Posted by: Debra Kolkka | September 28, 2013

An outdoor office in Hong Kong

I am in Hong Kong on my way to Bagni di Lucca. I am staying with my very lovely friends who live in Mid Level with an amazing view of the city.

Beside the apartment is a building site with the most incredible bamboo scaffolding.


I thought the bright umbrellas might be for the workers to enjoy some shade for lunch, but it appears they provide a bit of comfort for couple of mobile offices.



I can barely walk around in the stifling heat. I can’t imagine what it would be like to work outdoors in sauna conditions.

As promised to an interested reader, here are some more photos of the scaffolding.









  1. That scaffolding is amazing…reminds me of some of the last remaining wood structure roller coasters in the US…I think there’s one in Tennessee…in any case, doesn’t fill me with confidence!!!

    • I think bamboo is strong and flexible, but you wouldn’t catch me climbing on it.

  2. I shoot construction too.I wish these photos were larger so we could see the details in the scafolding too.

    • The building is a fair distance away, but I will try for some more detailed photos of the scaffolding tomorrow and add them to the post.

      • That’s great thanks for sharing this.

  3. I will be in HK next week. I hope it will be a bit cooler!

    • You might be lucky. Autumn should start to kick in soon.

  4. Imagine worksafe in Australia dealing with this!

    • They would be tied in knots over it.

  5. Like the added images… Thanks…

  6. Fascinating! Can’t help wondering about safety conditions as well.

    • I would like to think that worker safety is a concern on these sites.

  7. amazing!

    • It is incredible to see these building sites covered with bamboo.

      • Yes, it is

  8. Wow…. What an incredible scene. Buon viaggio Debra!

    • It is exciting to be off again.

  9. I’m like you. Can’t imagine working in the heat. The scaffolding is amazing. Thanks for the photos. And have a safe trip back to Italy. Can’t wait for more posts from there!

    Hugs from Ecuador,

    • I hate to be hot. We are now heading for Helsinki where the temperature will be more to my liking.

  10. Fascinating! I’ve never been to Hong Kong but of course would love to go!

    • It is a wonderful city. I hope you visit soon.

  11. Fascinating scaffolding. I guess it must be safe, or they wouldn’t use it. Love the umbrella ‘offices’. 🙂

    • I’d like to think it is safe. They have been using it for centuries, so it must be.

  12. I thought that was an old wooden roller coaster at first. What an incredible jumble of things going on!

    • We were in Hong Kong over a weekend so we didn’t see the workers climbing the scaffolding.

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