Posted by: Debra Kolkka | April 8, 2014

The most impressive door in Lucca?

There are many wonderful doorways in Lucca, but this one in Via Filungo is my favourite. It is really 2 doors, but that old arch brings them together.


The big carved wooden doors are usually open, leading to a private courtyard. They must have once allowed horse drawn carriages through.


The wooden doors have 2 huge knockers.


…and beautiful carved panels.



There is a device above to hold a torch.



I’ll be on the lookout for a better one, but I doubt I will find anything as impressive as this one.


  1. That is indeed a beautiful door – but are you setting a challenge here? 🙂

    • Could be…if you find a great door, take a photo and send it to me.

  2. It is a magnificent door, noticed IHS so some religious connection perhaps!

    • There were once almost 100 churches in Lucca, so that is possible.

    • The IHS stands, of course, for” In Hoc Signo” – “in this sign” (you will win) referring to the cross the Christian emperor Constantine saw at the Ponte Milvio before his defeat of the pagan Maxentius. St Bernardino made a lot of this emblem during his preaching service in renaisance Tuscany until it became almost a good luck charm..

  3. It’s really a very interesting door 🙂 It’s a work of art, I would say … 🙂

    • It is a stunning door. The big doors are usually open and the courtyard is lovely, but I like it best when the doors are closed.

  4. Marvellous! I think I know that door, I stayed in Via Fillungo once….

    • Via Filingo is gorgeous and this is just one of many wonderful things to see along the way.

  5. They are attractive doors.

  6. I’ve seen a poster of Bagni di Lucca doors somewhere – and I’d like to get a copy – do you know where I could have seen it?

    • I think there is one at the information centre in La Villa.

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  8. Hi Debra, are you the friends of Jezz Griffiths and ken Fleming? They came to stay with us in the Garfagnana (we have a house in Gramolazzo) Christmas before last. Just discovered your blog and love it by the way. Kind regards, Michelle and Mark devery

    • Yes, that is me. I saw Jezz just before I left Australia in March and she said she had been to see you. I don’t know Gramolazzo, but I will look for it. I hope you will sign up for the blog and maybe we can meet one day soon.

      • We arrive in Gramolazzo Saturday 26th April for a week. Want to hook up?

      • That sounds like a great idea. We will be at the Vergemoli house then. Let’s be in contact closer to the date.

  9. I always admire that door, whenever I go to Lucca. As you rightly say, it is wonderful. Regarding the IHS inscription, because of the date of the building, I tend to say that it is a Christian acronym for “Iesus Hominum Salvator” (Jesus -adapted from the Greek spelling- the Saviour of men) which is found on top of many doorways of both religious and civilian buildings, sometimes with the year it was built underneath. If you look around, you will find it on many doorways as it was a common practice to include until practically the beginning of the XX Century.

  10. Such details. It is beautiful. It must be quite old.

  11. There is so much detail to behold in Italy. It still astonishes me!

  12. It’s a magnificent door, I can almost imagine carriages rattling through it by torchlight.

  13. Beautiful work , one can only imagine who has walked thru those doors over the centuries.

  14. Lucca is one of my favourite towns. I still always manage to get lost. Love the doors.

  15. They are beautiful. I wonder what is behind the door!

    • This is the entrance to A Palazzo Busdraghi (Residenza d’Epoca), a beautiful seven-room B&B. Marvelous, gracious hosts. I just returned from there.

  16. Lovely post!

  17. I love the half arch and the little green door – just the difference of the two doors makes it so beautiful

  18. I’d love to know its history. If the building behind was for religious purposes is it unusual that the door has gothic symbols do you think?

  19. They’re so impressive! I wonder who lives behind them? 🙂

    • There is a courtyard inside and several apartments. I often see people come and go.

  20. Looking for impressive doors is an enjoyable task in itself! Great find … I wonder how old are these?

    • This doorway looks like a work in progress to me. I think there have been lots of changes over the years.

  21. A really unique door, Debra. Love those knockers. 🙂

    • They are enormous, I should have put my hand on it to show you just how big they are.

  22. Stunning!

    Hope your week is going well, Debra. We just got back from the beach. I’m trying to sneak in a visit with you before my workshop gets going. Sorry to be so rushed.

    Hugs from Ecuador,

    • Good luck with your workshop.

  23. You could hold a competition for the best door in Lucca and it’d be difficult to decide the winner. Thats some city. In many ways I prefer it to Florence.

    • There are many wonderful doors in Lucca. I think I did a post on them, I must go back and look.

  24. Keep looking Deb. This one will be hard to top though for theatre. I love the setting of the old archway too.

    • I love the whole jumble of the wall.

  25. the reminences of an arch and the doorways, such a beautiful picture, can I use this for my architecture history class ?

    • Thank you for asking. You certainly can use the photos.

  26. Old Italian doors do always make me look. This one looks cool with the other regular door. 😀

  27. It’s a tough call….we’ll be on the look out for for more doors for you. Wade has quite a door collection in his many many photos!

    • There are lots to choose from in Lucca.

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