Posted by: Debra Kolkka | October 19, 2013

There is a lot to be said for a uniform

In the Piazza Signoria in Florence recently I came upon this handsome group of police in their very splendid uniforms.





Do you think they had just stepped out of the office behind them?


Apparently not.



  1. Uniforms like Italian fashion are on another level here!

    • I think the Carabinieri uniform is especially attractive.

  2. “No foto”!!!!!

    • I know that is what they were saying, but I had already taken them.

  3. Great pics. You often see police women with huge elaborate hairstyles and the cap just perched on top.

    • I love the elaborate make up on some women in uniform.

  4. Woo Hoo, I LOVE the no, no finger and the hand to the revolver. One of them must be left handed. What an excellent shot that last one was, and her uniform is so different, she looks like someone we are not going to meddle with.c

    • I really thought they might ask me to delete the photo, but they just made a bit of a fuss. On other days Carabinieri have posed for me, so you never really know what is correct. I thought they made a very attractive group.

      • They do and intimidating.. c

    • hi Cecilia,
      uniform woman is slightly different because it is an official, and not an agent. : D

  5. These are very colorful, yet elegant uniforms.

  6. These are great…I’ve never managed to snap a uniformed officer here…they always ALWAYS stop me in the act. Clever you! Furba…

    • I got the photos because they were in deep conversation with each other.

  7. Good catch … especially the last photo. Directed at you? … or staged? šŸ˜‰

    • It was directed at me as they were telling me off for taking a photo of them. I got it anyway and shuffled off.

      • Well done … so a toast of Prosecco to you for your effort!

      • Thanks, I will enjoy the Prosecco.

      • šŸ™‚

  8. Great pictures…so daring of you! LOL

    • I have photographed Carabinieri before without problem, but these were not happy. Next time I will stay further back and use the zoom.

  9. I’m sure she was giving a recipe and they were asking how to tell when it’s done and she is saying “just al dente” and then…….did you run ! I would have!!

    • I felt like running away, but I thought they could probably run faster than I could anyway.

  10. HAHAHAH hilarious. I wonder what she was telling them before they noticed you XD

  11. I like the last pic Deb….naughty naughty!

    • It was a bit late by then to shake their fingers.

  12. Camera shy too…;-) Gorgeous post!

    • They do look very handsome.

  13. They look like toy soldiers! Oops, I hope that isn’t an insult to them šŸ™‚

    • I’m not sure they would like to hear that comment.

    • Hi Debra! certainly not an offence, the Carabinieri are military police then precisely the “soldiers” šŸ˜€

      • I know they are military, but I have always thought they were military police. Anyway, they always look good.

  14. Hi Debra…we too were fascinated by the police and their uniforms while in Italy!

    • They look very smart, and I think they know it.

  15. I’m not crazy about carabinieri, though if you’d like to start off with some carabinieri jokes… I’m in!

    • I don’t know any Carabinieri jokes!

  16. Ha, great last shot! superflash made me laugh too

    • It seemed very appropriate that they were standing in front of that shop.

  17. Mama Mia! This made me laugh so hard. šŸ˜† I want to see an Italian person right now. Have conversations with them. Laugh, sing, or work on something with them. Make all kinds of hand gestures. Eat at a table with them. They can even just stand still and I’d still be too excited to see them. šŸ™ I miss Italians.

  18. My man was a Royal Marine Commando when we met. Iresistable!

    • You didn’t resist him!

      • I tried, but that uniform was just too attractive!

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