Posted by: Debra Kolkka | November 23, 2012

Heavenly houses in Holland

I found the style of houses in Holland fascinating on our trip there earlier this year. Many are centuries old and delightfully crooked. There are wonderful roof lines, interesting windows and doors and beautiful decoration.
























This one was my favourite.


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  1. What a beautiful glimpse into a place I’d love to visit. I’ve enjoyed the Dutch architecture I’ve seen in Curacao and South Africa.

    • We went to Amsterdam and Haarlem earlier this year and loved both cities.

  2. Debra, another beautiful visual treat. Our youngest, who is studying architecture is very interested in this. Thanks for sharing, ciao, Carina

    • The architecture in Amsterdam and Haarlem was amazing.

  3. I was in Amsterdam at the weekend, and was simply in awe of the beautiful architecture. Such a lovely city. Great photos!

    • Amsterdam is a wonderful city to visit, we had a great time there.

  4. Gorgeous. I’ve been to Amsterdam once but that was a long time ago. It’s nice to see it again.

    • Amsterdam is a fascinating city, we loved it.

  5. I never got as far as holland but I adore those red shutters, now how could i incorporate those into my Tiny Nanny Coupe? wonderful collection! c

    • I am sure there is a way. The red shutters are beautiful and functional.

      • The functional is the bit that seals the deal for me, especially with the storms out here.. morning debra.. c

  6. Hi Debra,
    Holland– land of my ancestors. I stopped for a few days in Amsterdam and Haarlem in August and was totally charmed And this thought ran through my head: Boo-hoo, why did my ancestors have to emigrate to the US?
    Did you take some of these shots in Haarlem? (Some of the buildings with red shutters look familiar.) xxxxxxx

    • Most of the photos were taken in Amsterdam and some were indeed taken in Haarlem. We loved both cities.

  7. Love how Art Deco rubs shoulders with Traditional 🙂 Gorgeous set of images Debra!

    • Thank you. I think the old and the new work well together.

  8. Absolutely beautiful! Thanks, Debra.

    • I hope we go back to Holland one day and see more of this gorgeous country.

  9. I love the buildings of Amsterdam, my husband and I particularly loved the dark coloured houses with the white window frames (pic 4) and wished we could have a similar home here. The architecture is very different to ours, even though some look crammed together they are still so much more appealing than the modern estates we have in Australia. Thanks for taking me back to such an amazing city 🙂

    • We can’t compete with centuries of building. Many of these houses are very old indeed.

  10. How cool. My aunt and uncle live in Brussels where the houses are very similar.
    Hope you have a great weekend.

    • We went to Belgium for a day, to Antwerp, and the buildings were similar there too.

  11. What an amazing array of houses – all equally lovely.

    • The one at the end that I liked so much was in the most beautiful location beside the canal.

  12. I remember seeing several houses with red shutters when I was in Amsterdam last spring. I wonder if it was the same houses as in your photos. They are quite distinctive.

    I learned an interesting fact about the hooks atop many of the homes, which you can see in your photos. They were often used to hoist goods up to the attic or upper floors rather than bringing the items through the ground floor and up the stairs.

    • The hooks were the first things I noticed in Amsterdam. I wrote a post called Hooked on Amsterdam on May 15 this year.

  13. Gorgeous, the architecture is stunning.

    • Amsterdam and Haarlem were both wonderful cities to explore.

  14. They’re beautiful, like the houses of storybooks. What amazed me when I lived there, was how small some of the houses were inside (especially staircases) and how TALL the people are. My apartment was on two levels. I had a key to the part with the bedroom/bathroom. And a key to the upstairs door (living room/kitchen)…I ran around all day, up and down, carrying my keys. It was a beautiful place. Thanks for this beautiful reminder…

    • Dutch people do seem to be quite tall. It must be a bit cramped in some of those tiny houses.

  15. J’adore Flemish architecture Debra.

    • Me too, the designs are very distinctive.

  16. The red shutters are exquisite Debra. I’d not seen them before. I want some!

    • They are quite different from our green slatted shutters in Italy. I love both.

  17. i love pic no. 4, 7, 8, 19, 20, & 24,..^^,..sooooo cute!!!

    • I found Amsterdam and Haarlem fascinating.

  18. Most of the houses are so tall and skinny. Love the architecture!

    • Some of the houses seem impossibly narrow. I would love to see inside.

      • I know what you mean…I don’t think some of them are more than 10 feet wide. Lots of stairs to climb, as well.

  19. So many windows! I love how some of them are crooked. 😀

    • I don’t think we saw a 90degree angle anywhere.

      • Ahihihihi…. I was wondering what to put…. Some? most? Thanks for the clarification. This is exactly why I put Armsterdam as one of my top 5…. Really fascinating things about it.

  20. Love this wonderful selection, Debra. So many windows to clean. 🙂

    • That would not be much fun at all.

  21. Gotta love this images, which were a great reminder to my few days in Amsterdam this fall. Thanks bringing smiles!

    • Amsterdam is full of amazing things. We would love to go back.

      • Absolutely!

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