Posted by: Debra Kolkka | August 20, 2014

Harvest and lots of lovely pineapples

Harvest is the latest exhibition at GoMA, Gallery of Modern Art, in Brisbane. It is a celebration of food in art. There are magnificent still lifes from the 17th century to today, contemporary photography, film and much more.

Some of the works relate obviously to food, but some are more obscure, including the large-scale installations by Tomas Saraceno. His work takes the form of webs and interconnecting spheres or bubbles.



Come for a walk through the rest of the exhibition.


My favourite part of the exhibition was Pineapple Express! Who would have thought that there are so many uses for pineapple related objects?

I really liked the pineapple candle snuffer…every home should have one.


And the pineapple tea set.



Imagine a sporan decorated with pineapples. Perhaps a pinapple tartan would be needed to go with it.




…pineapple earrings.



A ring with a Lego pineapple.


Is this an evening bag?


I have no idea what this is, but I love it.


Thank goodness an old question has been answered.


Harvest is on until 21st September and entry is free.



  1. I also love those pineapples and bubbles, but my favourite one is the “nature more” painting with the bowl of quinces.

    • I love the quinces too. I think the pineapples got me because I am sure we had some of this things many years ago, and no doubt thought they were the height of sophistication.

  2. With so many art forms, human creativity in art seems infinite. … and WOW to that huge fruit display … Is it a photo or a painting?

    • It is a painting and very impressive when you are standing in front of it.

  3. wow, you are right. what a loverly bunch of pineapples, and what a treat to have a such a beautiful exhibition to walk through.. c

    • I love those pineapple earrings and some of the plates would look very nice on my table.

  4. My favourite use of the pineapple motif, in the exhibition, is the kilt and waistcoat outfit. So fetching!

    • I like the pineapple print.

  5. I really want some pineapple lamps. I love how they are a sign of hospitality!

    • I like the lamps too…and the teatowels

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