Posted by: Debra Kolkka | September 9, 2012

A lazy Sunday in Bagni di Lucca

What better way to spend a Sunday than driving around the villages of Bagni di Lucca?












Things have been growing in the hot summer sun.













I hope your Sunday was as good as mine.


  1. Everything is stunning; as always. I love the fruit and flowers! I feel as if I could pick a grape off the vine!

    • I did pick the odd fig from a tree and I can report that they were delicious.

  2. It was as good. Thank you for coming and sharing a lazy Sunday. And thank you for the cakes. Peggy

    • Thank you for inviting me to your lovely part of Bagni di Lucca.

  3. You must be thrilled to be back. How beautiful it all is, I loved that little curving road.. so inviting.. c

    • I am delighted to be back in lovely Bagni di Lucca. The mountains always look wonderful.

      • They do and that river! fantastic.. c

  4. WOW that was defniately a good looking sunday and yes the fruit looks delicious.

    • The figs were excellent.

  5. Thanks for taking me vicariously to your little village! Wish I was there!

    • You will have to visit one day.

  6. Lovely. I’m feeling very homesick now!

    • You will be home soon. I look forward to a long chat.

  7. Thank you so much for “my” Sunday stroll in the countryside, how much I needed it… Shhh, while no one was looking I absconded with a plum or two, delicious!! As usual your photographs are luscious and state the reasons why we return to Italy over and over again; again thank you.

    • I really wanted to grab one of those pears.

  8. Great photos again, Debra. I love the one with the black cat. The landscape looks a bit dry. This is not the “Green Tuscany” that we know.

    • It has been a very hot summer here and everything is very dry….and you are correct, not a green and lush as usual.

  9. Well funnily enough on our weekend stroll in Scarborough with our friends we bumped into a lady called Pam. She works with our friend, later my husband saw her again and they got chatting about Italy…”I have a friend in Bagna di Lucca called Deb” she tells Sam. Oh my wife knows someone called Deb, yep it’s You!!! What a small world x
    Love your photos and we have booked our tickets so will be in Italia in March.ciao lisa x

    • Pam told me of your meeting….it is a very small world indeed.

  10. Looking at your photos I am so excited that I’ll be there next month. Plus that fruit is really tempting. Hope we will have a chance to meet Debra.

    • Let me know when you arrive and we can meet at Bar Italia.

  11. Well , I spent my Sunday working in the
    garden (not very exciting) ,But I’m so
    looking forward to be in Bagni di Lucca.
    As usual it all looks so beautiful in your
    Will be there in exactly 3 weeks!!!!

    We are counting the days.

    • I look forward to meeting you in Bagni di Lucca.

  12. It always look so peaceful there, Deb! Lovely photos, especially that first one with the reflections off the water – just gorgeous!

    • That is the river in front of my house. The water us very low just now.

  13. I marvel at the bounty of the harvest. It all looks delicious, but I’m partial to the kiwi and the figs, probably because they don’t grow very close to here.

    • I love the figs too.

  14. Must feel like you’ve never been away by now Debra. You seem totally back in the groove….Keep having a wonderful time. x

    • It does feel a bit as though I have been here for a long time.

  15. Lovely pictures Debra, we almost feel as though we could be there.
    Ideally, a nice stroll in the hills followed by lunch/dinner at Santina’s in San Cassiano …….

    • I hope to go to the restaurant soon, their food is excellent.

  16. You have really captured the serenity of this place.

    • It is a bit sleepy on a Sunday afternoon.

  17. it really is a beautiful part of the world. It will be interesting to watch the changing seasons over the next 2 months

    • Autumn is lovely here, with all the chestnut trees turning gold….can’t wait.

  18. Such stunning photos, Debra. The fruit looks really delicious.

    • The figs tasted as good as they looked.

  19. It looks as fabulous as ever, Debra, And warm too!

    • It has been very hot….too hot for me. It is still warm, but the mornings and evenings are delightfully cool.

  20. Look at that bounty of delicious sweet fruit! I adore figs especially 😀

    • I can’t get enough figs…what a perfect season to be here.

  21. Nice photos

  22. Che bella! Grazie for capturing and sharing! Oh, how I would love to have some of those gorgeous figs! Maybe next year! 😀 Victoria

  23. Oh Debra, I still dream of the figs in Italy. Nice shots. Mary Louise

    • I love being able to pick them from a tree and eat them….too delicious.

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