Posted by: Debra Kolkka | October 29, 2013

Old and new in Bologna

There are some amazing old houses in Via Marsala, Bologna. A few date from the 14th century.


It is a delight to wander under the ancient porticoes and discover unexpected things. On one side of these wood and brick pillars is the cafe where I had breakfast.





…and on the other side…


…all you can eat sushi.

As I walked on towards the city centre I passed ancient frescoes with brand new motor bikes casually parked nearby…


…an ancient doorway with bicycles chained up in front.


This is the view when I looked up.


Bologna is a city that blends old and new very well.


  1. Simply gorgeous, Debra! I LOVE old architecture. Hope your week is going well!

    Blogging from Ecuador,

    • Bologna is full of gorgeous old buildings.

  2. Bologna is such a wonderful city! And I love those contrasts that you have captured in your beautiful photos.

    • I have been to Bologna many times and it always delights me.

  3. We love Bologna and like you love the old and new. So not touristy….you really feel like a local when you’re there.

    • It is not really on the tourist trail and it does feel like a traditional Italian city.

  4. Beautiful city, Debra. Love the pic with the frescoes smiling at the motor bikes. πŸ™‚

    • Bologna is fascinating. I love the mix of old and new, it works very well here.

  5. The colonades are such a feature of Bologna…we love it as well.

    • It is a great city to be in if it rains.

  6. I remember looking up under an old portico there and seeing an arrow stuck high up in the timber. It looked very old but maybe it was put there for tourists.

    • I have seen that arrow too. I think it is real.

  7. Loved Bologna, it’s one place I will definitely return to. A character all of its own.

    • I love the city. It is very stylish and the people are polite and friendly.

  8. inspiring photos!….begging me to return!

    • Bologna requires many visits.

  9. Where is that expresso – could do with one right NOW!!! Missing it all over there and wanting to be back there. Getting closer to the Turrett!!

    • There will be one waiting for you at Il Monaco when you return.

  10. The ancient and modern make such a contrast. Your breakfast, though, takes my fancy, the coffee looks very good. Peter and I are away for a week in Port Stephens just north of Newcastle, some very beautiful coastline but badly in need of a good coffee cafe.

    • Your week away sounds lovely. I hope you find a good coffee.

  11. Old on the outside, new on the inside is a popular look.

    • Bologna does it very well.

  12. Beautiful indeed!

    • Bologna is a fascinating city. I love going there.

  13. I LOVE Bologna! The food and wine are great and there are fantastic galleries. It’s lovely to wander through on foggy nights when you’ve had a plate of tortellini and some red wine.
    There is also a fab Apple store – the old and the new!

    • I missed the Apple store. I will have to return.

  14. Yet another city I didn’t quite get to. Looks gorgeous.

    • I hope you get to Bologna. It is one of the most interesting cities in Italy.

  15. Bologna won my heart on my first visit!

    • Me too. It took me a while to get there, but I loved it immediately.

  16. We do so love Bologna…always a treasure to be found.

  17. Bologna’s just brilliant and that’s just how you’ve captured it!

  18. I like this look too – and I think it says something about the way some Italians have found a way to make the best “the old” in a modern society. If you like the old-mixed-with-the-new look, you should visit the Roche Bobois store on Strada Maggiore in Bologna – contemporary furniture sitting on an ancient Roman road. πŸ™‚

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