Posted by: Debra Kolkka | March 31, 2013

Nice weather for ducks

Lovely Lucca is trying to turn green for spring. The first leaves are appearing on the trees on the wall. Surely after all this rain we are going to be rewarded with a glorious spring.



The magnolias in Corso Garibaldi are struggling in the rain.


The grass around the walls is looking lush. Even the miserable rain can’t make it look dull.



The Lucca ducks are loving the wet weather. That wet soil is full of grubs and worms.





This beautiful boy was keeping a close eye on his mate while I was nearby.


There was a brief moment of sun the other day. Here is a reminder of what Lucca can look like on a fine day.



…and here is how the magnolias are looking in a warm spot outside the wall.





Fine, warm weather can’t come soon enough. We will all develop webbed feet if the rain continues much longer.


  1. The ducks must be really enjoying themselves! The magnolias will survive and we will have gorgeous roses in May.
    Have a great Easter, Debra!

    • There was a brief moment this morning with blue sky, but the clouds are rolling in again.

  2. Congratulation Debra, you managed to show fantastic fotos even with bad weather. Happy Easter and hope Spring will start soon. Thank you again for your beautiful blogs-

    • The weather WILL get better. We are going to really appreciate spring this year when it finally arrives.

  3. Love seeing those gorgeous magnolia trees again too. They are my favouritesm, Deb. Thanks!

    • The magnolias are glorious. The Bagni di Lucca ones are a bit behind Lucca, so ours are yet to bloom.

  4. I love that first hint of spring with the bare branches seem to have been painted with a watercolour wash of ‘spring green’, and the grass looks alive again – the magnolias are a flamboyant bonus!

    • I love it when the trees start to turn green, it is just the best colour.

  5. The magnolias are magnificent. Thank God for those signs of warm weather to come…

    • It will arrive eventually and we will be ready for it.

  6. What beautiful ducks. Speaking of… It’s pouring rain here in Brisbane too. 6pm Sunday night; hopefully it will be clear skies tomorrow. Lucca looks stunning even in the rain. Crisp clear photos as always. Magnolias remind me of Melbourne. Thanks Debra.

    • Aren’t they handsome ducks? They were having the best time in that grass.

  7. Those magnolias are beautiful and the green grass so vibrant, hope you get more sunny weather in Lucca.

    • The sun appeared for a little while this morning, but the rain is on the way back. It makes you really appreciate blue skies.

  8. Lovely ducks and flowers and makes me hope that one day this month we will be allowed to see some Spring too! Happy Easter Debra !

    • Last year it rained all of April here in Bagni di Lucca, so I am hoping the rainclouds have worn themselves out in March and April will be lovely.

  9. Look at how lush and green it all looks, Deb! Happy Easter darling! xx

    • Things ate turning green despite the lack of sun. My pansies are hanging in, just waiting fir some sun to make them thrive. Happy Easter to you aand your lovely family.

  10. You know I’ve never looked at the weather from the perspective of ducks before! 🙂

    • Nice weather for ducks was something my mother always said when it was raining.

  11. Spring is blooming! Fine green and pink start.

    • Spring is only happening in patches, we are way behind last year with blossoms.

  12. I love magnolias and some day hope to be in Lucca when they are in bloom.

    • It is a lovely time to be in Lucca. Normally by now Corso Garobaldi trees would have lost their flowers, this year they haven’t opened properly yet.

  13. Great photos and commentary Debra – you make us feel positive about all this rain!

    • I am not a duck and I am sick of this rain!

  14. From what I’ve heard, all of Italy has had more than its share of rain this winter. Hoping the summer is better! Lovely pics of the magnolias.

    • It has been raining her for months and everyone has had enough. It must stop soon and with a bit of luck April will be lovely.

  15. Love the magnolia …

    • Magnolias are gorgeous flowers and the trees look so pretty for the few weeks they last.

  16. It has just started to rain here in NYC, but finally the weather is warming a bit. The daffodils are starting to open up and the green tulip leaves are coming out. Very soon! At least the ducks are having a great time of it.

    • I know that warmer weather is just around the corner. It can’t be long now before we see the trees turn green.

  17. Beautiful photos, Debra; I always love that time when the trees are just starting to green up – I think of it as “Botticelli Days” 🙂

    • The greening of the trees is very late this year, but I am going to really enjoy it when it starts in Bagni di Lucca. Lucca is a bit warmer than here so they are a bit ahead of us.

  18. Well done showing the transition of rain to sun … and showing beauty all along the way.

    • I would be very happy if we could transition from rain to sun…oh for some lovely sunny days!

  19. Lucca’s walls seem like those of Ferrara! Is there a bicycle path around the walls too?

  20. Looks wonderful, compared to the 50cm of snow we still have. (Spring is very late in Finland.) We are planning to visit Lucca in two weeks so let’s hope the rain is gone by then.

  21. We head north next week. A few crocuses in Amsterdam, we’re told, but as yet nothing green appearing. Italy is ahead of the game, it seems.

    • Spring is about a month late coming this year. It has warmed up a bit, but the rain is driving everyone nuts.

  22. At least you have the Magnolia’s!!! I am sure after all the rain once we get sun the blooms are going to be magnificent…come on spring we are all ready Carla x

    • The trees are just beginning to grow green shoots, but the rain just keeps on coming down.

  23. The Magnolias are gorgeous! Such joyous heralds of spring 🙂

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