Posted by: Debra Kolkka | January 29, 2013

A winter walk around Vergemoli

Yesterday morning started off very well with a beautiful view over Vergemoli from Casa Debbio. The early morning mist hovered above the village of Trasillico.



The mist cleared to reveal a beautiful day.



…time to go for a walk through the village.


I pass this little waterfall on the way to the village. It runs all year.


There is still some snow lying around, and the puddles are still frozen.


In winter, when the trees are bare, you can see our house from the path.


The village of Vergemoli looks wonderful at any time of the year, and the views are spectacular.





I love the old doorways in the village. The first one belongs to the Teatrino Silvio Pellico. I would love to see inside, or better still, see a performance there.


The next one is a favourite.


But I love the next one too.


There is an outdoor theatre in Vergemoli.




This wonderful old tree will provide shade for the stage in summer.


A very well fed cat presented herself to me and made sure I saw all her best angles.


This morning I awoke to light snow and mist.


I’m glad I walked through the village yesterday.


  1. Do they perform at the outdoor space? That would be a great place for a kids festival… Hmmmm
    Lovely pictures as always!

    • This is the first time I have come across the outdoor theatre. I will have to investigate further.

  2. Very lovely pictures, Debra. Those old Tuscan doors are wonderful.

    • The doorways are special. I love the really old ones.

  3. Such an idyllic setting! Little wonder some residents would be reluctant to leave their homes with stunning views to look at every day. Is here a chance for you to see an outdoor drama performance on a balmy Summer night?
    even though there is snow, mist and cold, you instill a sense of community through your pictures, Deb – I can imagine the villagers sitting on those stone steps and enjoying the play under shady trees. it would be good to take a photo of the same place in the different seasons.

    • I will definitely go back to the outdoor theatre in spring for more photos. This is the first time I have seen it.

  4. I spotted the sign over the door just yesterday. I have walked past this closed door many times, but haven’t looked up before. I will ask around in the village about the theatre.

  5. I wonder if those are the same mountains I am seeing but from a different angle from here in Forte? Either way they’re stunning 🙂

    • You are looking at them from the other side.

      • Great! Every time I turn a street corner in Forte and lookup and see the mountains I smile, they’re so beautiful.

  6. Terrific shots Debra! Especially love those frozen puddles and the gorgeous doorways!

    • It is a beautiful village…a bit cold right now, but stunning with the snow on the mountains.

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  8. I love the one with stones on the roof. I have a few of those pictures and I always think they capture some of the feel of Italy.

    • It is impossible to get a bad picture of a Tuscan roof.

  9. I really enjoyed accompanying you on your walk, Debra. Love those old doors and the tree. That fat cat certainly look as though she does get the cream. 🙂

    • I love my wanderings in the villages, there is always something interesting to see.

  10. Majestic Mountains around you there – love the doors and their archways

    • The mountains are gorgeous any time of the year.

  11. I love the misty mountains and skies – it’s as if nature is photoshopping a blurry veil over the view.

    • The view changes constantly…I love it.

  12. So did John and Liz make it to Ponte Debra ? Oh yeah — keep the pics and commentary rolling !

  13. Just breathtaking Debra thanks for the tour gorgeous pics xxCarla

    • Our area is very beautiful…just wait until you see spring.

  14. Looks like a door-lovers paradise!!! That cat looks very fat and cute, I hope she was friendly!

    • The cat was very friendly and keen for a chat.

  15. What a lovely place to be part of. I love winter landscapes.

    • I love it in Vergemoli too, and would love it even more if I could get the heating in the house to work.

  16. what a beautiful place to build a home – you must be very pleased with your choice; more pics of the house please!

    • The house has its own category…new house in Vergemoli. There will be lots more pictures when something new happens.

  17. That’s so beautiful! And that cat is absolutely adorable ^_^

  18. Lovely views!

  19. […] we were leaving our lovely new house in Vergemoli the other day I spotted these spider webs. It had been raining most of the night, but there was […]

  20. Hi deb – wonderful to see your house at vergemoli in winter – looks just as wonderful as when we were there just a little while ago. Wish we were there now. Kendall & ALBY

    • Winter at Casa Debbio is beautiful.

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