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Jean Paul Gaultier in Melbourne

Liz was in Melbourne recently and attended the Jean Paul Gaultier Exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria. Luckily for us she took a few photos.

The exhibition covers 40 years of Jean Paul Gaultier’s work. The boy wonder is now 62 years old…how can that be? He began sketching designs for his mother when he was a teenager and as an 18 year old he was hired by Pierre Cardin.

He is well known for his corsetry, especially the conical bra worn by Madonna in the early 1990s. He has worked with some Australian beauties. He designed the dress Nicole Kidman wore when she received her Oscar for The Hours. He has also designed for Cate Blanchett and Kylie Minogue.

He never followed trends…he created them.

Have a look at some of the amazing pieces in the collection.

Jean Paul Gaultier Melbourne

Jean Paul Gaultier Melbourne


Jean Paul Gaultier Melbourne

Jean Paul Gaultier Melbourne
The Exhibition contines until 8th February 2015.

Jean Paul Gaultier, Melbourne


  1. Wow, what fabulous designs!! Great photos too, love it!

    • Jean Paul Gaultier is very innovative.

      • I know, I’ve just not see so much of his work except the famous Madonna stuff. Interesting to see more. Thanks for a great post!

  2. Wonderful to see such creativity and technical innovation together in fashion. I saw the same level of artistry in the Versace exhibition in Sydney many years ago and also in the Valentino clothes on show here in Brisbane a few years back. You can understand why they are so loved and admired when you see the incredible workmanship in the garments up close!

    • I love the Valentino exhibition here in Brisbane. I also saw his collection in Rome a few years ago. I did posts on both.

  3. Ooh! I’m looking forward to seeing this soon in Melbourne. I’ll be down there in a couple of weeks’ time. I have recently seen the GOMA one but am going to pop in again from time to time because I have a season ticket. Let me know if you want to see it with me. Of course, a cup of tea at home here is always an option too!! Cathyx

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    • I am really looking forward to the new exhibition at GOMA. We must go together soon.

  4. Lovely! We had this exhibition in Rotterdam last year (click for some of my photo’s: ) and he was my hero in the 80’s. Good to see you/Liz liked it!

    • I’m glad you enjoyed it too.

  5. Not my favourite designer, but he is very talented. But I love that pale blue dress! Thank you for sharing.

    • Some of his designs are outrageous, but he also did restrained and beautiful.

  6. Wow quite spectacular!

  7. It’s not easy to see where the artist ends and the fashion begins… And another good reason to come to Melbourne 😉

  8. I saw the show in Madrid two years ago and would love to revisit when the tour returns to Paris next year.

  9. I remember owning a bottle of the perfume! The bottle and metal can was so innovative!

    • I remember that. It was fun.

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  11. WOW… this is awesome, great to get a peak at the exhibition.

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