Posted by: Debra Kolkka | December 3, 2014

No sculpting

…a sign in Florence.

A sign in Florence


  1. Why does the sign say,”no sculpting?” I want to know.

    • This is just my interpretation. The sign is done by an artist who modifies traffic signs.

      • Brilliant sense of humour, love it!

  2. A picture is worth a thousand words. This is great ! Only in Italy…

    • I love them. I will keep an eye out for more.

  3. Hilarious! I would have said that Carrara was the right place for this sign…

  4. Or maybe, the sign means sculpting allowed in a particular area…? Not sure if the colour red means ‘no sculpting’…? As margieinitaly says’Only in Italy….’

    • These signs are done by an artist who modifies traffic signs.

  5. Just when I was in the mood to create another David.

    • Perhaps not in this street.

  6. Love it, very witty x

    • I love them too. I will have to go back through my photos and find the others I have found.

  7. Now that’s worth pondering!

    • Someone has gone to a bit of trouble to do these signs. They must sneak around at night when nobody is looking.

  8. Love this! Only in Florence..

    • There are a few different ones in the city. I have photographed them before, but couldn’t find the photos. I think they are great.

  9. Trust you to see that sign. Very funny.

    • I think they are great fun.

  10. Very clever. I hope you find the others so we get to see them.

    • I will definitely be looking out for them and I always have a camera with me.

  11. The artist is Clet Abraham, he has a shop in the Oltarno. Isn’t his work fun?–drives-councils-mad-Europe.html

    • Thank you for the info. I will look for his shop when I go back to Florence.

  12. Love it, very clever!!!

  13. Teehee… Thats great. 🙂

    • The things people think of.

  14. LOL that is so funny!

    • People are very creative.

  15. I saw his work of art when I was in Florence last April; I love it.

    • I’m going to look for his shop when I go back.

  16. I remember seeing quite a few (and even clicking photos of them) when we were in Florence! It did bring a smile on! 🙂 Regards

    • I think they are very clever and will search for more.

  17. They have the best cheeky signs like this in Florence. This one is fantastic. Have you seen the one with the guy carrying the bar away? I wonder who we have to thank for these little masterpieces…

    • Thanks to Yvonne above we know that the artist is Clet Abraham. There is a link to an article about him in her comment box. I have seen the one carrying the plank and I’m sure I have a photo somewhere.

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