Posted by: Debra Kolkka | October 3, 2012

What’s behind the green door?

Green is my favourite colour….and I love doors. What could be better than a green door?







































Wouldn’t you love to go inside some of these doors? Perhaps not the dentist.


  1. Wow….so many green doors in your surrounding ?

    • There must have been a special on green paint many years ago.

      • Hihi….I think so 🙂

  2. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Some real museum pieces!

    • I love the peeling paint.

  4. A nice set of photos!

    • Thank you. There are many green doors in the villages around Bagni di Lucca

  5. thank you for sharing!

    • Thank you for visiting.

  6. Goodness! That’s a lot of green doors. Lovely! Particulary the close-ups.

    • I love the really old doors, with their cracking and peeling paint.

  7. So many of them! And all such lovely shades of green…

    • There seems to be an endless supply of them around here.

  8. hi Debs, do you remember this one ?
    luv Helen

    • I do remember this song, despite the fact that I was 3 when it came out.

  9. House “my” house , on Via S.Francisco , got a green door ?

    • I haven’t seen the front door….yet.

  10. WOW – those are awesome!!!! I must share… Susan

    • I think it is a good collection of green doors.

  11. Best collection of green doors ever!

  12. Wow, THIS is a really great post–maybe especially to me, since green is my favorite color, as well. I’m simply amazed that you were able to find so many green doors to photograph. Nice work, my friend.

    • There are some great shades of green here.

  13. Why is it that old painted doors where the paint is faided and blistering look so much better then freshly painted doors.

    • They certainly are charming.

  14. So many green doors, fabulous shots that have inspired me to look for patterns or themes in my photos 🙂

    • I think it is fun to look for themes. I love the small details.

  15. Wow. What an impressive collection! Being a lover of doors myself, and especially colored ones (and green IS my favorite color), I think I may be jealous. Keep your Rolex, but give me that Green Door Collection! You should do a poster…it would be lovely.

    • A poster sounds like a good idea.

  16. Love your themes, Deb, and green doors make a wonderful topic! Those old peeled-painted doors have a charming character all their own with the mysterious allure of stories long past, as you say, behind closed doors. If only doors could talk, along with the walls…..

    • I would listen if they were talking.

  17. They all blend in so well! Beautiful.

    • I would love to know why green was such a popular colour for doors.

  18. Quite the door collection! Meanwhile, the pic of the small balcony above the green door captures my attention the most!!!

  19. Wow I can’t believe how many green doors you’ve come across! 😮

    • Once I started collecting them green doors appeared everywhere.

  20. Fabulous photos

    • Thank you. I have had fun collecting them.

  21. Very pretty. I’ve seen doors like this is Paris, France. Beautiful and so romantic.

    • I will have to go to Paris to find some more green doors.

  22. Fabulous pictures. Makes me wonder what the story is behind every door.

  23. The variety is unbelievable. I can’t imagine how you collected these images to get to this post. Remarkable, you are, Debra.

    • I have spent hours wandering in the villages around Bagni di Lucca and beyond.

  24. beautiful green doors. this post just made me smile… and I think I need a green door.

    • There should be more of them.

  25. A great collection Debra. Making me feel nostalgic too! I recognise a good many of these of course. I will forever associate green doors with Bagni di Lucca I think. x

    • You were there for many of those photos, we had fun.

  26. Do you have a green door in your new home? Seems to me that you like them 😉

    • We don’t have a green door, what a pity. Perhaps there will be one day.

  27. What a great collection of door images, and all green! I love doors, always take photos of them. Portals to another world 🙂

    • I find them fascinating….and all so different.

  28. such cute cats!!!! i love green too.

    • So many cats for one house.

  29. Debra a fabulous collection of images Brava! I too love a door and your post has some beauties! The cats on the doorstep made me smile. Have a great weekend.
    Carla x

    • There are so many wonderful doorways in Italy to choose from.

  30. Hi Debra, Could agree more on the great green door..Tho’ you seem to have missed one in Pitigliano.. 🙂

    • I will have to go back to Pitigliano.

  31. crazy! I just did a post on doorways, windows and hallways! I always find myself drawn to taking photos of them. Loved yours!

  32. I really like this idea. It’s good to pick something specific like green doors. Who knew they had so much character?

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