Posted by: Debra Kolkka | October 13, 2012

My favourite meal in Italy

When I am in Australia I dream about this dish. I have it every time I go to Il Fortino, my favourite restaurant in Forte dei Marmi, on the coast not far from Bagni di Lucca.

We went today and it wasn’t on the menu…..I was devastated. Fortunately I asked why, and the lovely waitress assured me that it was available. Just take a look at my branzino ravioli with scampi sauce. You may have seen it before, but it is worth another look.


The ravioli are filled with a delicate branzino (fish) mousse and the sauce has zucchini, tomato, a touch of garlic, little pieces of scampi, pine nuts and I don’t know what else.



My friend had food envy. Her tagliolini was good, but not as good as my ravioli.


Il Fortino is in the centre of Forte dei Marmi and is named after the little fort in the square in front of the restaurant.


It was a gorgeous autumn day in Forte dei Marmi.


Perhaps I can go back just once more before I leave.

Click here, here, and here to see more about Il Fortino and Forte dei Marmi.


  1. Wow! The food looks wonderful Debra.

    Pam Prtoctor

    • I just love that ravioli. You should go to Forte dei Marmi, if only to eat that.

  2. Debra: I missed that dish while in Tuscany but the presentation was fantastic and made my mouth water!

    • You will have to come back.

  3. We went to Il Fortino last May; however, I cannot remember what we ate. Obviously, it wasn’t as memorable as your “branzino ravioli”, so I am putting them on my list for next time. Rafael barbecues branzino all griglia at home and it is great. A lovely fish (sea bass).

    • You really must try the ravioli when you go back.

  4. Good God, that looks incredible, Deb. Glad you got it. Hope you can do in one more time before you leave.

    • The ravioli is too delicious for words, one more time would be good.

  5. Oh but those poor little scampi look so Tortured!! ha ha ha .. and Tasty! So glad that they made it for you anyway.. c

    • I try not to think about the poor scampi, they taste so good.

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  7. Speaking of food envy, I SO have that right now! Your pictures are amazing! YUM!

    • There is much good food in Italy, but this really is my favourite dish.

  8. Hey good lookin’
    Now I’m really missing BDL !!

    • There is a lot to miss about BdL.

  9. That looks heavenly Debra!! I can see just how plump those ravioli are… no wonder your friend had food envy! The “dancing” scampi was a nice touch as well.

    • The ravioli are gorgeously plump and so full of flavor.

  10. Style and substance ;-)!

  11. Oh Deb, that wonderful place you have shown me several times over the years when I have been visiting you in Bagni di Lucca. Loved the pictures and can well remember eating the delicious fish at that very same restaurant.

    • We go to Il Fortino often….with good reason.

  12. Edible art!

  13. How delicious that looks! I had lunch today with some friends at the Surf Club at Southbank and chose scallops with pea purée – I envisioned plump roe-on scallops but instead they were the ordinary, flat, roe-less variety and really quite flavourless. The pea purée’s sweetness completely masked any flavour the seafood might have had. Life’s too short to eat indifferent food isn’t it (well, given that we are fortunate enough to have a choice anyway).

    • We are very lucky to have good food readily available……but yes, it is a bit irritating when restaurants get it wrong.

  14. Both dishes look gorgeous. Having looked at the images I am hungry – just as well it’s lunch time here.

    • I hope what you had was delicious.

  15. I need an airline ticket right now!!!!!!!!

  16. Thats a restaurant we’ll be looking up next time we’re over; I know you’ve mentioned it before so it must be very good.

    • I go there often….because it is excellent.

  17. The food looks delicious. I clicked to enlarged it so I could really feel like it was on my dinner table!

    • I wish you could have tasted it.

  18. I imagine you will tell us that even though the pics are good, the taste is even better than it looks.

    • It tastes absolutely wonderful, which is why I order it every time.

  19. Debra…it does look good! This is also one of my favourite dishes which we often have a Fratelli Paradisio is Potts Point Sydney. The scampi there is their best kept secret.

    • Do they do the same ravioli? I will have to visit.

  20. Easy to see why it’s your favourite, Deb! 🙂

    • I know I should try something else, but I like it too much.

  21. The scampi look a bit too lively to me, Debra, like they might be pets and have names.

    • I suppose I could have named them and taken them home, but I am heartless and I ate them.

  22. What a fabulous looking restaurant. I must remember this one!

    • You won’t be disappointed.

  23. Drooling over here this looks delicious.. no need to ask how it tasted as you have it every time it must be good, I am like that when i find something I love I always re order drive myself nuts but I am happy Carla x

    • I know it is a bit boring to order the same thing, but I love it and it is not as though I go every day.

  24. Oh man. I hate that I am allergic to shellfish. Poo.

    • What a shame! They have other delicious things too.

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