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Breakfast at Balthazar

I have travelled to New York many times and I have a few favourite places I like to visit every time I am in the city…sometimes more than once.

Balthazar is one of these places. The restaurant was opened in Spring St, Soho, in 1997. It was converted from a leather wholesaler’s warehouse into a French Brasserie style restaurant, with high-backed leather banquettes and enormous distressed mirrors.





It is just about impossible to get a booking on short notice. Breakfast is the easiest time to get a space, and it happens to be my favourite meal here. What could be better on a freezing winter morning than a bowl of delicious hot coffee?


I had French toast with apple smoked bacon and maple syrup…I think it just has to be good for you when it tastes so good.


…and here are a few breakfasts being enjoyed around me.





If it is not possible to make a booking there is usually some space at the bar.



There is also an excellent Boulangerie next door where you can buy heavenly things to take away.



Don’t miss Balthazar if you are in New York. You might even see a famous face there.

Balthazar…80 Spring St, New York.


  1. That French toast and cafe au lait look wonderful! I love this place, too. When I lived in NY ages ago, we’d go there (on rare occasions) for a special night out, but I’ve never been for breakfast. I heard that they shipped over all those wonderful mirrors and banquettes from an old brasserie in France. Not sure if that’s true, but it’s getting harder to find such a place in France!

    • I have heard that the restaurant was copied from French Brasserie. They did a great job anyway, and I love going to Balthazar, especially on a wintery morning.

  2. I love the boulangerie next to Balthazar- everything looks so appetizing right when you walk in! Upon the recommendation of a few friends, I had brunch at Balthazar when I visited NYC. The food was good, but I found it a little underwhelming and was slightly disappointed, since everyone who recommended it to me had gushed about it. And so true about the famous faces- one of my friends dined there and saw David and Victoria Beckham!

    • It is a pity when something doesn’t live up to expectations. I like the whole experience of Balthazar. The food is not the best I have ever eaten, but it is good, the service is great and the setting is fabulous.

  3. A beautiful place with luscious looking food! Thanks for the review!

    • It is a great place to go in New York.

  4. Thanks Deb. agree with you that a visit to N Y would not be perfect without a breakfast or dinner at Balthazar. Love that very New York style of decor and don’t mind sitting in a booth either . Think last time I was there I was with you and Paul Hunt.

    • I remember our breakfast well.

  5. French toast and bacon is a big YES!

    • It was a good choice.

  6. Awesome! I love to add to the list of places to visit in New York. We love Sarabeth’s and Maryanne’s. Breakfast food is my favorite so we will put this on the list!

    • I have been to Sarabeth’s, but I don’t know Maryanne’s. I will look out for it next time.

  7. Gorgeous hot toast and a bowl of steaming coffee…..Just the sound of it!!!

    • I think you would like it there.

  8. What a beautiful place Baltazzar is, exuding such an ambient atmosphere! For a place to breakfast, this is on a grand scale! Love the look of the different dishes – makes my mouth water just admiring them. Those pancakes stuffed with egg and salmon look scrumptious and those waffles with shiny berries….mmmmm…!

    • Balthazar has a great atmosphere…and food.

  9. Balthazar reminds me of Belle Époque French Bistro which used to be at the Emporium in Ann Street, Brisbane. It had high ceilings, distressed mirrors, painted yellow with that sponged effect, had wide square posts between the tables and red leather bench seats. It’s now closed and an Italian Restaurant, Tartufo, opened in its place. They’ve kept everything the same apart from painting it black and white. The Belle Époque Patisserie is still located in a small corner with the original decor. I think we went to Balthazar in NYC last year but just for bread/baguettes. Great photos. New York is an amazing place. So much to see and do.

    • Belle Epoch was copied from Balthazar. I went a few times, but the food was not great.

  10. There are very few places left like this in France. Soon we will have to travel to the USA to see them. In San Francisco there is the lovely Cafe de la Press, on Bush St, which is actually called “la Rue Buisson” because of the predominant French influence.

    • I hope there are still some in France, I love this style of restaurant.

  11. It is beautiful, I love Balthazar too. Impeccable design. I remember paying a very pretty penny for some ceviche though ; ) never can get used to how expensive NYC can be.

    • Compared to Italy, New York is expensive, but there are many places in New York where you can eat cheaply.

  12. Looks fab! Might have to book up a trip to NY 🙂

    • New York is great and so is Balthazar.

  13. looks delectable!!! :). Might just go their for the food….

    • I can certainly vouch for the French toast.

  14. Sara and I were recently in New York getting married, but I’m afraid we didn’t eat here. Looks like we missed a real treat!

    Hugs from Ecuador,

    • You certainly did, perhaps you will be back there soon.

  15. It looks great. I don’t think I will be in New York anytime soon but I may try out the London outpost when I get a chance.

    • I’m sure the London version will be excellent too.

  16. Thanks for taking us to breakfast with you! I’d love to go back to NY one day-there are so many interesting places to go 🙂

    • New York is full of amazing stuff. It needs lots of visits.

  17. Deb,We took the boys there for Lunch in January and they loved the buzz.
    As always it was busy with a line around the corner,however I am always happy to take a seat at that divine bar and have a coffee while you wait!!

    • I love Balthazar. The atmosphere is great.

  18. I absolutely love Balthazar and have never been there for breakfast so now I will put that on my list of “must do” next time I’m home in NY.

    • I’m sure you will have a great breakfast there.

  19. I’m a little late to this post, but I just had to comment because Balthazar is one of my favorite places to brunch. It feels so civilized. Once some friends and I braved a blizzard to go…and it was worth it.
    I’ve tried taking photos and never came up with any as lovely as yours.

    • I love Balthazar! I am usually there on cold winter days…it is so cozy in there.

  20. Yummy pics, Debra. This looks like a great eaterie. 🙂

    • It is…you should go.

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