Posted by: Debra Kolkka | September 5, 2012

Ciao Roma

Like Helsinki, Rome put on varied weather for me. I arrived to heavy rain showers…..what fun it is hauling suitcases over slippery cobblestones while trying to keep a raincoat hood from falling over my eyes and dodging Rome traffic at the same time.

Not to worry, the sun soon came out and I was off wandering. There is much to see in Rome.


I’ll start with my favourite Bernini statue, the little elephant in Piazza Minerva, behind the Pantheon.


The Pantheon is always stunning.


Piazza Navona was my next stop.



I visited the amazing Palazzo Doria Pamphilj in Via del Corso.


No photos are allowed in this gorgeous house, full of sumptuous rooms and works of art. I can only show you the courtyard. Don’t miss it the next time you are in Rome.



The Trevi fountain is undergoing a facelift and is partly under scaffolding. It still gathers huge crowds.


It rained on and off all day.


St Peters is always full of people.




Piazza di Spagna is another favourite place.



I love La Barca, the lovely fountain at the foot of the steps. I had never noticed the bee decoration before.


The horses wait patiently for their next passenger.



Romulus and Remus are all over Rome. This depiction is in Piazza Popolo.


Wandering aimlessly with nothing particular in mind is the best way to see a city. You never know what you will find…….a lovely fountain.



A pretty church.


A gorgeous tile shop.


A wet Fiat.


Ripening pomegranates.



The window of Luis Vuitton.


A gorgeous fountain.


A cute bookshop.


A Roman warrior.


A very green hotel.


And 2 boys in blue having a chat.


Next stop…..Bagni di Lucca.


  1. do I remember another photo you took of the Spanish Steps with no people?!

    • I sometimes go early before the crowds arrive.

      • of course–the only way! happy travels back to BdL! Someday I hope to meet you there.

  2. Beautiful, so beautiful…. Thank you dear Debra, love, nia

    • Rome is full of gorgeous things to see.

  3. Love your collage of your leisurely day in Rome, particularly the tiny details – the happy elephant, raindrops dripping from a ripening pomegranate, the exquisitely lovely lamp fitting, bees engraved in weathered stone, the magnificent outline of the Roman soldier, red spotted bag, the gorgeous patterns on the tiles and the sombre expression of the Swiss guard – all these make your blog a fascinating patchwork of old history, buildings, foliage, culture and people. Your pictures tell stories as I view them with pleasure!

    • Those pomegranates looked so lovely on the tree in a little park beside the river.

  4. I want that purse! Thank you once again for the beautiful views.

    • The purse appealed to me too.

  5. flying out on Saturday for 2 weeks – can’t wait! Will come over and say hello if I see you at Il Monaco or Bar Italia

    • No doubt I will see you at the bar soon.

  6. Lovely Rome and lovely photos, Debra!

    • I do like my brief visits to Rome.

  7. What a lovely stroll. I will include these places in my recommendations to friends going to Rome next week!

    • Please send them to that gorgeous palazzo.

  8. Ah……La Bella Roma. Great photos, Debra.

    • Beautiful Rome indeed.

  9. Deb, if I win the lottery, will you come with me to Italy and be my tour guide? And we will come and rent yours or Liz’s apartment, and walk everywhere, and take wonderful photos..ah well, I guess I can dream.. 🙂

    • I would love to take you to all my favourite places….I have quite a few.

  10. Simply put…amazing architecture and stunning artwork!! It amazes me that these structures have been kept in such wonderful conditions!! I like the picture of the fountain…seems like it had been forever…hehe. 🙂

    • Some of the buildings here are thousands of years old…incredible.

  11. I love Rome! It has been years since I’ve been there but I’ve always enjoyed it immensely. Beautiful photos!

    • I am only ever in Rome for a day or 2, I really want to spend some more time there.

      • Me too! It really is a fascinating city!

  12. Beautiful Rome, you have captured so well. makes mee missing to go there again, last time was in my childhood. Thanks for sharing

    • Rome is a fascinating city, I could never tire of it.

  13. You have taken beautiful photos of Rome, the rain clouds make everything seem so dramatic and now I am dreaming of returning to Rome.

    • The rain was not a bother at all, it has been very hot so it was nice to have a relatively cool day.

  14. My absolute favorite city…where I have not been in a long, long time so this is great! I’m curious about the bees…you know, I discovered on Elba that bees were the adopted symbol of Napoleon Bonaparte, and if I’m not mistaken, he’d taken the symbol from the Roman Empire…

    • Some bee research seem in order.

  15. Welcome back to Italy. Lovely photos of Roman scenery – but I am also drawn to the images of the cute yellow fiat, the dotty bag and the rain gear for the horse and carriage! You are very good at spotting what will make an interesting image.

    • Thank you, I always love the small details.

  16. Fantastic to see the familiar scenes of Rome through your eyes Debra. I hope all goes well with your house in the mountains and you get to stay there and enjoy it for a little while.

    • I am in Bagni di Lucca now, and very keen to get up to the house.

  17. Thank you for the lovely photos, as always, Debra. I look forward to meeting you. We’ve sorted out the weather for your arrival – switched off the heatwave, brought in some rain and turned it off, cooled everything down and today we give you a gloriously sunny and pleasantly warm day.

    • Thank you for fixing the weather. I am now in Bagni di Lucca and it is lovely….just the right temperature. I hope we get together soon.

  18. Great shots Debra. Love the elephant!

    • Bernini’s elephant is a favourite of mine.

  19. I love your meandering Debra. Rome lends itself so well. x

    • Rome is a great city to wander in….so much to see.

  20. I got so excited when I saw these pictures because it feels like I was only just in Rome seeing the same things! 😀

    • There is a lot to love in Rome.

  21. It’s been a year or two since I was in Rome so it was great to join you on your walk which took in all my favourite places!

    • I am a creature of habit….I always visit my favourite places.

  22. Love the dramatic skies in your pictures – and the horse with ear mittens! Lovely glimpse of the eternal city…

    • He was a very cute horse.

  23. Your pictures are fantastic – they really show a panorama of things that are unique about Rome. I particularly like the pomegranates and the Fiat too 🙂

    • The pomegranates were growing in a tiny park beside the river. They looked so lovely with their raindrops.

  24. Hello!! Sorry I haven’t been round for a while, I have missed your photos and what a wonderful post to come back to 🙂 Love love the pomegranate and the bag and the statues and most of all I love your vision and your exuberance and joie de vie! hugs, Joanna xx

    • Hi Joanna, nice to have you back. Rome was delightful as usual. I really loved the Doria Pamphilj, especially the delightful commentary by the current owner of the house.

  25. I’ve been here in Italy for nearly 9 months and I haven’t been to Rome! We already traveled a lot but we are yet to set foot on the beautiful place. We’ll be staying here for another year so there’s no excuse not to see it 🙂

    • You really do need to see Rome while you are in Italy.

  26. Rome has to be one of the most incredible cities in the world, great shots!

    • Thanks! Rome is one of the great cities of the world for certain.

  27. I wish i will visit Roma soon . Going to visit Milano next November and hope i will find sometime to visit it

    • Rome is a wonderful city. I hope you get there.

  28. […] was time for a quick stop in Rome on the way to Bagni di […]

  29. Some really lovely shots of the eternal city. Always a favourite stop over when enroute to Sicily.
    Thank you Debra.

    • There is always something wonderful to discover in lovely Rome.

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