Posted by: Debra Kolkka | September 14, 2013

Sun, surf and sculpture

Today we went to beautiful Currumbin Beach on the Gold Coast to take a look at the 2013 Swell Sculpture Festival. It was a sunny spring day and we joined the crowds enjoying 50 sculptures by local, national and international artists.

Here are some of my favourites….just about everything really.




















The beach was a perfect backdrop for the sculpture. There was a strong wind, making it an excellent day for kite surfing.


One of the features of Currumbin Beach is Elephant Rock. Can anyone tell me which clown gave permission for the huge building to be erected in front of the rock, completely obscuring the reclining elephant????? It was the only disappointment of the day.


Swell Sculpture Festival is on until 22nd September. For more information go to


  1. Lovely photos, Debra that make us miss the Gold Coast.

    • Currumbin is a lovely part of the coast.

  2. The heads on the beach freaked me out! My favourites are the shadows running on the beach and the blue surfer girl. What a fun and originial showing.

    • I like the sunbather with her dog.

  3. What a great display of ar on the coast. Glad to see it was a lovely day for the exhibition. Love the pear girls in their stripped blue swimsuits and the emu!

    • The pears are fun. I love the flying fish too.

  4. This reminds me so much of the Sculpture by the Sea exhibit in Bondi which I adore 😀 So many lovely pieces of art here 🙂

    • I would love to see the Bondi one.

  5. Love these, what fun.

    • They are fun. Perhaps the Bagni di Lucca sculpture symposium will one day be this big.

  6. So happy you made it to the exhibition and that the weather was nice, it was quite cloudy and windy out out way. I’m hoping to Currumbin soon, can’t miss out on seeing Swell 🙂

    • It was really windy, but the sun was shining and everything looked fabulous.

      • It looks fabulous, your photographs are great, can’t wait to get down there.

  7. love them all.

    • Me too. I couldn’t really choose a favourite.

  8. Adore the striped pears and the perfect Pandanus on the beach. Looked like postcards.

    • It is a beautiful part of the world.

  9. What a fun idea!

    • It is a great idea. Everyone seems to enjoy it.

  10. Hi Deb! Making me homesick already!

    • Our beaches are fabulous aren’t they?

  11. What great things! I’ve never heard of it before….must have my head in the sand!

    • It is worth the drive to have a look.

  12. What an excellent ambitious exhibition, I cannot even begin to find a favourite, what a range of work. Superb, a perfect day i am sure.. c

    • I liked them all…and what a setting.

  13. A great selection Debra. A new take on beach culture too!

    • The sculptures are fun. I hope they find permanent homes.

  14. Crumbs, there are so many talented people around!

    • The sculptures are wonderful, and look fabulous on the beach.

  15. So much talent. Love the pair of pears, and the emus are cute too.

    • The pears are fun and I love the expression on the emus face.

  16. Oh, I love the beach art! Doesn’t get any better in terms of combinations. I adore the beach and love art almost as much. Hope you had a wonderful weekend.

    Hugs from Ecuador,

    • I think it is a perfect combination.

  17. I presume this idea started with Sydney’s Sculpture by the Sea, but great to see how other places have taken it up. This looks like a worthy location for it.

    • This is the 11th year of the Swell Festival. I think these things happen all over the world…and it is all great.

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  19. Wow! This is amazing watch… So beautiful, Thank you dear Debra, love, nia

    • It is a great exhibition o visit.

  20. Deb, how wonderful! I love all of them, but particularly the mermaid! Thanks for sharing this with us! xx

    • The mermaid is gorgeous.

  21. Fabulous pics – I especially love the flying fish. I really should visit as I have many family and some friends close to the Gold Coast – then again pigs might fly…!

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