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Bagni di Lucca cats

Wherever I go in my wanderings through the villages of Bagni di Lucca there are cats, some friendly, some shy…all interesting.


This is Mezzo with his owner Joseph. I don’t usually get to know the names of the cats I meet.











The next cat was sunning himself in Vico Pancellorum with his mates, and was very happy to pose for me.



Cats always seem to find the best spots to lie in. It is invariably in a warm sunny place…and somewhere it is easy for them to be admired…which is as it should be.


  1. I totally agree, and isn’t it nice that Bagni is a cat-friendly place!

    • There are lots of cats about, most seem to be well cared for. The dogs are really pampered.

      • Ah – that seems like the Italy I know – lots of pampered pooches 🙂

      • There are certainly some pampered pets in the village.

      • 🙂

  2. The cats by the door is awesome!

    • These are fed by Emelio Ferrari and his wife Alpha ( they drive a Fiat )

  3. I particularly like the last cat it has attitude! Thank you also for sharing the Bella Bagni blog, it’s lovely to see the Christmas activities that are happening.

    • That cat had serious attitude.

  4. Reblogged this on ilovelucca and commented:
    This post is gorgeous….One thing I like about Lucca and the surrounding areas, is that there are alot of cats….Being a cat colony carer/ stray cat lover here at home, I always notice cats everywhere but i really noticed them there, and in Italy in general. Not as many as Turkey but alot ! Strays and ones who have humans:)

    • Cats are popular as they help to keep mice away.

      • I have never seen so many cats in all my life….and i have to say, even after being to a few cat shelters in Italy, strays on the whole are treated quite well. The community cares for them….I did see one poor very skinny boy at Borgo o mozzano that i went back quite a few times to feed….usually I carry around cat biscuits (long story) but i didn’t this time and he really needed them…and no shops were open at that time in the village either…but it is nice to see so many happy cats:)

  5. I like the photo with the “cat meet” on the door step and ‘the cat with attitude’ Thanks e ciao, Carina

    • I can’t resist cats. We don’t have one any more as we travel too much and it isn’t fair.

      • ha ve to confess, Debra, we are DOG people and like you, we travel too much still to keep a new furry friend. Maybe one day later?

      • Until our last little cat, Tallulah, died 4 years ago, we always had at least one animal. I grew up with multiple cats, dogs, a galah, a budgerigar…my son had a fish called Albert who lived for about 10 years. Living in apartments and travelling mean this is no longer practical. I still miss having a cat.

  6. “…as it should be.”
    Thanks for this one.

    • Cats do seem to set themselves up to be admired.

  7. We are surrounded by cats; however, they get along very well with our dog Tequila as if they knew that she belongs there.Besides, Tequila has never had problems with cats…
    I love the cat from Vico Pancellorum!

    • The Vico cat was special. How wise of Tequila to get along with cats.

  8. I love cats so I enjoyed scrolling through these photos of the cat population around Bagni di Lucca.

    • I love them too, and I am always happy when they allow me to pat them.

  9. Number 3 looks very familiar!

    • Don’t tell me Portia escaped and made her way to Lucchio!!!!!

  10. I bei gatti (beautiful cats). Is the 4th photo a blue Burmese?

    • I’m not sure what type of cat the grey one was, but it was very pretty.

  11. What a bunch of camera-friendly cats! Most photos I’ve taken of my cat are when she’s fast asleep – she doesn’t like having her photo taken.

    • Most of the cats I see are happy to pose. Our Tallulah liked the camera too.

  12. What a sweet little grey cat – the 4th one down. We have 2 blue Burmese who look just like her/him. Great photos of all. Grazie!

    • I almost missed the little grey one in Vetteglia…it was hiding in the shadows.

  13. What a great collection of cats! I love animals and cats especially. If I see one in my travels I generally can’t help but take a photo. Puss in Boot was a particular favourite..

    • I love the swans too. I love to photograph the ducks on our river in BdL. As well as the wild ducks, we have a white duck and a goose that have made their home near the bridge.

      • How lovely! Ducks crack me up, I love how they paddle along softly quacking to themselves like a mad cat woman.

  14. I am a sucker for kitties too. Sadly, in India and Malaysia the cats we encountered were a pretty sad looking lot with one or two exceptions. You have some real personalities captured in this post!

  15. Now I thought back to when I was Buenos Aires and visited a cemetery and every cat there looked the same! Not like here 🙂

    • Our cats are many and varied.

  16. cute cats… Happy New Year…

    • I hope you have a wonderful New Year. Thank you for following.

  17. These are gorgeous! I love the cutie sunning at the end 🙂

    • That was a very special cat…so bold and proud.

  18. So proud and very photogenic those Italian Cats

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