Posted by: Debra Kolkka | September 7, 2012

Buongiorno Bagni di Lucca

I have arrived in beautiful Bagni di Lucca. It has been a long, hot summer and the plants are looking a bit tired. Autumn is not far away and the leaves are already starting to change colour.


I was up early for a walk around the village. My geraniums have made it through the summer with a little help from friends.



The last roses are on the bushes.


The trees are changing


The spring is still running.


Paint is peeling… Italy this is an art form.


I am here for 2 months to get our Vergemoli house finished and to spend some time in gorgeous Bagni di Lucca.


  1. Enjoy your stay and finishing Casa Debbio!

    • I intend to make the most of my 2 months here.

  2. Well done Deb,

  3. Welcome back!

    • It is nice to be back.

  4. So envious! My favourite place in the whole of Italy, just couldn’t afford to live there.. (not yet anyway) unless it was way up at the top of a hilltop town with an impossible climb & no vehicular access!!

    I am off to Umbria next week to open a bank account, my first Italian retreat will be near Citta della Pieve, on the Umbrian/Tuscan border. A mere 250km train journey to B di L! Closer than Yorkshire though!

    Don’t forget to go to the restaurant in San Cassiano & thank the ladies for the recipe (Crema di Limoncello) they so kindly sent me.. Thanks and have a great stay.

    • There are still some bargains to be had here, if you are lucky enough to come across one. I will certainly go to the restaurant in San Cassiano and pass on your good wishes.

  5. Bienvenuti a Bagni di Lucca Debra. I hope we can meet up soon. Maybe you would like to come see how Longoio looks in the sunshine. Peggy

    • I would love to come up to Longoio soon.

  6. It’s lovely to see Ponte a Serraglio in almost real time again Debra. Enjoy your stay. I can’t wait to see the latest from Vergemoli too.

    • I will be up there on Monday to have a look at the progress.

  7. The lantana is looking very healthy. Such a sturdy plant which is considered a noxious weed in Australia because of its invasive capabilities. It is colorful and resists any unfavourable climate conditions.
    See you in October, Debra!

    • Lantana is a serious problem in Australia, but here is just a pretty, bright flowering shrub.

  8. Bentornata. Your geraniums seemed to be doing pretty well in the severe heat of this summer. We left a week ago and already miss the area. Fall is the best time to be there. Look forward to reading your blogs, especially about the house in Vergemoli.
    Saluti cari!

    • I know it has been very hot here, but it is starting to cool down. My geraniums are doing fine.

  9. Everything is gorgeous; as always. Love the flowers; especially your roses!

    • Everything looks a bit dry, but soon autumn will be in full swing and the colours will be lovely.

  10. Deb,
    I alway enjoy your posts from BDL, If you see any of the freethinkers from Riolo tell them “hello from Chicago”.

    • I will look out for those Riolo people for you. Take a look at the other blog….Bella Bagni di Lucca….it is just about the area.

  11. So glad you are there, to take us on a journey through the new house! Can’t wait to see updates.

    • I will be there soon and there will be photos.

  12. Glad to see you have returned for two months. Enjoy … although you came to work on the house. Meanwhile, I wanted to stop by and say hello.

    • The work on the house will be fun….it is getting close to completion now.

  13. Welcome back! Seems like you just left. Is it my imagination or are you spending more and more time in Italy.

    • I have sent a bit more time here this year because of the house…..not a trial at all.

  14. Glad you made it safely-enjoy each and every day there.

    • I intend to make the most of my time here….I love it.

  15. Nice to hear your back in Italy, Debra. I’ll be in Mllan for a month starting in late
    September for research on a book I’m writing. Would love to finally meet you.

    • If you have time you could come to BdL, or I could come to Milan, I have a friend there.

  16. Beautiful Pictures As Always & A Joy To See. Dean & I Will Be In Bagni Di Lucca Oct 19-20 For Part of Our Tuscan Tour. We Are Excited & Anticipating A Fabulous Italian Vacation. Thank You For Sharing Your Experiences & Expertise With Us & Inspiring Us In Our Travels.

    • I will be here in October. My house is the one on the bridge at Ponte a Serraglio. Ring my bell.

  17. I can feel your sense of peacefulness at your return to Bagni di Lucca. We have friends w/2 small children who are going to be in Rome and Tuscany Sep 10-25. Do you have any suggestions for weather expectations? Chilly enough for layers yet? Sandals still ok?

    • It is still quite warm here, but the evenings have cooled down.

  18. This year’s summer sure is oddly long and hotter. It’s over and for me it’s a Weee! 😀 I love seeing those trees that are together but with contrasting colors.

    • I avoid summer where I can. I left Italian summer for a gorgeous Brisbane winter and now I am ready for autumn to begin.

  19. Enjoy your stay Debra.

    Pam Proctor

    • Thank you! I love it here.

  20. I will be in lucca on friday

    • Lucca is goregous. There are lots of suggestions for Lucca in the Lucca category, including places to eat, and things to see. Are you staying long?

  21. The more I see of Bagni di Lucca, the more I would love to visit there

    • I’m sure you would love our village.

  22. I’m currently in Portugal, so it’s lovely to see what I’m missing right now, thanks. Caroline

    • I called to see you and Rod told me you were away. Hopefully we will catch up when you come back at the end of October.

  23. So beautiful! It’s making my feet itchy for Italy!

    • Bagni di Lucca is a very special part of Italy.

  24. Welcome home! 😀 Love that second picture!

    • The geraniums on the bridge put on a good show.

  25. It must be great to be back ‘home’ again. It was lovely to see photos of BdL’s such a beautiful spot. Enjoy your stay.

    • I love my time in Bagni di Lucca… is lovely here.

  26. The peeling paint is perfect! You’re returning to a gorgeous place…

    • Bagni di Lucca is a very beautiful part of Italy.

  27. Hi Debra
    We will promise to water your plants, we are in Vienna at the moment the weather has been perfect look forward to Bagni Di Lucca

    • The watering can is waiting for you.

  28. So beautiful!

    • It is great to be back.

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  30. enjoy those wonderful 2 months Debra…. and autumn too, beautiful.

    • I love the autumn in Bagni di Lucca… of the best times to be here.

  31. Great to hear you are back in Bagni di Lucca. Good luck with the house. I hope you are able to complete everything and get it ready to rent.

    I love the photo with the peeling paint and your appropriate comment too!

    • Nobody does peeling and crumbling as well as Italy.

  32. Just read this new post – yes it is lovely to see the village in the late summer. Will look forward to the posts over the next two months where the season will change.Know you will be excited today to visit Casa Debbio.

    • I am very keen to check the progress at Casa Debbio.

  33. Instead of just driving “around” — go and check out ” my” house in Bagni !

    • I’ll get there soon.

  34. Beautiful’ welcome back!

    • Thank you. I love it here.

      • Can’t wait to see your future posts….:)

      • I am planning a bit of travel in Italy while I am here…..with camera.

      • We all look forward to seeing more of your wonderful photographs…. Where are you planning to go?

      • I want to discover more of the mountain villages in Bagni di Lucca as well as more towns nearby. I do have work to do on the new house, so I may not be going too far away. I am going to Orvieto with friends this weekend……and after that, I don’t know yet.

      • Aha… Orvieto is close to where my home will be! The Cathedral looks wonderful but there are heaps of photos of that, so some of the surrounding area would be great to see! I am off to Castiglione del Lago tomorrow….. can’t wait, even if it is only for 2 days!

      • I have been to Oriveto before and I love it. I am looking forward to discovering more of the town and surrounds.

      • Yeah!!!! I can get my fix then of Italy!!!

      • You must come one day.

  35. Hi Debra, if you haven’t visited Cutigliano yet (on the way to Abetone), it’s well worth the trip. Plenty of photo opportunities for you in a village with a real alpine flavour and only a short drive away.

    • I will certainly put it in my list of places to visit. I have been to Abetone in the ski season only.

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