Posted by: Debra Kolkka | April 22, 2014

Why No One Goes to Naples

You just have to read this.Click on the original post and read the whole sorry story.


  1. So interesting to read. I adore the south, but reading that just highlights so many of the problems that they have to deal with. Fingers crossed the new president can get things shaken up a bit

  2. I think it is appalling that the Italian Tourist Board spends 98% of its budget on salaries. What are these people doing? Waiting around to collect their pensions? Renzi needs a big stick.

    • I don’t understand why Italy is so far behind on tourist promotion. It is surely one of the most beautiful countries in the world, they should be telling everyone. I buy the information books about most of the places I visit, but they are mostly unreadable with tired old photographs. I have more hope of finding something useful on blogs.

  3. Amazing , but unfortunately quite true. And yet, the Costiera Amalfitana is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Naples is a fascinating city. Sicily is a jewel… and we could go on and on. What a waste of resources!

    • I love the south, and you are correct, the Amalfi Coast is gorgeous.

  4. I know Sicily very well. It is indeed a jewel. There are a number of fairly flash tour operators who market Sicily very well, but beneath (?) or beyond that there’s very little done by the Italians. Siracusa, Palermo, Agrigento, Marsala, Corleone but to name but a few places are all worth looking at
    – the beach at San Vito Lo Capo is a marvel. We stay in Marsala on the west coast and Fontana Bianche on the east coast – good for dining in Siracusa in the evening. The best restaurant I have ever eaten in is just outside Marsala. Yet, there is very little promotion of that part of Sicily. Strange.
    I reckon if someone in the Italian government got behind a serious well planned tourism drive it would go some way to sorting out some of Italy’s economic problems. Tragic waste of resources.

    • It is a crime that politicians are squandering the public purse and doing little to promot this beautiful country. The south is neglected, but nothing much happens in the north either to promote the area. It is left to a few individuals.

  5. Just for the record. I would like to point out that the Italian Tourist Board was set up by Berlusconi and Michela Brambilla and as of today no one really knows how much is costing. All we do know is that it has become a grazing ground for friends, relatives, lovers and party faithful…and Renzi , unfortunately, will not be able to do much to change.

    • It breaks my heart to see the wasted resources here in Italy. In the area where we have our house people complain about the lack of jobs etc, but they do absolutely nothing to attract people to the area. We have restored spas sitting empty, the first casino in Europe sitting empty, gorgeous old villas rotting away…appalling.

      • Hi Debra, we will be in The Garfagnana this Saturday (26th) for a week if you would lie to come and see Lago Gramolazzo and try some “cibo locale”
        Regards Mark & Michelle

  6. If there is self-interested competition between regions and the miasma of mafia hanging over some of the areas it’s going to take an awful lot to make any worthwhile change. What a pity and what a dreadful waste of so much money.

    • I’m afraid a lot of it is just complete lack of interest and curiosity about what other countries are doing. It is much easier to grizzle about bad times than do something about it.


    Do read this post for ideas about visiting the South

  8. Both eye opening and sad.

    • I sometimes despair about what goes on in Italy. We love it here and can ignore most of the things we don’t like, but it is very frustrating to see this beautiful place not being appreciated as it should be.

      • Great point.

  9. I’m just back from the area near Sorrento and found local buses worked well, people were helpful, and I would come back. I spent hours in Naples and agree it’s tough, and one must be wise and also lucky. It won’t be changing any time soon unfortunately.

    • I love Sorrento, my son was born there. Naples is fabulous and I would go back any day.

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