Posted by: Debra Kolkka | March 30, 2015

Green walls

I know I go on about Lucca and how gorgeous it is, but just have a look at this view of the wall.




We went to Lucca on the weekend for Verdemura the garden show held each year on the wall surrounding the town. You can see the stands along the top of the wall.

It was a gorgeous sunny day when we started out, but dark clouds gathered and we have to take shelter from heavy rain a couple of times.


Not to be deterred, we pressed on with our trolleys and gathered up a few more things for the garden at Casa Debbio.

We bought peonies, lilac, lavender, agapanthus, hydrangeas, irises, poppies and a gorgeous little daphne that smells heavenly.

We have been busy planting and weeding at Casa Debbio. The peonies I planted last year are poking through the soil, my weeping cherry is beginning to bloom and all the fruit trees are about to bud. I will show you what’s happening soon.


  1. WOW! beautiful!

    • It is a great garden show.

  2. Oh my goodness, that peacock! How divine, so simple..

    • Isn’t he lovely? I wish I had a place for him.

  3. Any special reason for those small signs next to the birds saying “no fishing” … In French?

    • I have no idea. These metal animals are made in Africa from scrap…I love them.

      • They are lovely! Perhaps a French-speaking country in Africa….

  4. Yes Deb I agree. Lucca is gorgeous.

    • It is a great town, big enough to always find something to do, but small enough not to get lost.

  5. Oh, how lovely. I am particularly taken with the garden ‘toys – ornaments’. Ducks, peacock and that ever so charming squirrel. Beautiful shots; even for an unpredictable day. Grazie!!

    • I love the garden ornaments. I bought some last year.

      • I remember that blog! I was so happy to read you bought peonies, because i can’t get them here.. And loved the bird that you bought…. Sigh.. Next year, and i’d b better start saving for it, grin! Good luck and good weather for the planting!

  6. What a lovely shopping list you filled. It would be agony to go there and not have a garden to work on.

    • It would be very frustrating. Our house is in the mountains, so I have to keep this in mind when I choose things. I have to leave many things behind as the snow might kill them. I’m just delighted that I can grow peonies…my favourite flower.

  7. You can go on about Lucca as much as you like….we love it as well. I really enjoy your reminders of our time there. The stalls look very inviting…look forward to seeing how the plants progress up at Vergemoli.

    • I want instant garden at Casa Debbio, which of course won’t happen. The planting is well underway right now, and I hope Sisto’s music will encourage them to grow quickly.

  8. we loved it there. See our take on it at

  9. All sounds and looks beautiful….can’t wait to see the garden progress.


    • I can’t wait either. I want instant garden, but that only happens on those silly TV shows.

  10. Now there’s a wonderful setting for a show. I imagine many shows/events/festivals are along that wall.

    • I think the wall is well used. It is always lively.

  11. You can go on about Lucca as much as you like Debra! I love riding a bike around the top of the walls with the lovely views, trees etc.!

    • I love the walls of Lucca. I try to walk at least part of it each time I go there.

  12. Like you, I love Lucca’s medieval wall walk! Even in the rain…sounds like a fun event. You must have a good sized garden to accommodate all the plants you bought.

    • We have 10,000square metres of land at Casa Debbio. You can see some of it if you look at Rent our mountain house at the top of the blog.

  13. Lily Kate my 8 year old grand daughter so enjoyed our Sunday afternoon stroll through this lovely exhibit. Wish I could have brought back to the US so many of the plants for my garden……but will have memories of it with all the scarfs I bought from a delightful woman.

    • I saw those, but my mind was on my garden.

  14. Even though I’ve been on that wall, I don’t think I realized it was wide enough to put stalls up there. What a fun place for a garden show! Thank you for the pictures, and I look forward to seeing your garden’s progression up at Casa Debbio.

    • I think you will see a big difference next time you come.

  15. Looking forward to a Spring update on the house and garden in future posts. It’s the ideal time of year for you to be in Italy. Enjoy!

    • We are making progress with the garden. It doesn’t look like much yet, but it will start to happen soon.

  16. Grazie Debra! Che bellissime memorie delle mura a Lucca!

    • I am happy to share the lovely Lucca walls.

  17. Ahh peonies! My favourite flower-they are so beautiful 😀 I can’t wait to see when those come up!

    • They are my favourite too. I now have about 30 peonies. They are all sprouting and one that is much more advanced actually has a bud!

  18. Lovely plants, beautiful anemonies
    Not cheap though, 7 euros for a bit of lavander – or do you bargain?
    I am growing from cuttings at the moment and that works well for lavender. Although plants growing from seeds seem te be stronger.
    Gives me something to do while i wait for my plane….

    • I didn’t buy that lavender. I buy is for €2 at the garden centre nearby. They are smaller, but I need about 150 lavender plants, so I need them to be cheap…they will grow.
      We mostly bought unusual things we can’t buy locally.

  19. Lovely, Debra! You really get around! I always enjoy your posts and photos so much Buona Pasqua !

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