Posted by: Debra Kolkka | November 10, 2013

Shop windows winter 2013…Florence, Bologna and Rome

The weather is just beginning to turn cool now, at the beginning of November. The shops have been full of beautiful winter clothes for a few months, waiting for this moment. Here is a small roundup of what I have seen in…


Bologna, a very stylish city.

Lovely, lovely Rome.


  1. Nice! I feel a shopping trip coming on….why can’t we have items this good in the States?

    • There is some excellent shopping in New York.

  2. Love that peacock blue dress…

    • Valentino always has beautiful things.

  3. Love the fashion blog Deb…how do you walk in the heels….Am I getting old??

    • I love my feet too much to walk in heels.

  4. I love window shopping.The dresses,bags and jewelry were tempting,did you feel the same?

    • I was tempted by many things.

  5. Hmmm, let’s see… Florence for shoes, Bologna for clothes, Rome for EveryThing!! Only problem is where to stop!!

    • There are too many beautiful things in Italy.

  6. you speak my language.. the fashion language!!

    • I don’t have the lifestyle for most of these things, but I love to look.

      • same here, but your day will come, and forget me not then(wink wink)

  7. Such gorgeous merchandise, Debra. Love the two evening bags. 🙂

    • The beaded bags were in D&G in Florence. I love them.

  8. Debbra, I love this! I needed a good trot around the shop windows, and instead I was at home doing the studying that Italian schools seem to require (all weekend!!!!!) of our children. Argh! Can you please tell me where you saw the lovely turquoise colored teardrop earrings? And the faux tiger fir coat? I LOVE that.

    • The earrings were on the Ponte Vecchio and the faux fur was in a shop in Via Mario de Fiori in Rome, near Cucina, the wonderful kitchen shop, where I did buy something.
      Actually the tiger faux fur was Max and Co in Florence. I got mixed up with the orange fur.
      You have the most beautiful shops in the world in Milan!

  9. So , there are no men in Florence then :):)

    • The green shoe was for you.

  10. So love that window with the black hand bags walking along with the red shoes. How clever is that VM?

  11. As sweat drips from my brow at 8.47am on an Australian – Cairns morning – I wish I was rugged up in a jacket with a glass of red in Italy. Is 8.47am too early for a red wine??? That is the question of today…

  12. Those black high-heeled shoes with all the buckles in the Florence window are outrageous. I’m sure I would wouldn’t be able to stand in them more than a few minutes, but they are fun to look at.

  13. So which of these is your favorite for shopping?

  14. I felt like I was window shopping with you and I was picking things out that I liked 🙂

  15. Just beautiful! Such stylish clothing!

  16. I confess I’ve already bought two pairs of boots so I’ll be waiting for the sales in January before I lash out on anything else!

  17. Oh such lovely things. What is the beautiful shell – is it a clutch purse?

  18. This is such a great post idea, Debra! And I have no idea where to begin mentioning my favorites–has to be some of shoes, I suppose.

    Hugs from Ecuador,

  19. not so sure about buying those green mens shoes somehow.

  20. This truly put me in a shopping mode.

  21. Ooh! What a drool worthy display! Love the glittering gem encrusted evening bags! 🙂

  22. Hi, I couldn’t find a twitter account on your website, do you have one?
    Thanks Gib Ennis

    • No, I don’t use Twitter.

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