Posted by: Debra Kolkka | November 25, 2014

A tip for dieters

Keep your mouth shut. Not only will that prevent food getting in it will stop you boring everyone silly with the latest details of your diet.

There is surely nothing more dull than listening to someone drone on endlessly about their diet…”Oh, I can’t eat that, I am on the low carb diet!” “I couldn’t possibly eat that, I am gluten free.” (They actually mean gluten intolerant; only a few people are actually diagnosed coeliac.)

Since when did food become “good” and “bad”? It’s only bad if you eat too much of it…and I never want to hear the word “kale” again. Super food is just food and it often tastes dreadful.

When you come to Italy is would be a crime to avoid one of the great pleasures of being in the country. Take a look at some of the delights you will miss if you put yourself on a crazy diet. You will no doubt be walking all day taking in the sights, so you can afford to eat something delicious.

food inn Italy

food in Itay

There was recently a brand new diet hailed as a miracle doing the rounds of morning television. It is suggested that you enjoy a bit of everything, but not too much of anything…amazing…who would have thought?

Diet by all means, just don’t talk about it…it is boring.


This cartoon and an excellent article written by Deirdre Macken is in The Australian 29th November. (In the Review section, page 2, The Forum) The cartoon and article are hilarious and describe the current stupid food obsession perfectly.



  1. Oh…Deb…you truly are my kindred spirit! I couldn’t agree with you more.

    • Thanks, eating is one of the true pleasures of being in Italy.

  2. Food glorious food… As you say who would have thought that everything in Moderation is the way to go. Also dont fiddle with it and people wont become lactose or gluten intolerant. Or get mad cow disease!!! Yes its boring to listen to people’s intolerances and allergies. Just enjoy good food. Kirsi

    • Eat fresh and in season and don’t make it too complicated.

  3. Not everyone can eat high fat food and the clothes in Italy are designed for the slim. Perhaps an article on the joys of eating fresh food rather than knocking people who have medical conditions? Who wants to be obese?

    • You misread what I have said. I am not knocking people with a medical condition, I am suggesting that not everyone wants to listen to people talk about their diets constantly. If you look at the photos you will see that there are some healthy looking salads there as well as well as pasta, pizza and pastries. No one is suggesting that you should be obese.

  4. Great pics! Couldn’t agree with you more although I think a good walk after a fantastic meal works wonders.

    • Walking is another of the pleasures of being in Italy.

  5. It’s so true that Italian food is a joy to partake when travelling through that beautiful country. I am very disciplined with what I eat at home but try everything when travelling overseas. How can you not eat pastries in Paris and likewise the freshly made pastas, gelati, wine, seafood, etc. in Italy. The trade off as you said is walking everywhere! It’s a win win situation.

    • Those pastries are too delicious to leave behind.

  6. Sooo totally agree – I am sadly one if those people who is not allergic to anything except perhaps too much red wine!!!🍷👯🇮🇹

    • How much is too much?

  7. I totally agree. Everything in moderation is good for us. I think that the healthy Mediterranean diet is the only one that has consistent benefits; however, if we use too much olive oil or drink excessive amounts of wine we will get very sick. Moderation is again the key to good health.

    • It certainly is…and just get on with it.

  8. God love you Deb. I agree totally.

    • Isn’t is dull listening to people discuss everything that goes into their mouths…Ooo, I’m being naughty eating this. Then don’t eat it.

  9. Amen! Thanks for making me really, really hungry and “homesick” for Italy!

    • Italy and it’s delicious food is waiting for you.

  10. I have followed your blog for years Deb and it is fabulous! Full of reliable info but this post would have to be my favourite of all!!! Thanks for writing this!

    • We have all heard them…boring.

  11. Do I see the delectable erotic salad from Paris Boheme in one of your photos?

    • You most certainly did. I would like one now.

  12. Fabulous. Fabulous, Fabulous!! Fabulous Food! How lucky we are; to have ALL this wonderful food. And don’t you present it in the most irresistible beauty. Oh my, you’ve made my day!

    • There is lots of delicious food in Italy…one of the very good reasons to go there.

  13. Ohh I so agree, I love my food, I especially love the linguini with clams, and the pastries. When we visited florence we had some fantastic meals and some great walks! X

    • I love pasta with clams. The first time I ate it was more than 40 years ago in Naples.

  14. You are brilliant! I am going to tell everyone this from now on!

    • Keeping you mouth shut would definitely work.

      • I’ll say! perfect remedy in more ways than one.. c

  15. What delicious photos, Debra. I also think that everything in moderation is a good plan. I loved the food in Italy, and the gelato was the best I’ve ever tasted.

    • I find it difficult to eat gelato outside of Italy, although we do have 2 Italian boys in Brisbane who do a great job.

  16. I say “everything in moderation”

    • That should be enough.

  17. Great post. This is what I am most looking forward to in Italy! I will be boring people with my food experiences!!!!

    • Now that is a different matter entirely. You could be forgiven for gushing about Italy’s food.

  18. Yay,for you Deb. Eating is one of life’s wonderful pleasures.
    Every thing in moderation.

    • It certainly is and we are very lucky to have such fresh, delicious food to eat.

  19. Envy. These food photos show you probably ate all that or your friend did. Lucky you.

    • I have been known to sneak photos of other people’s food, but I think most of this was mine…not all at once I hasten to add.

  20. looks like my kind of diet see food and eat it,

    • I’m on your team.

  21. Boring – its bad mannered really to impose this on friends you are dining with – can be quite a dampener. Anyway your food pictures are delectable – wish I could have some of that right now.

    • It can be a bit tedious listening to food problems.

  22. Oh Deb, to not eat in Italy would surely be so wrong. I ate everything, gelato twice a day and walked just as much. My daughter is gluten free. She is severely allergic to wheat and gluten, we hardly ever mention it to anyone. And I have to say Italy makes the best gluten free food in the world. Our hosts took us to a local gelato place in Florence so she could finally taste vanilla gelato that was gluten free – my daughter was in seventh heaven. In Rome our lovely host found GF bread and biscuits. They tasted better than regular biscuits here in the US. He mentioned to us that Italians make sure the gluten free pasta and bread are just as good as the regular because they want everyone to enjoy it. I was so grateful to him for allowing my daughter a happy trip. I could talk about the fresh food I had over there any time 🙂

    • Italy does glutes free food very well. There are lots of good options even at the supermarkets.

  23. Heehee – I love that tip! Right-oh, on the subject of di-et my lips shall remain sealed lest thou makest minced meat of me. we’ve just spent the weekend with our grandchildren who are practically food phobic. They will only willingly eat food that is grey, or brown i.e. sausages, birthday cake passes muster and anything that comes out of a packet. I feel so sad – not only for their Mum – but for them too because food is such an enjoyable part of life – both the making of it and the sharing of it.

    • With a bit of luck the children will grow out of it. They usually do. Having said that, I recently met a grown woman who never knowingly eats vegetables and she went on at length about it. I wanted to say “Are you 6?” but I felt it was better just to walk away.

  24. Couldn’t agree more. You HAVE to eat in Italy. You walk so much anyway that you walk off anything you have eaten. Just enjoy yourself.

    • Walking in Italy is great and the best way to see the delights on offer.

  25. Yaaaaaaay deb. Couldn’t agree more with you – naturally 😉

  26. I certainly have to agree with you. Another thing is when you are with a friend who is dieting and they order a plain piece of fish and then keep staring at your food telling you how good it looks. That happened when we took friends to Europe. Diet when you get home but don’t miss all the wonderful and different food experiences while traveling.

    • Trying different food is one of the joys of travelling.

  27. Please see my reply to your comment/question on Yvonne’s blog (Hello, World)

    • Thanks, Bert. I worked it out.

  28. Even if someone is dieting all they need to say when offered something off-limits is “no thank you.” The explanation is never necessary. I can’t see some overbearing chef standing there shoving a croissant in the person’s face saying “WHY WON’T YOU EAT MY BREAD YOU SON OF A BITCH?!”

    • I have friends who have food allergies, but they don’t discuss them unless asked, they just get on with it.

  29. I laughed out loud at your diet ‘tip’. And love the latest ‘brand new’ diet you heard about via morning television. That coffee and pastry looks irresistible.

    • I find many things irresistible.

  30. Oh how I love this blog….one of my favourites. I have seen you weilding a kitchen knife on this subject.

    • I think quince were involved.

  31. Such a bloody annoying word. Gah…. those that use it make my eyes twitch. LOL! Gorgeous photos, especially the bowl of mussels.

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