ‘there’!! You DO live in an idyllic spot . . .

    • Our area is incredibly beautiful. I love every season here, but spring is special.

  18. That is GREAT! I think that would be thrilling! What is the name of that piece of music by the way. It’s so funny. I mean, the beginning is totally recognizable…but I had forgotten the later parts of it which are so like old cartoons. Love it! The whole thing is just great.

    • . . . a dose of Wagner methinks 🙂 ! ‘The Ride of the Valkyries’ if my memory is correct!! Quite appropriate!!!!

      • Of course!!! Thx

  19. What great fun! Perfect day for it too! Your table looks beautiful by the way.

    • The weather has been glorious, a bit hot some days, but a beautiful time to be at Casa Debbio.

  20. My stomach moved up a few notches watching the film. But I had to keep looking! Thanks, Debra, for a great entry. How I miss Italia! Love, Sondra

    • My stomach lurched a couple of times too, and I am used to the road.

  21. Nice one debra! I can tell you that poor Kevin was not so brave on the way up and I had to clean his seat when he got out….. However after a few wines at lunch at your place he suddenly had a lot more courage and was hanging out of the sidecar in the corners wanting me to go faster. It was fun though and many thanks for the lovely lunch.

    • I’m glad Kevin lived to tell the tale. It was a fun day.

  22. Loved the video, and the ‘Ride of the Valkyries’ music. 🙂 What a beautiful view from your terrace!

    • I could look at the view all day. It takes me ages to water our new garden so I do get to look at it a lot.

  23. Aren’t Go Pros great? I just read a really nice story about the founder of Go Pro today too. What a glorious ride!

    • I have seen an interview with the inventor. He is a very interesting fellow. Jim has just bought one and we now have to figure out how to use it.

  24. What a great ride.. Love the video! The views <3 btw hope you are able to receive my posts soon.!

  25. Well done Kevin! And what a worthy goal: lunch at Casa Debbio! Yes, Paul has exellent aste in motorcycles and you will fit easily, promiss!

  26. Just saw Kevin’s video and all the memories flooded back. Loved that trip to Casa Debbio but admit the narrow roads did scare me especially around the corners. The magnificent views on the way and at the end more than made up for my thumping heart. Knowing your culinary skills, Debra, I imagine lunch would be delicious.

    • The road takes a bit of getting used to, but once you do it is great fun.

  27. That bought back memories just wonderful…

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