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Wine and food in Lucca


Thanks to Heather from Sapori e Saperi we went along to the wonderful wine fair in Lucca called Anteprima…..vini della costa Toscana….a veritable feast of wine and food.


It was held on 5th and 6th May in the beautiful Real Collegio behind San Frediano church in Lucca. We were there early and had the place almost to ourselves for a while.


The attendants were ready to show us their wares.





People began to arrive.


Heather and Jim headed first to the wines from Lucca and a very knowledgeable gentleman was there to help.


There was serious business going on in various rooms.



More people arrived.


We met the delightful Piero Tartagni from Fattoria Colleverde in the Lucca hills.



We liked several of his wines and will definitely head to his vineyard for more.

We also met Giovan Moretti from Terre del Sillabo who had more wonderful wine for us to sample.


I love his wine labels.


And the names of his wine.

By this time the room was crowded and becoming very noisy so we headed downstairs to the food area…..there had to be food.







These tasty treats came from I Salumi di Lane in Pietrasanta and we were most impressed.




There was a lovely young man making neci, chestnut pancakes in a traditional way. Round stones are heated and covered with chestnut leaves.


The batter is put on top of the leaves.


More leaves are put on.



Then the hot stone, and the process is repeated. The hot stones cook the pancake and then we got to eat them.





We had a great day and went home laden with goodies and some excellent information about local wine.

If you happen to be in Lucca next May, don’t miss Anteprima.

Here is my favourite photo of the day.



  1. Looks great! Too bad the attendants don’t know how to smile, with the exception of the fine looking gentleman in the last photo! And now another reason to go to Bagni – neci! Wow, yummy!

  2. Only the French take their food and wine as seriously – and so it should be – what a feast for the eyes as well as the taste buds!

    • It was a great day with lots of wonderful things to taste.

  3. Thank you, Debra, for the information and the delightful photos. Must try for Anteprima next year. Do you know if Moreno and Catherine were there from Montechiari Wines? Their wines are wonderful and they are such lovely people.

    • I don’t know them, but I will look out for their wines.

  4. Those attendants with medallions dangling around their necks who don’t know how to smile are wine sommeliers. They’re amateurs who have taken the 3-year sommelier course and belong to the Associazione Italiana Sommelier and help out at AIS events. The one I’m talking to in the photo wants to open a restaurant with his son, who loves cooking, but alas, for the moment he earns his money as a software engineer.

    • I love their serious poses, it seems to work for the event. Wine is a serious business you know!

  5. Great photos! Sounds like you really enjoyed yourselves!!! Brava!

    • Thanks, it was a fun thing to do on a very wet and miserable day.

  6. That looks like serious business! I love the illustrations and design of Giovan Moretti’s wine labels too – so minimalist and eye-catching. Love the pancake cooking with hot stones.

    • The chestnut pancakes taste great when they are just cooked,

  7. I wish we could know about these events before they happen…It would be nice to have a chance to attend them too being in the area. Thank you!

    • Maybe you could google what’s happening in Lucca.

  8. We went last year and had a ball! One of my friends knows quite a bit about wine and so she was our leader and we ended up buying a case to get us through the week! My favorites were from Colleverde and I found them this time when I was in Lucca. I’m sorry I missed it his year.

    • It is the first time I have been, but I will be back.

  9. A very elegant room and beautiful food to accompany the wine. Seeing these events makes me go all weak at the knees. Just so beautiful! I really need to get back soon! Thanks Debra.

  10. Love the vino …. Colle di Bordocheo …. And matraia , its a very very good wine from colleverde .. If you go sometimes to bordocheo , say hello to Laura from tanja

    • We need to get up to Matraia to visit some of the wonderful wineries.

      • Matraia you will get colle verde, but Bordocheo you will find in Segromigno Monte .

  11. A food and wine event? I’m jealous!!!

    • Italy does these things well.

  12. It looks wonderful, Debra. We can’t offer such culinary delights in Amsterdam, unfortunately.

    • I’m sure w won’t starve.

  13. Oh, you had me at the title! Love all of the photos and it makes me long to return to Lucca. Perhaps next May . . . 🙂

    • May is an excellent time to visit Lucca.

  14. What a wonderful event–not only the food and wine–but also the space in which it was held. How lovely. Like you, I love Giovann Moretti’s labels–the clean graphic whimsy of them.

    Really fun post, Deb!


    • I love those labels. It would be enough to make me buy the wine alone.

  15. The neci looks most interesting! I would love to try them one day or even just watch them being made!

  16. I love that last picture as well. What a handsome man.
    Debra those pancakes cooked with the stones are fantastic, I think I would have been doing a happy dance just getting to watch and eat them.
    A lovely day out.

    • The neci were delicious!

  17. When I saw food and wine in the title of this post I was compelled to read on. I like your choice of favourite picture – the gentleman looks so appropriately dressed and and engrossed in what he is doing. Beautiful room.

    • I followed him around for a while trying to get a photo. Eventually I just asked him to pose for me….and he did.

  18. I am dying of thirst as I read your post! I LOVE wine!!! Especially Italian! I think I’d have a real problem if I lived there or even in Australia as your wine is delicious too! Great post!

    • My sister makes great wine in Australia. Her label is Curly Flat.

      • Can you buy it here? I would love to try it!!!!

      • They did have an agent in USA, but I’m not sure if they still export there. The high Australian dollar makes it very expensive.

  19. It takes me ages to read your posts – I keep going back over the photos with my nose practically on the screen. I’m fascinated by the neci cooking demonstration – what a lovely way of cooking. Those stones would be much prized I imagine.

    • They certainly make good neci.

  20. Definitely a place for me, looks so exciting!

    • It became really busy and noisy as the day went on. Wine and food are serious business in Italy.

  21. What a wonderful event to have attended especially since you said the weather was bad. Your favorite photo wouldn’t load but I’m sure it was as lovely as your others were.

    • What a pity you didn’t see the smiling sommelier.

  22. Hello Deb. I was in Lucca just a few days later – so disappointed I missed this! If you have any info about vineyards local to Bagni di Lucca or nearby it would be great to know where they are. Would love to visit and buy local wine. Maybe something for you to take more lovely photos of?

    • If you google the 2 I mention in the post there will be more information. Fubbiano is also good and quite close to Lucca. I will have to visit some for you…..all in the name of research of course. There are lots of good wine shops in and around Lucca selling local wine as well.

  23. yummi, we didn’t have the chance to taste Lucca’s delicious wine and special food. maybe next time.

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