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Coffee at Caffe Cova, Milan

Caffe Cova was founded in 1917 by a soldier named Antonio Cova in the now very fashionable Via Montenapoleone. It is one of the oldest pasticcerie in Milan…..and they serve delicious coffee and pastries. Just look in the window.




We dropped in for a mid morning coffee. We decided to sit at one of the tables in the elegant seating area instead of our usual stand up coffee at the bar.




The menu arrived.


We had a look and decided that €7 for a coffee was just a bit too much, so we hightailed it to the bar and were rewarded with this.


The coffee was great and the view, even better.


They also have a range of wonderful chocolates… time.


Look for Caffe Cova on the corner of Via Montenapoleone and Via S. Andrea.


2 coffees and 2 pastries at the bar cost €5.80.

On the way back to Australia I stayed in Hong Kong for a couple of days. I had coffee at Cova in Pacific Place and the cakes in the window were identical to those in Milan and the coffee was almost as good…….but the atmosphere was somehow missing.


  1. I have been this place once and I loved their cakes!

    • The coffee and pastries at Cova are very good reasons to go to Milan.

  2. I didn’t know about this, but I did get to La Scala for an opera and had a box on the level of the stage on my one overnight in Milano. Maybe next time I’ll do both.

    • Caffe Cova is one of my favourite places for coffee in Mialn…along with the lovely cafe in the Armani building.

  3. We have not been there before and we do love those old coffee and pastry shops that represent a lifestyle in another era. On my list to visit. Thank you, Debra.

    • You will love this one Maria.

  4. hm, Debra – you found this place, too. Is it not divine??? Even I, who does not generally go too much for sweet things, can not just walk past their window. But, can I have that car as well? lol, Ciao Carina

    • I’m not sure the car comes with the cafe, but there were many of these in the street.

  5. What an elegant place to enjoy a coffee and a pastry. Their tarts look delicious.

    • It is a beautiful cafe…full of beautiful people as well.

  6. Delicioso!!!!!!!

  7. “2 coffees and 2 pastries at the bar cost €5.80”

    Wow! At a fancy place in Milano? That’s so reasonable! I wonder if it’s like Rome, where if you’re a “regular” at a bar you get breakfast at one price, while tourists get charged double.

    • If you stand up it is very reasonable. I don’t mind paying a bit extra sometimes to sit, but this was too much.

  8. What a beautiful place!

    • The coffee is good too. Next time I will try the chocolates….all in the name of research.

      • And deliciousness! 🙂 But the price is hard to swallow, right! I guess you pay for the ambiance of the place. It is truly beautiful!

      • I don’t mind paying a bit more to sit, but there is a limit.

      • 🙂 I’m the same way!

  9. Love the view!!!!

    • Me too. The lovely boy blushed when I asked if I could take his photo.

  10. Love your post and thank you for sharing the history of Caffe Cova. I went to the one in Hong Kong in Pacific Place and it is the regular gathering place for a few good old friends and I really love that place! But after reading your post and seeing the pictures, I can see your point about the atmosphere-looking forward to seeing the original one in Milan!

    • The one in Hong Kong is great and very stylish, but Milan is something else.

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  12. What a beautiful place, Debra! The cakes look amazing!

  13. More than deliciso!!! and so is the car and the tall grey haired italian walking by the window.

    • I think you will have to settle for the coffee and cake.

  14. Okay, the coffee looks great—-but the pastries, to die for! Wow! Now I need a midnight snack!

    • The cakes look especially delicious, but a bit big for a morning snack.

  15. I love how a coffee and cake shop can be so elegant and yet understated at the same time. Modern coffee shops just don’t have quite the same feel about them. And as for the view? …charming!

    • This one is particularly elegant. The Italians do this very well.

  16. Its just awesome!!

    • It is my favourite place for coffee in Milan as well as the one at Armani.

  17. ‘Something was missing’….I love Caffe Cova. A must-do in Milan, if only for a quick caffe and a spot of people watching…and of course those windows. Essential Milano…. I love this post Thank you!!

  18. Looks yummilicious. I could use a pastry right now. This very second. Unfortunately, there is nowhere local to get decent parties. Sad for me.

    • Italy does pastries very well.

  19. Hi, I wanted to let you know that I awarded you with the Blog of the year 2012 Award. Check out my post for more info: Ciao, Letizia

    • Thank you very much for the nomination, I feel very special.

  20. Look at those luscious cakes! And by better view do you mean the young Italian waiter? We met some rather good looking Italian chefs today!

    • I did mean the lovely boy. He blushed when I asked if I could take his photo.

  21. Lovely pics, lovely atmosphere, lovely cakes!:)

    • It is a great place to go for coffee.

    • It is a great place to go for coffee.

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