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Lovely Lucca windows

I had to go to Lucca today to do battle with the Questura over my Permesso di Soggiorno. It is not fierce battle, more wait in line for an hour or 2 and eventually discover what is the problem with the application I made in February this year. In this case it was simple, they wanted more money. I paid €80 and I get to wait for the next step, which hopefully will be waiting in line for an hour or 2 to collect my Permesso.

I took a walk through lovely Lucca afterwards and was drawn to the pretty windows. Here are a few.





















Step back a bit to see where this window is.


This is one of the older entries into Lucca. The city expanded and the newer walls are further out. I think it would be great fun to live here.



I would love to see flowers tumbling from every window. If I was the mayor I would make it compulsory.


  1. Amazing set of windows. I have been focused on doors and back alleyways. This is a great concept, and colorful at that.

    • I have photographed hundreds of doorways…I love them. Helsinki has some incredible doorways. I have done a couple of posts on them….here and on my other blog Beautiful Helsinki.

      • Very cool, will give them a look.

  2. These are really lovely. It really looks so summery still.

    • It is still very hot…I am ready for autumn.

  3. I love how beautiful the hot Mediterranean sun makes the flowers thrive…..thank you for bringing them to us!

    • Things just seem to grow here. My geraniums last from May until November…with help from friends.

  4. I have always loved the windows and small terraces in Lucca with all those flowers. Glad to hear that you sorted out your problem with the Questura.

    • I hope it is OK. I don’t have it yet.

  5. Such a pretty place! You’re right about the flowers too – they should be compulsory! 🙂

    • Flowers certainly cheer a place.

  6. Double Like!! I’m always really drawn to windows and doors too, I’m obsessed!!!

    • It’s not a bad obsession to have.

  7. Hi Deb, lovely photo collection of the windows of Lucca. Takes me back and I could imagine walking through the streets of Lucca once again.
    I also hear you met Bardhi with Cherry recently too!
    I am looking forward to being back there in October and getting a taste of the region in the autumn time.

    • Perhaps I will see you in October.

  8. Absolutely gorgeous collection of photos! I love windows too and these are stunning!

    • I spotted that first window as I walked into Lucca and it had me looking for more.

  9. Watch out – the people of Lucca will be saying “Debra for mayor’ Love the petunia flowers – can imagine the pretty frangrance. What is the white flower, is it a mini-petunia on the sixth slide?

    • It seems to be a mini petunia. This shop, Mode Mignon, always plants these white flowers for the summer. I think they are called surfina here.

  10. Beautiful, Beautiful! I, too, love windows and doors and return home with many pictures that I love to look at and remember. Enjoy your Fall adventure, Debra.

    • Autumn is a lovely season here. I am in Italy a bit earlier this year and it is still a bit hot for me. I can’t wait for the cooler weather.

  11. You know how I love when you elaborate different things like this one. Yup! I noticed the plants and flowers before I read the last line. 😀 My most favorite is the second pic.

    • I always notice the smaller things on my wanderings…..years of hand sewing and beading must explain this.

      • To us, it’s been a surprise every time you do this. It’s exciting what comes up next. 😀 love your blog as always.

      • Thank you for your kind words.

  12. Si, si, Debra for Mayor! I love that apartment carved out of the old city walls – great shot!

    • I don’t think I would be much use….except to plant flowers everywhere.

      • What could be more important? Beauty does wonderful things for people – same must hold true for cities too 🙂

      • It makes such a difference when people take pride in presenting their homes to the world.

      • i think so too 🙂

  13. Todays entry for me was one of my (many) favourites – doors, windows, old wood, stones, etc.No. 17 is my personal choice only because the colour of the paint on the wood reminds me on my front door of our house in UK. But, Debra, I am drooling over
    ALL your windows (and their plants). Grazi tante, Ciao, Carina

    • It doesn’t cost much to put on a great window display. I love them.

  14. That first window is stunning!

    • That is the one that inspired me to look for others. I think it is curious that there were so few geraniums, which are all over Bagni di Lucca and most Italian towns.

  15. Lovely photos – Making me look forward to visiting next week – staying in bagni di lucca but planning a bus/train trip to Lucca as well as Florence and Pisa – must take camera – john

    • I hope you enjoy your stay in Bagni di Lucca. I find the bus is the most efficient way to get to Lucca, ( and Florence and Pisa )unless you are staying close to Fornoli. I have written a post called The bus from Bagni di Lucca to Florence. There is also a post called Take the bus to Florence on Bella Bagni di Lucca, as well as posts on Florence and Pisa. I have also covered a few of the villages of Bagni di Lucca on Bella Bagni di Lucca. If I can help with more information, let me know.

  16. I love the windows with planters, the windows without lanters, the old ones, the pristine ones…..Just beautiful Debra. Lucca has that sunny yellow glow which is becoming quite unmistakable. I’m just glad your bureaucratic encounter didn’t prove too much of a stress. A wander in town would have put a smile back I hope! x

    • The Questura didn’t give me too much grief. I had a letter postmarked 30th August, but the letter inside was dated March… is that for efficiency? I had been to the office at least 3 times between March and May and the matters in the letter ( except for the €80 ) had been dealt with. A walk through Lucca makes everything better.

      • I hoped it would!

  17. Gotta love the pics with the shutters that fold upward. (I’ve never seen that before, but note they must be common in Lucca). The window with the pic of the dancers in the background caught my attention. 🙂 Thanks for sharing the beauty!

    • I have those shutters here in my Bagni di Lucca house. They are excellent. You can have them closed for privacy, but open enough to let in air and light. That is a Botero print. He is very popular here as he lived nearby in Pietrasanta for a time.

  18. Thanks for your comment! Beautiful pictures in your posts! And I empathize with you on the Permesso, I just spent all day yesterday waiting to be seen and have fingerprints taken!

    • This is the third one I have applied for….it never gets and easier.

  19. Ahhh, lovely, lovely Lucca. I left my heart there! Thank you for taking me back there.

  20. Jealous……that’s me!

    • You will be here soon enough. November is not all that far away.

  21. Beautiful and so often overlooked…

    • Pretty windows make such a difference to a town.

  22. What lovely photos. I have a pet theory that trees, plants, flowers create a benign environment where people are far less likely to be discontent and bolshe with one another. Looking out of a window on to greenery and flowers or smelling the sun warmed smell of herbs must make life feel good.

    • That is quite a good theory. I certainly feel happy looking out of my window with its window boxes full of geraniums.

  23. Love those flower laden windows! 😀

  24. beautiful. I agree… more windows should be laden with flowers

    • It is a fairly I expensive thing to do, and makes such a difference to a town.

  25. After initially meeting you standing in the queue at The Questura in March or maybe April this year… (the visits to the Questura all begin to blur). 3 people from Brisbane. We finally got our permesso di soggiorno yesterday. Only had to wait 1 1/2 hours this time. Bonus. Received a SMS re our appointment 1 week ago. Yours must be due to arrive soon!!!!
    Lots of luck

    • Luck you, getting your Permesso. I had to go into the office and hand over more money this week.

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