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Falling Back to Earth

Falling Back to Earth is one of the most dramatic exhibitions to be held at GoMA, the Gallery of Modern Art in Brisbane.

Cai Guo-Qiang’s large scale installations and explosion events have made him one of the most innovative figures in contemporary art. Falling Back to Earth is the artist’s first solo exhibition and is exclusive to GoMA.

The 2 photos below are postcards of “Heritage” and “Head On“. These exhibitions were too big for me to get good photos. I will show you bits in a moment.


Heritage” is an installation of 99 replicas of animals from around the world, gathered together to drink from a single waterhole. It is based on an image that came to Cai Guo-Qiang after visiting North Stradbroke Island. This pristine environment embodies Cai’s perception of the ‘last paradise’, far from the cares and conflicts of the rest of the world, and his utopian vision is conveyed with an almost reverential solemnity.

A single drip falls from above to create a tiny ripple on the perfect surface of the water.

The installation fills the huge room and visitors are invited to walk behind the animals. Children and adults were enthralled on the day I visited.


Like “Heritage”, “Head On” is made up of 99 replica animals. A graceful vertical loop of wolves hurl themselves into the air, only to hit a glass wall before returning to the beginning.


Eucalyptus is a magnificent native eucalypt which was earmarked for clearing for an urban community development. Cai invites the viewers to look closely at the tree: to ponder it’s varied and changing colours, shapes and textures, and to imagine its past.


As usual the interactive area for children is excellent. The children create their own objects – a boat, a tree or an animal – which echo the symbols of Cai’s work.


The exhibition continues until 11th May 2014…don’t miss it!


  1. Hi Debbie Have a safe trip back to italy. I’ll be in touch with our Bologna dates soon. Cathyx

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  2. An outstanding event. Thank you forma sharing it with us, Debra.

    • I am pleased I was able to see it before returning to Italy.

  3. Looks wonderful !

    • It’s great, you should go up to Brisbane to see it.

  4. so beautiful dear Debra, I loved so much, Thank you, love, nia

    • It is a wonderful exhibition. I think you would love it.

  5. Magnificent! I hope to be able to see his work somewhere one day.

    • I think the wolves now belong to GoMA, but perhaps it will travel one day.

  6. i love the colors and the beautiful animals.

    • It is a fabulous exhibition. I hope you see it one day.

  7. Great blog of this event Debra! We visited the exhibition a couple of weeks ago and like you were enthralled. GOMA is a great asset to Brisbane and so innovative.

    • We are very lucky to have GoMA in Brisbane. They always put on a great show.

  8. Looks spectacular.

    • It was amazing to be able to walk around it and through it.

  9. Fascinating! Looks amazing.

    • GoMA does a great job. We are lucky to have it.

  10. Mimi has been to this exhibition and loved it so much she took her class to view it and told me I had to go to – and I haven’t yet but we are having lunch on the 23rd so I have to look lively. I know I’ll enjoy it. I love exhibits/pictures that leave you room to ponder and interpret. Isn’t the children’s art lovely! Thanks for the sunflowers and nibbles – happy landings.

    • You don’t have far to go to see it…don’t miss it.

  11. Amazing post, Debra, sorry I didn’t know about this when I was in Brisbane. I love this kind of realistic art. Very compelling.

    • It is a wonderful exhibition. I am pleased I was able to see it while I was at home.

  12. Wonderful idea…

    Seeing the cover image of the post, I was shocked… 🙂

    • It is an amazing exhibition…quite different from anything I have seen before.

  13. Those Chinese artists certainly are wonderful in the trouble they take, the attention to detail and the meticulous execution.

    • This one is stunning…not to be missed.

  14. Fabulous and exciting works of art, love all the different perspectives you captured. Will definitely be going to GOMA to see that exhibition.

    • It is well worth a trip to Brisbane to see it.

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  16. Remarkable! I’m in awe just looking at your pics. What more to see those in person. Amazing! I initially thought of the Noah’s Ark animal pairs.

    • It is a pity you can’t drop into Brisbane to see it.

  17. Stunning displays! What a treat to be able to wander through…:)

    • It is an amazing display. I am glad I was home to see it.

  18. Once again you’ve brought a ‘thrill’ to the day; a day when the sun shines and promises of Spring; but ‘NO’ a snowstorm is on it’s way!! This exhibit is spectacular and your photos do it justice. Unless this is coming to Toronto I, personally, wouldn’t have seen it without your generous post. What a monumental task of creativity. Thank you for bringing this home to us lucky ones.

    • It is a wonderful exhibition. I am pleased I was home in time to see it.

  19. That is amazing! Crazy to think Italy is closer for me than Brisbane – meaning that when I travel it always is west, not east.

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