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Art in Pietrasanta

Pietrasanta is a gorgeous town just an hour from Bagni di Lucca along the Versilia coast. We often drive there for a few hours, to have lunch, and to wander through the town. The large piazza in the centre often has interesting art on display.

Fish with legs was a recent theme.

On our latest trip there were some stunning pieces on display.

This one looked amazing from every angle.

Some came to admire the sculpture, but some just wanted to play.

This one was also impressive.

It also made a great hiding place.

No doubt by the same artist, this time with clothes.

There is some permanent art on display as well.

The Centaur by Igor Mitoraj in a nearby piazza was created in 1995.

I think the whole town is a work of art.

I wonder what he thinks of the art in the piazza below him.

Click here for a bit more on Pietrasanta.


  1. Thank you for introducing Pietrasanta and its art to me Debra 🙂
    Those bronze nudes are so proud and beautiful! Found out from Google that the sculptor is Giuseppe Bergomi. Hadn’t heard of him before.

    • Pietrasanta is a pretty little town, with lots of interesting shops and galleries.

  2. oh those bronze nudes are just fantastic, I love them, ciao lisa x

    • The art in the piazza changes constantly.

  3. I enjoyed the art walk, Debra. Thank you!

    • I love my visits to Pietrasanta. They have a great food market there too.

  4. what a beautiful ‘Museum’ Pietrasanta is. Have to read about Giuseppe Bergomi now. Interesting Bell-tower, Debra.

    • Pietrasanta is a lovely town. As well as galleries, there are some beautiful homeware shops, where I have found some great things for our new house.

  5. It is a great advantage for us to have the Versilia within an hour’s drive. Bag I do Lucca is so well located! We go quite often to the Coast.
    Great photos, Debra! It is a beautiful art display.

    • I know! There are some great towns along the coast.

  6. Oh yes I agree Debra…the whole town is a work of art. Loved your post. Misty, grey and cold in Paris today! A bientot.

    • I think it is wet and cold in Italy right now too. Brisbane seems like a good place to be.

  7. This looks absolutely wonderful Deb. Will have to visit when next in Italy. Thank you!

    • You will love Pietrasanta.

  8. fascinated me…. so beautiful. Thank you dear Debra, love, nia

  9. This sculpture is stunning, and it’s even better that it makes a place for kids to play!

    • The children were having a great time playing around the sculptures.

  10. Thanks for continuing to take me places I haven’t been.

    • There are many wonderful places in Italy….too many to see in one lifetime.

  11. Wow – those are some very interesting and beautiful pieces of sculpture. Lovely to see art on display in a public place.

  12. Really cool! What a great way to inspire people with outdoor art!

    • Pietrasanta always has interesting art on display.

  13. What a lovely place to enjoy stunning art! That is so unique, and look so real. Looks like the perfect day with the pretty weather.

    • Have you been to Pietrasanta? I’m sure you would love it.

  14. What a fun day you must have had with the wonderful art exhibit. Thanks for sharing it with us…very enjoyable.

    • Pietrasanta is a delightful town, we go often.

      • I think I was there several years ago with friends…but my foot was broken and I was on crutches. I’ll definitely put it on my places to revisit.

  15. Absolutely beautiful sculptures,
    we went pass Pietrasanta on the
    train from Portovenere to Bagni
    last month,
    I would hate to think the exhibition
    was on and me miss it.
    so much to see,so little time.

    • You can’t do everything. Portovenere is gorgeous too.

  16. Love the juxtaposition. Italian villages lend themselves to ultra modern art like that so well. What a lovely day out!

  17. What an exciting art display – I love the little people – so perfectly formed as well as the lively little people demonstrating the ‘accessability’ of the art. However I think my favourite is the one-legged fish.

  18. Wow I am going there…not sure when but will make a special trip when somewhere nearby.

    • Pietrasanta is a fabulous town, you would love it.

  19. Awesome! It looks clean too. I mean, not vandalized, painted over nor scraped. Kudos to the tourists!

    • Pietrasanta is a beautiful town and yes, it is very clean and well kept.

  20. Thank you for the tour! Beautiful!

    • Pietrasanta is a beautiful town, I hope you visit one day.

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  22. Beautiful art pieces!

    • There is always something interesting to see in Pietrasanta

  23. Definitely a place to visit. I’ve seen so little of Italy, I wish to discover more of it.

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