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The Magnolia street in Lucca

Corso Garibaldi

For a couple of weeks every year in March, Corso Garibaldi is filled with pink and white magnolia flowers.   It is a good reason to make several trips to Lucca.  I will be going into Lucca almost daily as I have just begun lessons at a driving school in order to obtain my Italian driving licence – another challenge.

white magnolias


The magnolia street in Lucca

the buds are beginning to open

an interesting skyline

a beautiful street

pink and white

Here is a quote from a book on Lucca concerning Corso Garibaldi  “If you will be there around the half of March you’ll fill the emotion of walking between the wings of magnolia trees, whose leafage full of flowers looks like the big rose -coloured fireworks even though….unnaturally static.”  I love it!

Today, 22nd March, the petals are starting to fall.  Soon the trees will have leaves instead of flowers.

fallen petals


  1. So glad you took these as I have had magnolias on my mind, our large Poinciana had to be removed and the tree surgeon suggested two Little Gem Magnolias at $350 ea I am not sure about that

  2. Deb…you are such a lovely photographer. I am thoroughly enjoying your blog, and have sent it to friends as well.
    I love magnolias, and they are worth every cent. Slow growing and beautiful. My magnolia grandiflorias never disappoint, and they are an asset to the garden. Thank you.

  3. I can’t get enough of the magnolias. I love walking in Corso Garibaldi just to look at them. All the trees are beginning to turn green, and soon wisteria will be everywhere. There will be lots of photos of that. Thank you for your kind comments. Deb

  4. Beautiful pictures, I can even smell the magnolias:)
    Here in Washington DC, we are waiting for our Cherry Blossom, cannot wait! Your pictures reminded me a of our Cherry blossom.
    Good job!

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