Posted by: Debra Kolkka | November 8, 2012

Shop windows in Milan, winter 2012

The weather is beginning to cool in Italy and the shop windows are full of gorgeous winter clothes. Take a look at some of the things Milan has to offer.

























I also spotted this gorgeous creature in a shop window on Via Manzoni.



I was particularly impressed by his arms. Ironing is clearly good for building good biceps.


  1. Adore those Ferragamo shoes -saw them here in Brisbane at their new store launch, recently as well. The layered lace blouse is divine and yes his arms are great but not from ironing I imagine.

    • The Dolce and Gabanna clothes are gorgeous this season.

  2. Love that red lace dress and the handbags! Gorgeous photos, Debra!

    • I love a bit of window shopping.

  3. Wow! That gorgeous dress in the second photo really caught my eye. I don’t have the arms for it, though. 🙂

    • I don’t have the anything for it.

  4. Simply amazing, and very funny, too.

    • Milan is full of lovely surprises.

  5. Beautiful Debra! Like a breath of fresh fashion! You’ve got me thinking….

    • I love Milan.

      • I can imagine you there…Coffee at Caffe Cova?

      • Funny you should say that. There will be a post soon on our coffee at Cova.

      • Why am I not surprised!? I always pop in when I’m in town, as you do!

  6. Just LOVE those gorgeous black lace up shoes with the little white daisies!! Having just returned from Milan.. the window merchandising was just mesmerising!

    • Those shoes are Prada. There is lots to love at Prada.

  7. Beautiful clothes indeed. The last two pictures loaded slowly so I was wondering for a while what the ‘gorgeous creature’ could be – I never expected an ironing man! Still laughing.

    • I was surprised when I saw him there.

    • Can do my ironing anytime he likes!! I might just have to watch to make sure he does it right 🙂

      • You would definitely have to keep an eye on him.

  8. OMG, that last line is hilarious! He does have great biceps.

    • I thought they needed to be shared.

  9. Great pictures (again) and beautiful clothes on show in Milan, but on the human issue, what about a little equality here re the ‘gorgeous creatures’?
    I think you need to do a post with photos for us males on some of the gorgeous (female) creatures who can be found in Lucca or Florence, 365.

    • I promise you that if I had found a gorgeous girl ironing in a window I would have photographed her. I will certainly keep an eye out in future for some pretty girls.

      • please

  10. What a gorgeous ironing man! 🙂 Love those Italian fashions.

    • I’m sure he would have no trouble getting an in house ironing job.

      • 😀

  11. Wow. Amazing windows. I live here and I haven’t seen these! Are these around Montenapoleone? GORGEOUS. And, yep, those arms are worth gawking at too. Ironing, indeed.

    • They were all taken in the golden triangle of Montenapoleone, Manzoni and Via della Spiga…..the heavenly centre of Milan.

  12. Very beautiful photo-gallery!

  13. Gorgeous pictures Debra, thanks for sharing. Beautiful clothes, and a bit of eye candy at the end 😉

    • It never hurts to look at lovely things.

  14. Thank you for the roundup! I never made it into the center of Milan on my last trip so I missed the shops. Also sorry we weren’t able to meet this time.

    • You need to go back to see the beautiful Milan shops…..some of the best in the world.

  15. I like photo# 2 with the flowers all over it and and photo #7 with the swirly design. I wonder if Vincent Van Gogh was an inspiration for that one.

    But I think I’d have to pass on the flowers on the shoes. My practical self would want to coat them in clear plastic so they wouldn’t get ruined.

    And is it just me, or does Biceps Boy bear a slight resemblance to Ryan Seacrest in the last photo?

    • I don’t know who Ryan Seacrest is.

      • Sorry, my bad.

        Ryan Seacrest is an American radio host, TV presenter and producer. Ryan is also a host on the talent competition show American Idol and does our New Year’s celebration from NY’s Times Square as well.

      • Perhaps he has fallen on hard times and needs to take in ironing.

      • *giggles* Resourceful guy, that Ryan.

  16. Wow – beautiful store windows. Milan stores certainly know how to show-case their clothing. Happy summer in Brisbane Debra.

    Pam Proctor

    • Milan has some of the most gorgeous shops in the world, and the most elegant people.

  17. I’ll take the shoes and the guy ironing thank you very much;-)

  18. Prettuythings and pretty boys – sounds delightful!

    • Window shopping in Milan is great fun.

  19. Stunning if all you have to do is stand or sit around in a window. Can you imagine wearing them in Ponte a Serraglio or Casabasciana?!?

    • Probably not the right thing for Bagni di Lucca, but lovely just the same.

  20. Truly a fashion capital, though some of those look like summer wear!

    • Some may be cruise collections, but houses are usually centrally heated, so it can be quite warm inside.

  21. I love Milan and Italy in general. I especially love walking past all the shop windows to get a glimpse of the latest fashion. These windows look so beautiful!

  22. each an exquisite work of art….
    love lisa x

  23. Great shots, Debra – love that first dress – leather? Italian fabrics are so gorgeous (and so are the men)

    • It may have been leather, or beautiful wool.

  24. Ahhh, quite a few garments I wouldn’t mind adding. I’d better start writing a wish list, maybe in the disguise of a Christmas card…

    • There were some gorgeous things in the windows in Milan.

  25. Debra,

    On the male side, does Milano have windows for the guys to shop at, too? I would think so. Next time you visit, could you shoot some wonderful suits and shoes for us fellas?

    Martha and I are planning a trip to Italia next fall and are thinking about becoming ex-pats in Bagni di Lucca. We’d love to meet you and, hopefully, pick your brains a little. Would you be up for dinner on us some night in early October, 2013? The dinner group may include my Mama and brother, as well.

    We have just “discovered” you and Liz and your wonderful site. Fabulous!

    Rob and Martha

    • I have photographed men’s fashion in the past. There are beautiful things for men in Italy. I had a lot of trouble with reflections this visit, and these were the only ones that made the cut. I would be delighted to have dinner with you in 2013 and I will be happy to share any knowledge I have gathered.

      • Thank you, that is very generous of you! We are so fortunate to have found your website and blogs AFTER (and because of) having decided on Bagni di Lucca as a potential relocation site. We have been watching the DVDs Rick Steves has put together on Italia and were hoping to find someone local who could help us, much as he has done over the years, although his friends are mostly fellow travel agents.

        I love your photography and have “stolen” some of your shots for our screen savers – our “dreams drivers” to keep our motivation to save for the trip at peak efficiency. I used to be a professional photographer, too, and would love to get over there and do some work on the italian countryside, myself. Have you tried a polarizing filter to cut the shop window glare and reflections? Might help, if you haven’t.

        I just showed Martha your recent post on Willies and am about to go looking for the hands, faces, etc, that you posted links to at the bottom of that post. Could you respond with a link to one of the men’s clothing window-shopping posts?

        Until October, then, it’s a “date” and we’ll keep you informed as our itinerary firms up. Of course, we’d like to meet Liz, too, so she’s invited – still on us and your choice of location.

        Thanks, again!

      • If you look in the Milan category you will find a couple more posts on shop windows.

      • I replied in an email, but it was rejected, saying there was a problem with the address.

  26. Debra,

    Odd. My email is up and running. I’m getting the “subscribed” updates to this post just fine. Try using “McArtorIntl” at the same ISP as before and, if you can, please send the error notice – maybe I can figure out what went wrong. Your response should come through to that email as well. All we can do is try. Thanks!


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