Posted by: Debra Kolkka | April 3, 2015

Verona at night

We have been in Verona for a couple of days. Verona is a gorgeous city at any time, but it really shines when the sun goes down…come for a walk around town.


Verona at night

Verona at night

Verona at night

Verona at night

Verona at night

Verona at night

Verona at night

Verona at night

Verona at night

Verona at night

Verona at night

Verona at night

Verona at night

Verona at night

Verona at night

Verona at night

Verona at night

Verona at night

Soon I’ll show you Verona in all it’s daytime glory.


  1. Stunning night photos, Debra. Great shots of the moon. 🙂

    • It was a full moon…very beautiful.

  2. Yes Deb it certainly is lovely. It has been 11 years since I was last there so I don’t really remember it but your photos help.

    • Verona is gorgeous, you must return.

  3. I love those night photos, Debra! Thank you!

    • Verona looks wonderful at night.

  4. Great shots Deb. Look forward to seeing your Verona day time shots of the perfect arena and the Romeo and Juliet balcony. Happy Easter to you and Jim

    • Happy Easter to you too.

  5. Wow your pictures are beautiful Debra. Look forward to your day time pictures. Verona is one of my favorite places in Italy. Happy Easter.

  6. Previous comments were from Pam Proctor

    • Verona is one of my favourites too. Have a great Easter.

  7. Beautiful

    • It is a very pretty city.

  8. Beautiful pictures Debra. Happy Easter from Audrey & Donna

    • Nice to hear from you. Have a great Easter.

  9. Thank you Debra. I loved my two weeks there with two friends attending an Italian language school. A never to be forgotten experience. Looking forward too to the day time photos.

    • Verona would be a great place to spend 2 weeks.

  10. Lovely Verona, lovely pics!

    • We covered the city twice, once by day and then we retraced our steps by night.

  11. Lovely night photos Deb. Do you have a new camera?

    • Yes, I do. I have had it for a while now. My last Canon G12 gave up after only 18 months ( the third one to do so) so I gave up and bought a Panasonic LUMIX

  12. Enchanting….have never visited Verona but would like to one day.



    • Verona is beautiful, I’m sure you would like it.

  13. Verona at night looks lovely. Happy Easter!

    • Happy Easter to you too.

  14. Wow thanks for sharing these fabulous shots. Next year??? Mmmmm maybe.
    Happy Easter Deb.

    • Next year sounds like a great idea.

  15. Absolutely winning photos: the first couple somehow make me remember Piazza Navona and the many meals I have had there in Rome. Happy Easter and looking forwards to the next series !!

    • Piazza Erbe does look a little like Piazza Navona at night with the tables outside the restaurants.

  16. Verona is one of my favourite places in Italy and your photos are very timely as I just booked a week there for Nov/Dec. It will be my 6th visit. Verona at night is as stunning as it is during the day. Fabulous photos Deb.

    • A week in Verona sounds like a great idea.

  17. I remember eating gelato at the base of that fountain. 🙂

    These are wonderful photos. It’s such a challenge to get clear, crisp shots with the glare of the lights.

    • I think the light of the moon helped with the photos.

  18. They really know how to make the most of those wonderful old buildings with the nighttime lighting. That’s really lovely.

    • Verona is a very beautiful city and certainly shines on a clear night.

  19. Beautiful photos of Verona Debra – thank you for sharing 🙂

  20. Wonderful pictures. Somewhere else to put on our list! Thank you. Have a great Easter

  21. Those photographs are superb. I think all of your readers will look forward to the daytime ones with eager anticipation.

  22. Wow. That is beyond beautiful.

  23. Simply stunning Debra!

  24. It seems really awesome!
    One day I’ll be there. At night.

  25. Agreed! Verona is that much more romantic after dark. 🙂

  26. Your photos are wonderful. Verona looks beautiful! Another place to add to my ‘visit list”.

  27. Beautiful! I haven’t been yet, but plan to and your photos are spurring me on! 🙂

  28. I just visited Verona for the first time in Feb and I was surprised as to its beauty! It truly is a gorgeous, and I will say, majestic city with its fancy shops and sidewalks of marble! We found a delicious and authentic restaurant while there called, of all things, Romeo e Julietta! And it was probably the best food I have eaten in Italy in a long time! Enjoy your stay!

  29. As I remember from visits so many years ago, Verona is just such a lovely city, I love the spirit of this town. Thank you for sharing your wonderful images.

  30. it’s a beautiful place Deb. We must reorganize that catch up for buying a property in Italy. S

  31. I found a post on Verona while reading on Italy today and then I stumbled into yours 🙂 I really need to see tis lovely town (sans the Juliet breast touching) haha!

    • What a nice stumble. Verona is gorgeous.

  32. It is.. And I am hoping to visit it whenever I go next. I also want to include Mantua and Padova along. In fact I have realized I only like the small towns. The big towns scare me sometimes with the crowds!

    • Mantova is fabulous, we have been a couple of times. I am hoping to go to Padova on my next trip.

  33. Me too 🙂 The list gets longer, debra 😀

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