Posted by: Debra Kolkka | July 16, 2014

I would live in Venice if I could live here

I know Venice can be crowded and full of tourists, but if you get away from San Marco and Rialto and the streets that join them, the city can be remarkably peaceful, beautiful and quiet.

On our last visit to Venice in June we went to the Dorsoduro area behind the Basilica Santa Maria della Salute.

As you can see from the photo below, there are no crowds.


We came upon a gorgeous piazza, or campo, as they are called in Venice. This one is actually a campiello, a small square.


There was a pretty garden.


I can’t tell you what the campiello was called, the name had worn off.


I like the house with the glassed in balcony, the rooftop terrace and the fabulous chimneys. I think there would be Grand Canal views from there.


Not far away was a cute bar where I could go for lunch every day.



San Marco and Rialto are wonderful and it is understandable why they are popular, but it is easy to find quiet places in Venice if you wander off the main streets.

To get to Dorsoduro, take the traghetto (ferry) to Salute, walk behind the church and wander aimlessly. Getting lost in Venice is inevitable and desirable.


  1. Dearest Debra, this is so bizarre, we are just back from the Dosoduro siestiere, you are quite right it is beautiful. We are spending a week on Il Lido di Venezia, so we have the best of both worlds, early mornings in the City before the busy day starts, and afternoons relaxing by the sea.

    • Amazing! We loved Dorsoduro. I am not so keen on Lido, but I live close to fabulous beaches here in Australia and I was very disappointed with the beach at Lido.

  2. me too, as much as I love Lucca, Venice is Special but I like Santa Croce best or right down by Sant’elena…Great running down there…

    • There are lots of quiet places in Venice that many tourists don’t get to. We were in Venice for 5 days in June and walked for hours every day.

  3. I’m with you about the non-touristy areas of Venice. Wonderful and peaceful!!! As travel guru Rick Steves says about Venice … Try to get lost!

    • You don’t have to try very hard to get lost in Venice.

  4. I would also “kill” for the same house, Debra! We could have a problem there…if it was for sale. Jokes aside, there are unexplored areas in Venice which are fantastic. No matter how gorgeous San Marco or Rialto are, they would not be as nice if you have to live sharing it with the big crowds.

    • I think that house would be quite expensive, we might just have to admire it from the outside.

  5. I’ve seen that bar!!! I love Venice too…feel the same about living there. I’d love to try it at least once.

    • I think it would be fun to live in Venice for a couple of months. Of course, I would be tempted to go to Florian every day, which could become a bit expensive.

  6. Oh Venice! What a jewel! I could easily go live in their quiet streets too 🙂
    Beautiful shot, well done!

    • Wouldn’t it be heavenly to spend a few months there, discovering new things every day?

      • My precise thought on our visit too 🙂
        This gem inspired me so much I wrote about three poems on it which is in my poetry category.
        One on Burano, another on meeting a famous painter in Burano & one on Venice & I’m sure I’d write more if I’d go there again 😉

  7. You have found the perfect Venice abode where you would have the best of both worlds. So lovely.

    • I wonder what long term rentals would cost there…something to think about.

  8. Beautiful photos!!!! Great info!!!!
    love dorsoduro amazing place to just enjoy!

    • This was our favourite area of Venice, apart from the obvious fabulous places. I would love to stay there for a while.

  9. Really enjoyed this post, great photos. Never been to Venice but am planning to go in the Autumn during half term school holidays.
    The City and the food look mouth-wateringly good.

    • I think autumn is a perfect time to be in Venice. I have visited in October and found the weather to be just right.

  10. Lovely pics, Debra. What a great way to escape the madding crowds. 🙂

    • There are many quiet areas in Venice if you venture beyond the obvious.

  11. That’s the best part – getting lost in that Prince of Cities

    • Just follow the signs, you are bound to get lost.

  12. Yes Deb, the last time I was in Venice I found these kind of places and loved them. It was so refreshing to get away from the constant crowds. I stayed in the area of Giardino with wide open spaces and lovely little piazzas

    • The busy places are good too, and if you get out early in the morning you can have those to yourself as well.

  13. Getting lost in Venice, is what should happen!

    • It is great to wander in Venice with no agenda at all and just admire the glorious city.

  14. Great photos Debra. Dorsoduro is my favourite sestiere followed closely by Castello both of which have quiet residential areas where lovely apartments can be rented for holidays. And, as with everywhere in Venice, it’s only ever a short walk to a vaporetto. These quieter areas have great little restaurants and bars which you usually discover by accident wandering around the ancient streets. I stayed in a beautiful, very roomy, quiet apartment in Dorsoduro last year for 10 nights so I agree it’s a wonderful part of Venice to stay in and explore. Going back next year.
    Robyn, in Brisbane.

    • We went to Castello too, and loved it. There is so much to discover in Venice. It could take a lifetime.

  15. I satyed in this area of Dorsoduro for one month about twenty years ago – lovely and peaceful…

    • It probably hasn’t changed much.

  16. Gorgeous pictures Debra!

    • It is a beautiful area.

  17. We always stay in Dorsoduro when we visit Venice. It’s so much more peaceful than the other areas.

    • It is a gorgeous area and I will be returning.

  18. Your love for the place shines through Deb. Like Florence, Venice is immune to the tourists I feel. No matter what, Venezia e’ sempre Venezia.

  19. We’ve just come back from the very area – we caught the ferry from the Tronchetto car park to San Basilio – as you say it’s a gorgeous part of Venice and very close to the Academia – the paninis are fabulous and so is the Aperol Spritz invented in Venice. We also attended heaps of art as La Biennale was on

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