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Beside the Spanish sea

We are in Barcelona for a few days. We drove across to Spain from Italy. Our good friend Maria suggested a stop at Cadaques on the Costa Brava. Maria’s tips are always good so we did just that.

The drive to Cadaques is very interesting. We drove along narrow winding roads through rocky hills to the coast. The people who settled here must have been hardy, the land is unforgiving. You can see the terraces built with dry stone walls where olive trees are planted. We know all about building stone walls after our tiny efforts at Casa Debbio.





Cadaques looks impressive as you approach, especially on a gorgeous blue sky day.



A few thousand people live in the village, but in summer it swells to 10 times that many as it is only a couple of hours drive from Barcelona. Many people come for the summer holidays and a lucky few have vacation houses there.

Salvador Dali visited in his childhood and later owned a home in Port Lligat, a small village on a bay next to the town. He is remembered with a statue.

Salvador Dali in Cadaques

There is some interesting architecture.


…and of course, there is the sea.




We walked around the headland for a view of the village.







Maria always knows the best places to eat, and we were delighted with our lunch at Es Baluard, right on the water’s edge, with cool, shady rooms out of the hot sun.


Our first meal in Spain had to be paella.


There are plenty of restaurants with tables in the sun, beside the sea if you prefer a fan while you eat.


As well as Dali, Pablo Picasso, Marcel Duchamp, Man Ray, Walt Disney, James Mason and many other famous people have visited Cadaques…they knew a good spot when they saw it.

As we were driving off I spotted more towns by the sea…another time.


I look forward to discovering Barcelona again, it has been several years since our last visit.

We also stopped at Arles, a well known haunt of Vincent Van Gough, but I’ll tell you about that lovely place another day.


  1. Well done Maria….very beautiful seaside town. Did you stay overnight Deb?

    • No, we stayed 2 nights in Arles and called into Cadaques for lunch and a wander. I had not been to this part of the Spanish coast before.

  2. Ooh I absolutely loved Cadaques!
    We went there to vist Dali’s house which was so beautiful, but didn’t expect to fall in love with the village as well. Wished we had stayed a few days as a fresh break from Barcelona. The Dali museum of Figueras was also heart stopping!

    • We could easily have spent more time there, but we had to get on to Barcelona.

  3. wow. very nice. George M.

    • There are just too many wonderful places to visit.

  4. Cadaques is a wonderful town. We always go back whenever we are there. You did very well going to Es Baluard for lunch. It can get pretty hot in the sun and the place is cool and the food fantastic. Great photos! Keep on enjoying your stay in Catalonia!

    • Europeans seem to like to be in the sun…and I try to be out of it. Thank you for the suggestions, we loved Cadaques.

  5. Cadaques looks great, a friend told me about it some time ago, but I haven’t been yet!

    • It looks like a fun place for a summer holiday.

  6. That looks like a lovely place to spend a few days. I think I would be out in the sun as much as I could without turning into a lobster. Enjoy your time in Spain!

    • You can have the sun, I’ll take the shade.

  7. Excellent …. who needs the city in settings like that! Looking forward to your Barcelona posts.

    • Barcelona is an exciting city to visit. I am taking lots of photos.

      • I haven’t been to Barcelona, but have heard nothing but good things.

  8. A wonderful visit.-Even in an arm chair!

    • It was a really pretty seaside town, I can see why it is popular.

  9. Gorgeous Debra! I would really go crazy living in Europe with so many beautiful places to visit! Can’t wait to read your post on Arles too. Looks like the weather is nice as well. Agh Europe dreaming!

    • Arles, was great, but the Internet connection was awful and I took lots of photos, so that one will come later.

  10. Hi Debra
    We are in Salou on the Costs Dorado ( approx 80 klms) south of Barcelona , enjoying the weather but “nearly ” as good as Bagni Di Lucca ,enjoy your trip

    • We went to Tarragona last time we were in Spain and thought it was great. I hope you enjoy the coast.

  11. Like a day trip to Spain as I read your beautiful post rugged up for winter on the tram. Thank you for sharing your latest adventure. The architecture looks so exotic and Spanish!

  12. When you said winding road, you weren’t kidding. 😀 Pardon for the comparisons but reminds me of so many sceneries here in Greece more than the sceneries I’ve seen in Spain.

  13. Cadaques looks fabulous! Had no idea it was close enough to Arles for a day-trip!

  14. When I was a teenager I spent two of my ‘hols’ in Spain and I have strong memories of blue sky, whitewashed buildings and wonderful tomatoes that were served sliced and drizzled with ‘exotic’ olive oil. I also remember the strong scent of pine trees. I loved it all.

  15. great post Debra-looks like a beautiful place! we love Barcelona….enjoy! look forward to your posts on this fantastic city…

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