Posted by: Debra Kolkka | August 6, 2012

A rock shaped like a bear

At the very north of Sardinia near Port Cervo at Capo d’Orso, is a huge rock shaped like a bear.


I have to admit that I did not take this photo….well I did, but it is a photo of a photo on a display board at the entrance to the walk to the bear. The see the bear in all its glory you need to be some distance from it, preferably out to sea, where we were not.

It is a huge block of granite, eroded by the wind over centuries. Ptolemy mentioned it in his writings.

There is a path which takes to to the top of the rocky hill where the bear stands. We paid our €2 entry fee and off we went. The rock formations are incredible.










The winding path led us to the bear’s bottom.


We could walk between his legs.


For a great view across to Palau.


The rocks that make up the bear were amazing up close.




Sardinia is a rock lovers’ paradise.


  1. OMG–that’ one amazing rock! Sounds like would love Sardinia, as I sometimes wonder if I weren’t a geologist in a former life.

    • If you love rocks you would really love Sardinia.

  2. Lovely formations.

    • We were fascinated by the rocky landscape in Sardinia.

  3. Gotta love the rock formations … and finding those natural windows creates a great picture.

    • Bear Rock was an amazing place. We were glad we found it.

  4. That really is a rock shaped like a bear! Lovely post, Deb!

    • It is incredible isn’t it?

  5. Most interesting rock formations. Great photos, Debra.

    • Thanks. We loved Sardinia.

  6. Hi Debra, I have had a fascination of rocks all my life and these are amazing photos. I know how the wind would have eroded these so much on Sardegna

    • The winds have created works of art in Sardinia.

  7. Love this post Deb. Will forward on to a few people who were surprised when I told them it was the most rocky place in the world – well perhaps not in the world ,but amazing rock formations which the locals have cleverly turned into tourist attractions. Very photogenic too.

    • I hope they like the post.

  8. What a lovely view the bear has – doesn’t it give you goose bumps that it was also seen by Ptolemy. I love the photo with the determined little flower.

    • It certainly does give me goosebumps. I have this feeling often in Italy.

  9. Sardinia is a beautiful wonder of granite formations. There’s a bear, elephant, dinosaur, faces and even body parts! It’s fascinating.

    • Sardinia is endlessly fascinating.

  10. How wonderful and magnificent nature is. Love the bear.

    • Nature is at it’s beautiful best in Sardinia.

  11. Great rock sculptures! Sardinia is fast moving up my list of places to visit 🙂 It’s probably the only bear in the world that you can walk up to and in between it’s legs!!

    • You really do have to go to Sardinia!

  12. I saw interesting rock formations in the Badlands just last week. You are inspiring me to get my pictures posted. There are also beautiful rock formations in Southern Utah. Isn’t the world amazing in all its variety???

    • I look forward to seeing your Badlands photos. The world is an amazing place in it’s variety.

  13. I don’t care what it looks like. It’s big, it’s majestic, it’s “just” a rock.

    • It is a pretty fabulous rock.

  14. I love trying to see things in rocks and mountains. Sometimes I can’t see them at all but I can definitely see a bear there 🙂

    • The bear is quite obvious from some angles.

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