Posted by: Debra Kolkka | September 11, 2013

Brisbane lights up

The fabulous Brisbane Festival is underway. The Spiegeltent is up and filled with incredible entertainment…pop, rock, hip hop, family entertainment, jazz, comedy and cabaret…every night from 7th until 28th September.

The cultural forecourt at Southbank is lit up in spectacular fashion each night with Santos City of Light…lights, laser and special effects by creative director Tony Assness.

I went with a friend last night and we walked through the forecourt on our way to find a seat by the river.






At 8.00pm the river lit up.









If you look closely into the curtain of water you will see 3 figures on long poles swaying in and out of the water.











The soundtrack that accompanies the light show is every bit as dramatic and a beautiful spring evening made the perfect backdrop.

We made our way to the Siegeltent to watch La Soiree, the cabaret show on every night at 9.00pm.



I can show you the inside of the tent,


but I can’t show you the performance, no photos were allowed. I can report that it was fabulous and you should all try to see it. Don’t buy all the tickets because I want to go back.

On the way to the car we spotted the Pop up Hotel. A competition organised by Map magazine is offering winners the chance to stay overnight in the luxury, and very cute, tent beside the river.




Don’t miss the Brisbane Festival. The light show is free every night…Sunday to Thursday at 7.00pm and 8.30pm, and Friday and Saturday nights at 7.00pm, 8.00pm and 9.00pm.

Go to for more information about events.


  1. Wow. Wow! WOW!

    • It is a wonderful event, you should come on over.

  2. What an amazing light show. Does the tent come with a bathroom?

    • No, it doesn’t, but there is one nearby. I think it would be fun for one night.

  3. Fantastic photos

    • Thanks, I had a good subject.

  4. Beautiful. You Aussies do things with such style!

    • This festival is brilliant. We are very lucky to have such creative people here.

  5. Great show of Brisbane festival…you lit the show in front of us.

    • The light show is incredible…I will be back for more.

  6. Looks great!

    • It is an amazing festival.

  7. WOW! I wished to be there… This is great, Thank you dear Debra, love, nia

    • I’m sure you would love it Nia.

  8. It looks wonderful through your great photos! Thank you, Debra.

    • It is great fun.I will be going back.

  9. This looks like a wonderful event. Wish I could be there literally, but your virtual visit is the next best thing!

    Hugs from Ecuador,

    • I wish you could be here to join in the fun.

  10. I’ve never seen Brisbane that spectacular at night at this festival; so your photos have created that sparkle so well. It’s hard to capture that spectacle on camera. Love the pretty entrance to La Soiree. This show was very popular at our Fringe Festival in Adelaide early this year. Good to see that the Brisbane patrons enjoy it too.

    • You will be able to see the light show when you are here.

  11. Fabulous light show, Debra. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    • It gets bigger and better every year.

  12. Fabulous pictures as always! Night photos are often hard to turn out but yours turned out great! 🙂

    • Yes, I was just thinking the same thing. Whenever I try to take photos at night, it’s grainy and the black sky ends up gray.

      Great photos, Debra. And the festival looks like such fun. So colorful.

      • Many photos didn’t turn out, it isn’t easy.

    • I took lots of photos, but many were fuzzy and unclear. I was happy to get the few that I did.

      • I always love your pictures.

      • Thanks, the city looks wonderful with the light show every night.

  13. That looks spectacular Debra! An event worth timing a visit for!

    • The Brisbane Festival is excellent…well worth a visit to Brisbane.

  14. WOW

    • It is a great festival.

  15. Look at those lights!! And there doesn’t seem to be the insane crowds that we had here in Sydney for our light festival. The cabaret tent looks fabulous – so glad to hear you’ve been having fun! x

    • The festival is great fun. There were lots of people around, but it wasn’t too crowded.

  16. Great photos, Debra. We’re in early planning stages for a possible return
    to Australia in January / February. We’ll add Brisbane to our destination list, missed in ’12, probably after Sydney on our way to Cairns.
    Would be nice to connect if you’re around.

    • I am heading off to Italy tomorrow, but I will be in Brisbane in February. Let me know if you visit.

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