Posted by: Debra Kolkka | March 20, 2013

I thought the rain had finished

There was a beautiful rainbow over Ponte a Serraglio a few days ago and hundreds of swallows appeared outside my window. ( Take a look here for some more photos.)



I thought our run of horrible weather had come to an end…but I was wrong. On Monday we had the heaviest rain I have ever seen here. The river turned into a raging torrent and a fearsome wind howled down the valley.






There was almost surf in the river.


My poor daffodils looked very sad.


We have had a fine sunny day today, but rain is forecast for tomorrow. When will it end???


  1. I can remember weather like this one Christmas where rain gear, boots & umbrellas were useless – here’s hoping it will improve

    • There is little you can do but stand at the window and watch.

  2. Oh no!, Just when we are coming! see you soon Debra! Love Rose

    • It must end soon. It has been raining almost every day for 2 months.

  3. It’s been a really rainy spring in Sicily too. “It’s coming from Siberia!” the locals say. But good weather has finally arrived here. “It’s from Africa,” the locals say. By the way, Debra, does that raging river ever flood the houses along its banks??? It’s very scary looking…

    • It doesn’t flood in front of my house because we are quite high above the river, but further down where the banks are lower it happens, but not often.

  4. This has been a very wet and cold winter throughout Europe and the Northern Hemisphere.not has to stop at some stage. Meanwhile, the pansies on the bridge are getting lots of water. And there will be plenty of flowers in a few weeks. Spring starts today!

    • According to meteo spring will begin on Friday with some warmer weather coming at last.

  5. That was some thunderstorm and the strongest wind that I have felt here.There is blosssom on our fruit trees now so spring won`t be long (fingers crossed)

    • I am surprised there is any blossom left on the trees after the wind. I don’t think I have seen a worse day in Ponte a Serraglio.

  6. We had beastly weather in Martina Franca on Monday, too. The wind was relentless . . . just miserable. Today it’s sunny and gorgeous, though, so we’ve almost forgotten winter. I hope all of Ponte a Serraglio’s spring blossoms survived intact.

    • I hope your weather makes its way up here soon.

  7. Definitely a different river than a month ago. Hope some good weather comes to you soon!

    • The river drops fairly quickly once the rain stops. It is looking much more relaxed today. Apparently spring is arriving on Friday.

      • 🙂

  8. I hope Italy doesn’t suffer the kind of water damage they’ve experienced in the past few years. This is getting way too common.

    • There was considerable damage before Christmas. This recent rain doesn’t seem to have caused problems, just annoyance.

  9. I haven’t seen a picture of relentless rain captured so vividly as in your photo here, Debra – reminds me of hard shards of ice.
    I remember well one sudden Summer soaking we experienced on the Ponte a Serraglio, and some Summer soaking it was! The rain pelted so hard that my umbrella crumbled under the strain and my clothes and shoes were soaked within seconds. The rain came and went so quickly that we wondered if it actually happened but for the evidence of our drenched clothing and wet hair clinging to our skulls.
    I remember such soaking on my way to work battling a Brisbane cyclone in 1974. I lost my umbrella that day. Ah, the ‘fun’ of experiencing the extreme elements! Wasn’t funny at that time, yet I look back and say ‘I survived that one.’

    • The rain is similar to what we expect in a tropical cyclone in Queensland. I didn’t expect to find that here.

  10. Soon I hope – before I turn into a fish!

    • We really have had enough wet weather, it is time for some sun.

  11. We’ve had so much rain here in the north too. I think there’s a good deal to come yet. The grass is growing far too quickly!

    • I remember last year March was sunny, then it rained all of April. With a bit of luck we will have a fine April this year.

  12. April showers are one thing, but this looks a bit excessive! You must have your gumboots permanently by the door. Would make the trip to the bar in the morning a little tricky too… x

    • I can just about manage the 30 metre walk to the bar, but going much further is a bit of a drag.

  13. Raining every day for 2 months? Sheesh Debra!
    Your pictures are outstanding. The one with the pouring rain, and the river flooding… and your poor daffs. wow!
    Hope you get a few days of sunshine 🙂

    • It was warm and sunny today, let’s hope it lasts for a while.

  14. That’s very impressive rain – and you’re right, it does look like tropical rain. Your pansies on the bridge look so pretty and even the dripping daffodils look lovely. The seasons turn and spring will be all the sweeter for the rain.

    • Spring will be here soon, I know it.

  15. Sounds like our weather here in Qld Debra! oh for some lovely sunny, windless weather!

    • We had a sunny day today for the first official day of spring.

  16. Rainbows always feel so special to me!

    • This one was perfect and lasted for quite a while.

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