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Obica Mozzarella Bar in Florence

Obica is Napolitana for “Here it is”.

Silvio Ursini, the founder of Obica says that is how they describe something that is happening before your eyes, like a freshly made mozzarella, still dripping from its brine and ready to be eaten.

Obika in Florence is in a stunning building in Via Tornabuoni. It has an open courtyard and a series of modern eating areas.

Obika Florence

Obika Florence

Obika Florence

The restaurant pairs fresh Mozzarella di Bufala with simple products sourced from the best producers. On my first visit I chose anchovies and semi dried tomatoes to have with my mozzarella.

Obika Florence

Obika Florence

On another visit I ordered a pizza. Obica chooses the best stone ground wheat flour. The dough is left to rise slowly over 48 hours and cooked on a refractory stone ensuring crispiness and lightness.

I can report that the pizza dough was delicious. My topping was a light smoked mozzarella with vegetables…take a look.

Obika Florence

Obika Florence

On a trip to the restrooms I discovered a series of delightful rooms where private functions are held.

Obika Florence

Obica is a great place to eat in Florence…Via Tornabuoni 16…drop in after you have been to Max Mara next door, or Roberto Cavalli across the road.

There are other restaurants in Milan,Rome, Palermo and in the UK, USA, Japan and Dubai.


  1. What a lovely place to visit! Hehe it is quite different to our picture of Florence when we visited. There were SO many people! 🙂

    • I was there quite early, it became busy soon after.

  2. That looks a wonderful place – may get there next trip to Italy. The Mozzarella looks delicious.

    • It is great and just a hop, skip and a jump from Giacosa

  3. Definitely will become a regular port of call after Cafe Giocosa

    • Perhaps a little walk between the 2 would be good.

  4. Love Mozzarella- especially the way you had it served. Bet it was delicious .

    • It was great, I can’t wait to go back.

  5. Thats looks live heaven to me; very elegant. That Pizza must have been made by and angel it looks so good. Another good reason to go Firenze.

    • It is an excellent reason to go to Florence, not that I need one.

  6. It’s a date!!! 😉

    • It is just up the road from Hotel Scoti. My brother will be staying there soon.

  7. Sounds and looks great, Debra, thank you for the tip. I love those old courtyards turned into open air restaurants.

    • It is a great location and I am sure you will like the food.

  8. Will try it next time I’m in Florence. I’m particularly attracted to that lovely mozzarella-anchovy plate. Yu-um.

    • There is one in Milan too.

  9. I want to visit this restaurant. Thank you for your tip

    • I’m sure you will like it.

  10. It looks lovely, the Italians do style and food so well.

    • They certainly do. The food is simple and delicious and the setting is lovely.

  11. Mmmmmm looks so incredibly good!!!

    • The food is excellent. I go to Florence regularly and this is a great place for lunch.

      • I need to get back to Italy!!!! The food, the wine, the views, the culture….!!!

  12. Oh, your pizza pics just made me really hungry. Looks delicious, Debra. 🙂

    • I didn’t want that pizza to end.

  13. I’ve been to the one in Rome. The decor is not as nice but the food was amazing. So much so we went twice.

    • I must look for the one in Rome on my next visit.

      • It’s tucked away in a very tiny piazza. Maybe a 15minute walk across the river from The Vatican. Cross near the castle that the popes would take refuge in.

  14. We loved eating at Obika but I think they have changed location since we ate there, I recall there is one in Rome also.

    • I’m not sure how long they have been in this location, but it is very handy for me.

  15. Looks fab….and convenient if staying at Hotel Scoti.

    • I know, it is my favourite street in Florence.

  16. Very interesting. Very nice. I like the presentation of the food and the actual place looks fabulous

    • It really was one of the best pizzas I have eaten.

  17. Sounds like a fabulous choice Debra! Bookmarking for a future trip that 🙂

    • We should go together one day.

  18. Hi Debra…I’m back….blogging that is….and hoping to get to Italy again soon. Looks like you’re still having a marvellous time. Hope you can spare a little time to have a look at what little ol’ me is up to in Brissie!!! Focus of the relaunched blog will be …….. Brissie!!…and praps some other interesting places too. Ciao, Robyn

    • I received your post out of the blue as I still subscribe. Good luck with writing about Brisbane, when I do, nobody much reads it. I think Brisbane is lovely but there aren’t many of us who think so apparently.
      We must have coffee one day soon.

      • We read, but do not reply that often….. Sorry!

  19. Quite the chic venue!

    • It is very stylish and the food is good too.

  20. Beautiful post!

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