Posted by: Debra Kolkka | August 8, 2012

Faces in Paris

Like all cities Paris is full of fascinating faces.


I think she is beautiful. She was made more interesting by what was above her.



This chap is at Pere Lachaise cemetery.


This one adorns Oscar Wilde’s tomb. It has recently been cleaned and the lipstick marks have been removed.




A matching pair




In the window at Collette.


















Click here to see faces in Naples, here for Florence, here for Rome and here for Venice.


  1. Beautiful Deb! I miss Paris!

    • There is much to miss.

  2. And by the way do you have blogs about Berlin? I looked but couldn’t find anything.

    • I have been to Berlin, but it was before I started the blog and I don’t even have many photos of the city. It is full of wonderful architecture and amazing museums. I think I need to go back.

    • Well if you go let me know, we will be there 3 years starting from November.

      • That’s great news. We will be on the same continent sometimes.

  3. Interesting collection .. gotta love the hair in the window!

    • It is impressive isn’t it?

  4. A stunning post Debra!! I love the expressions. It’s almost impossible to believe they’re not real faces some of them. A gorgeous collection.

    • There is a lot to love in Beautiful Paris.

  5. Loved this, Debra, you’ve got a great eye for faces!

  6. I love your “faces” posts. It encourages me to remember to stop and look at the details!

    • I love the details..

  7. Beautiful! I am fascinated by faces…just like these…the mix is perfect. Thank you! The ragdolls are a hoot…must try to make one.

    • I thought of that too. I think they were in Bottega Veneta.

  8. I have always loved the little girl and the seashell. A beautiful collection, Debra!

    • I love the little girl too. I always visit the beautiful bridge she lives on.

  9. wonderful series debra, I love the faces and especially the man and his cat! priceless! c

    • I couldn’t resist the man and his cat.

  10. I love the way you share themes on your blog, Deb. “Faces” will always be popular. I love the impish face of the sprite holding her shell, also the face above her – I wonder if this one is Joan of Arc, The Maid of Orleans? The artwork of hands woven into the wig is very clever. Reminds me of the tall wigs 18th century aristocratic French ladies wore in Paris. Apparently, those wigs were often places for mice to hide in. I doubt that would happen in Collette’s shop.

    • I’m very sure Collette would not allow mice in her store…..unless they were very well dressed.

  11. the child holding the seas shell up to her (his?) ear is beautiful.
    Lovely Debra

    • She is on the Alexander 111 bridge, my favourite in Paris.

  12. I agree the lady in the first image is very beautiful. This is a lovely selection of Parisian face – the dolls on the sofa look cute.

    • I love Paris! I need to go back soon.

  13. I just love the first photo- serene is a word that springs to mind-the pose, the clothes, he face – all make for a beautiful painting.

    • It is lovely isn’t it, and it is on the street.

  14. I think my favorite sculpture is the child listening to the seashell – so whimsical!

    And who could resist the cat in the basket?

    • The cat was priceless, as was his owner.

  15. That hair head with eyes in Collette is amazing! Plus it made me giggle 😀

    • Collette does wonderful windows.

  16. The hair thing in the window at Collette is amazing. I’m fascinated by it but it’s also really wierd and I’m not sure what I’m looking at.

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