Posted by: Debra Kolkka | November 17, 2013

Synchronized swimming on the Lima

The lovely members of the Ponte a Serraglio swimming team have been out practising their manoeuvres on the river below my window.






Their little yellow feet and legs have to work hard to keep the routine going.






In case you were wondering, the Italian for synchronized swimming is nuoto sincronizzato.


  1. Lovely!

    • They are lots of fun to watch

  2. they are so funny, wonderful photographs you captured, Thank you dear Debra, love, nia

    • They had a definite plan that morning.

  3. My friend’s daughter does nuoto sincronizzato and when I read the beginning of this post I was already wondering whether I’d be seeing a bunch of kids freezing in the river… !

    • The water in the river is very cold…suitable only for ducks and fish.

  4. Ducks love water,for a moment I thought yellow feet,then I saw the ducks,I knew who the yellow feet are,not humans but ducks.

    • I love watching our ducks on the river.

  5. Cute!

    • They are cute. We have a lovely little family of ducks on the river. There is a lovely man who keeps an eye on them and feeds them through the winter.

  6. There does not appear to be a post on this site

    • It should be there now.

  7. Very cute

  8. Great pictures of the ducks with their tails up. There must have been something very tasty down on the bottom of the river.

    • They were clearly focused on something good.

  9. Oh that is so clever. I really do remember the ducks on the river just below your balcony. Guess they are the same families, anyway good synchronised
    swimming. Like an Esther Williams film.

    • They really did look as though they were following a plan.

  10. You quack me up Deb.

  11. ditto Catherine – my first thought was it must be freezing at this time of the year….good one Debra

    • Nice weather for ducks.

  12. Ha ha x

    • The duck antics make me smile

  13. LOL I wonder if this is how synchronised swimming started and where they got their inspiration from? 🙂

    • It is an extremely strange sport.

  14. Awesome!! This must have been thrilling to watch. Next time get out your video camera so we could be right there with you. LOL.

    • It was fun to watch, they don’t do it often.

  15. So cute!

    • Our ducks are very cute. They are mostly males now, the girls have flown off.

  16. 🙂

  17. Fascinating post, Debra. My mother did some synchronized swimming in college, if I remember correctly.

    Hugs from Ecuador,

  18. Oops, how do they do that? I don’t think that’s what my mom did!

    • Your mum would have needed feathers and webbed feet to follow their example.

  19. I love it! They are a ‘quack’ team:)

  20. That is, of course, me – Technology ‘quacks’ me up some times

  21. I too love watching the ducks on the river .

    • Everybody seems to love them at Ponte. They often have an audience.

  22. LOL i was expecting humans…

    • It is a bit cold for that.

  23. Oh it’s such an odd sport isn’t it. I like it far better when the ducks are doing it.

    • I’m sure it requires a lot of skill, but it is odd.

  24. Loved the ducking and diving, Debra. Ducks are so entertaining, aren’t they? 😀

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