Posted by: Debra Kolkka | October 15, 2013

Blue sky over the Arno

The rain cleared in Florence and the sun came out just as I walked across the Ponte Santa Trinita.



I love Florence!


  1. Spectacular pictures! πŸ™‚

  2. These are beautiful. Isn’t it wild how we can look at that bridge, that river, that scene over and over again and it never loses its power over us? Wow.

  3. I just spent two great weeks there at language school. And I agree; I love Florence too!

  4. Such a treasure of a city and so close to us! We are very fortunate!

  5. I’ve just finished reading “Inferno” by Dan Brown which is set in Florence – if your blogs aren’t enough to give me itchy Italian feet, then that was!

  6. Me too😍

  7. The Dan Brown book although very far fetched, had very good research into the history of Florence

  8. Lovely, Debra! Hope your week has gotten off to a good start.

    Hugs from Ecuador,

    • The Arno can look quite beautiful.

  9. It’s easy to like. Cheers to your good day.

  10. Always beautiful!

    • It is, even when the skies are not blue.

  11. Amazing view..

    • I love the bridges over the Arno.

  12. Such gorgeous pictures especially the first! I haven’t been to Florence in years but loved it so much. Such a beautiful place.

    • You will have to plan another trip to Florence.

  13. What stunning photos Debra! A beautiful day for a walk and perhaps a look at this season’s new boots?? That’s what I would be doing…

    • I did manage to look at a few shops…there will be photos soon.

  14. The bottom picture looks like a painting!! Really beautiful! I just finished reading a book set in Renaissance Florence called The Lantern: A Renaissance Mystery and they speak of the very bridge you walked over! You are taking the very same steps that were described in the book! It’s always amazing to me , when in Italy , that I am walking the same streets and looking at the same sights that people looked at centuries ago! Enjoy your time there living history!

    • I find it amazing too that I can walk through history I these ancient towns.

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