Posted by: Debra Kolkka | November 15, 2013

Visit Verona

Verona is a beautiful city in the Veneto region in the north of Italy. It is easily reachable by train from Bologna and Venice, and I suggest you do reach it…there is much to see in Verona.

From the train we walked into the city past one of the old entrances, Porta Nuova, built between 1533 and 1540.



It is an easy 10 minute walk from the station to the Piazza Bra where the most famous of Verona’s sites is found…the amazing Roman Amphitheatre. It was built in the 1st century and is the 3rd largest arena in Italy, holding up to 25,000 spectators. It is still used today for performances.





The next place we visited was the incredible Castelvecchio, the 14th century complex built as a residence and fortress with a bridge crossing the Aldige River.



We walked further along Corso Cavour and passed several impressive buildings.





Porta Borsari is a 3rd century (possibly earlier) gate in the original Roman walls, which no longer exist.


Piazza delle Erbe is the main piazza in Verona. It is filled with a market, which I think takes up far too much space and quite ruins the area, but it seems popular.





From the piazza, through the Arco dell Costa is another impressive area, Piazza dei Signori. It is dominated by the very stern Dante Alighieri.



There is a section of the original Roman road at one side of the piazza.


Verona is a great combination of old and new. There are sophisticated shops and restaurants and lots of beautiful things to see. Here are some random things I spotted on my wanderings.

In another post I will show you the very lovely church of St Anastasia and that balcony.


  1. Such interesting photos, and very familiar. I’m in Bologna now then heading to Venice, and last but not least to Verona in early December. Spent quite a few weeks in Verona over the last few years and just love the place. It’s so interesting, many places to visit, so much history and you can walk everywhere. It’s just my size. Your photos reminded me of everything wonderful about Verona. Thanks Debra, for sharing your lovely photos.

    • I have been to Verona a few times and find something new and interesting each time.

  2. Yes a classic Italian city full of charm

    • It is a beautiful city, small enough to see easily and big enough to have lots of interesting things to see.

  3. I had no idea there was so much to see in Verona – it’s now been added to an ever-growing list of Italian must-sees! Have a lovely weekend 🙂

    • Don’t miss Verona, I’m sure you will love it.

  4. Lovely photos of yet another wonderful Italian city. I particularly like the one portraying St Lawrence at the entrance of his Church. According to the legend, he is holding the gridiron on which he was allegedly martyred; however, here is the true story

    • Thank you for that information. We went into the incredibly beautiful St Anastasia.

  5. We loved Verona. Wonderful pictures Debra.

    • Verona is gorgeous. It is easy to get good photos there.

  6. Thank you for the photos,they are beautiful.

    • Thank you for visiting Verona with me.

  7. Verona is so rich with history – and summer opera at the Arena is unforgettable. I’m off to Verona next Wednesday to speak to a book club. Should be fun!

    • Lucky you! Have a great time.

  8. Stunning images, Debra. Thanks so much for posting them. Sometimes the architectural beauty I see on your blog leaves me nearly speechless! Great post!

    Hugs from Ecuador,

    • Verona is a beautiful place to visit. I hope to return soon.

  9. I have been once at Verona Opera Festival (Aida). Similar but more intimate experience can be found at Savonlinna Opera Festival. Opera is in old castle, Olavinlinna.

    • The arena is amazing and it is wonderful that it is still used.

  10. Very Interesting place…

    Nice photos.

    • Thank you, Verona makes a beautiful subject.

  11. The christmas crib exhibition in Verona’s arena is a must! It’s also Tim Park’s city.

    • I will have to go back to see the nativity scenes.

  12. Thank you very much for sharing with us this very nice photos and interesting information. It looks like a great city to visit. I have to see it on my next trip to Italy.

    • Verona is well worth a visit.

  13. I loved Verona when I visited in 2005. It’s such a magical town. 🙂 Thanks for the memories.

    • The 2 cities are quite different, but both beautiful.

  14. Another beautiful city here in Italy – great photos Debra.

    • There is a never ending supply of amazing places to see in Italy.

  15. I have been i Verona . . . 🙂 like it a lot 🙂 A bit different from Siena but also worth to see 🙂

    • Siena and Verona are both beautiful in their own way.

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