Posted by: Debra Kolkka | May 3, 2013

Our ancient wall hides a bird’s nest

At the edge of our land at Casa Debbio we have some very old stone walls. Alfredo, the magician who has been clearing brambles and making our terraces look beautiful, disturbed a tiny nest in one of the walls.

He carefully returned it to a crevice and concealed it as well as he could. We hope the mother bird finds her babies.


The walls could have been here for hundreds of years.

If you look closely you might be able to see where the nest is.


There are at least 5 chicks in the nest.




I’ll be keeping watch for the mother to come back to feed them.


  1. What a heartwarming story. I am gutted even if I step on a snail, and they are not exactly friendly at the moment!

    • I hope the birds survive. I haven’t spotted the mother yet.

  2. So do I!

    • O Dio, do google for help with fledgling birds – just in case!

      • I think they are a but small to help if she doesn’t come back.

  3. Oh my God…they are precious and so so so so so so so tiny. I hope they make it. These things break my heart. I’ve struggled many summers with baby barn swallows that get pushed out of the nest by their mother. That’s nature doing what she feels she must, and even that I can’t handle very well. Please let us know how the drama unfolds.

    • I went back later this afternoon and the birds had gone. I’m hoping their mother came and helped them fly away.

  4. Oh dear Debra, how lovely… Thank you, have a nice Italy weekend, 🙂 love, nia

    • They were cute little things. I hope they are OK.

  5. We have two nests hiding behind a big beam in our loggiato. The birds come every year and they fix the nests which are architectural masterpieces. Those beams go back to the 17th Century, so I think that several generations of birds have been seasonal tenants of the premises. Usually, they are a bit shy when we arrive; however, as I always leave treats for them they become quite friendly. Last year, the mother proudly showed me a large worm she got for her babies… you may try digging out worms and feeding the babies…

    • I did think of worms, but when I went back to look for them they were gone. I hope they flew away.

  6. Aww, they are so tiny! Hoping she will come back and find them Debra. Are they Sparrow Hawks?

    • I don’t know what type of bird they are. I think we have woodpeckers nearby. I can hear something that sounds like Woody Woodpecker.

  7. What a lovely little story. I hope too they will survive. Mother will surely find them, nature helps and the babies make enough noise. Love your wall.

    • It is a wonderful old wall. Unfortunately it is crumbling in parts.

      • Debra, surely well worth preserving. What you need is a nice OLD traditional chap who still takes pride in restoring such beauty. Wish you luck and I hope the birds will be ok.

      • We will certainly look into preserving it. There is bound to be someone in the village who knows about these walls. I imagine the village would like them to stay as well.

  8. Yes I am sure the mother bird came back and assisted them to another overgrown secret place

    • I hope so. I will check the nest again today in case they were just out for a flying lesson yesterday.

  9. House of tiny miracles yours!

    • Now that spring is up and running there are constant delights at Casa Debbio.

  10. Cheers to the unexpected find!

    • So pleased to hear that the ‘birds have flown their nest’. My husband builds beautiful stone walls both dry and otherwise, in the traditional way. It is not what he does for a living, however, he might be persuaded with a little incentive!

      • We probably won’t get to the old walls this year as we have so many other things to finish, but I would like to keep them. Do you live nearby?

      • Ciao Debra, We live near Certaldo.

    • I can hear cuckoos nearby and I swear I can hear a woodpecker occasionally.

  11. Ohh how lovely they are… so cute..

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