Posted by: Debra Kolkka | May 2, 2012

I cheated

Yesterday, at the supermarket, I found culurgiones, or culurgionis, in a plastic tub. I know I should be making these from scratch, but I thought I would try the easy way first.


They didn’t look too bad when I opened the packet.


I made a sauce with chopped onions, garlic, tomatoes, parsley and basil and left it simmering while I cooked the culurgiones. They needed only about 5 minutes in the boiling, salted water, then I drained them and tossed them into the pan with the tomato sauce.


They didn’t taste as good as the ones we had in Sardinia, but I didn’t expect them to. The pasta had plenty of filling.


I promise I won’t cheat next time.


  1. Looks yummy to me!

    • The ones we had in Sardinia were delicious.

      • Oh..Saridina seems to be my kind of place! I think I need to make a trip down there! Thanks to you and Jennifer, for without your blogs, I would not have known about such a beautiful place!

      • Sardinia is gorgeous. You certainly need to visit one day.

  2. It’s still a good starting point though – I would happily eat that!

    • They were OK, but not as good as the culurgiones at La Vecchia Costa.

  3. I agree, looks delicious!

    • I will try to make them myself next time.

  4. They spell them differently on the mainland! Nothing like the real thing, eh?

    • The real ones were excellent.

  5. Very cute Debra. They look like they might take a bit of practice from scratch so I understand how you were tempted…

    • They do look a bit tricky and I have never made pasta.

  6. Cheat on! Those look good and I have never seen them here, I will scour the ambient pasta shelves next time I am in the supermarket 🙂

    • I wonder if you will find them where you are. I had not heard of them before.

  7. I’ll be looking for them in the supermarket! I don’t do much multi step cooking at this stage. I’m a fan of some cheating! Thanks for the tip!

  8. Please pass the bowl.

  9. I love it!!!! I would do the same! Great post!

    • It was an easy, quick meal.

  10. Sometimes, you just have to go this route….it’s ok to cave in to great (prepared) food 🙂 The homemade sauce makes up for it all…

  11. Sometimes cheating is in order. I won’t tell anyone. I promise. Plus, it looks great.

    • They weren’t as good as the real thing, but it was certainly an easy option.

  12. I thought, when I read the first post, that these would be wonderful comfort food, especially for cold, windy and preferably wet days. With a wonderful homemade sauce – I’d say you just took the pragmatic route.

    • I will have a go at making them for you when I return to Brisbane.

  13. Once you have the real stuff nothing compares !!
    We have all done it Debra, confession excepted.
    Take care x

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